Crash to desktop without error message

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I was getting random CTDs (0xc0000005, 0x00007, VCRUNTIME140.dll…) on almost every flight after the latest update, even after testing virtually all of the proposed solutions.

For what it’s worth, switching off traffic, ATC voices, text-to-speech AND killing SpeechRuntime in Task Manager when starting a flight (SpeechRuntime.exe restarts with each game start, new flight or VR/normal mode switch) AND not opening popup menus (VFR etc.) during flight appears to have solved it for me - or at least reduced CTDs…

I have disabled Cortana, voice recognition etc. in Windows.

My specs:
Win 10 20H2
Asus B450
Ryzen 5 2600
RX 5700 XT
HP Reverb G1


tried former hints?

but there are also threads where users report issues related to VR.

So how to solve my issue of CTD every time i fly? It never happened to me before the recent update so it must be the Asobo issue

look at the previous post … same question.

so even if i use PACX and FSUIPC7 it shouldn’t affect it?

Removing mods is number one in case of issues.
( note: so far I remember me, related to your mentioned mods are updates available… But to be sure you have to search a bit within the forum )

If the game still crash without mods, then we can help to find: a fix at your system or a work-around for an issue within the game. And for these the former hints are given.


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Same here.

yes… dont forget to create zendesk ticket… the more tickets the higher the priority.

Thois is probably so obvious but how do you access Zendesk?

Well, just crashed with that turned off, so whatever it is, is not only live traffic.

Click on the ZenDesk Link :slight_smile: … then right top is a “Submit a Request” Link.
( unfort. you have to create an account again… )

“network relevant setting” is for many users an issue ( dated around ), but not for all…

The other possible reasons you can check whether somewhat helps, are also mentioned. Number one are still “installed mods”. But we can not know what you already tried and how long you fight with the issues, etc…

Had a mid-flight CTD today. The game started lagging, the sound had lags too, a few seconds later the game closed. Error code is c000005 again.

I own the game since release in August and it worked perfectly fine for months, no single crash. But since I installed the big December update this game is broken. Really annoying, I wish I could revert to an older MSFS version.

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Well. Considering the circumstances and when the crashes appear, i wouldn’t say it’s a scenery or a livery issue. I bet it’s something related to ATC or AI traffic (or both). Turning MP off fixed it for me last time, but today crashed again. So my last chance is trying with AI traffic off too.

Anyway, I reported it to zendesk with the error code (c0000005), which could mean anything. Last time I had those CTD’s was also related to Live/AI/MP traffic.

ah, yes… both of it :slight_smile:

yeah… of course… allways.
Most users think to create an issue here in forum is enought… but we are here a helper-community ( possible some solutions are overtaken into the FAQ ).

smells exactly as the mentioned network relevant issues.

don’t forget… disabling this “network…settings” are workarounds as long as the developers find the root cause

Same here. Zero issues until the latest update

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Hi, today I make a trip from LGKO to LSZH (more than 2 hours). No CTD. I fly with the Dev. MOD of the A320, FSUIPC 7 and Pilot2ATC. All works well, only stuttering on Approach to LSZH.
The only think I have changed was to switch off AI online Traffic and use the ofline AI Traffic.

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Just for clarification in this thread…
Remember there are two different settings for AI TRAFFIC and LIVE TRAFFIC.

  • Most users are not affected adversely when using LIVE traffic.
  • AI traffic has been shown to be the cause of the majority of CTD.

What is the difference?

  • Live traffic is based on real life, real time (kind of) air traffic as seen looking out your window.
  • AI traffic is randomly generated flights inserted to fill the sky with traffic.
  • Multiplayer Traffic can be turned on or off in the preflight menu and is unrelated to both

Note that if turning off AI traffic does not reduce the instance of CTD then @MichaMMA 's suggestion of reducing network options would require turning off BOTH ‘Live’ and ‘Multiplayer’ as these are network features. AI is entirely internal.


Please help. I’m seeing the same problem for over 2000 posts. I have a New Ryzen 9 32GB computer with a 2080 Super card. FS2020 started to CTD without error I guess after the last update in December. I cannot fly. I can open up FS and about the only activity I can do is the landing at CVG. If I go to the world with any aircraft, the minute I hit ready to fly, CTD and no Error Message.
It has been 2 weeks and no fix from MS or Adobo? WTHeck is going on?
Also, why can’t the co-pilot say the number THREE correctly? But that’s another story. Is the fix the AI Traffic? How do you bug report this game? Every other program I own works except for this one.

I’m in the same boat. 5950x, 3090, freshly reinstalled Win10, CTD on load.
I reinstalled as I really wanted to benefit from the sale, obviously that didn’t happen.
Fresh Windows install, most settings default.
I come to the conclusion that alpha was more stable!

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