Crash to desktop without error message

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I hadn’t heard of that module before so I searched for RenoirCore, and funnily enough the vast majority of pages refer to it in the context of crashing, and most of those are related to MSFS.

As a total guess, do you have any software installed that messes with Windows overplayed, or changes the OS interface in any way? In my mind of thinking of WindowBlinds, or whatever it was called.

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ah… RenoirCore…

As @hobanagerik mentioned, I also remember reports in relation with some mods or additional installed software.

I’am not exactly sure… do you use externalized views ( e.g. the VFR map ) ?

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you already checked the common hints for users with less than 32GIG RAM ?
( pagefile size min 8 / max 25, amount of free disc space, etc. )

I assume you get a message. Please check the windows event viewer.

I’ve said it numerous times, the RenoirCore issue account for 90%+ of my CTDs.
And the forum is clear, we are many MSFSers to have the same issue.

So, @ArisenAutumn59, you’re part of a club, a big one.

Kernel problems are often due to overheating or overvoltage, you’d be as well to check both. Sometimes a bios update is all that’s needed

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in case you mean the topic VCRUNTIME140.dll Error , where in the dump the Renior is then mentioned, is big then 87 - and these mixed with users with VR issues.

But you are right. May be @ArisenAutumn59 can check all the know reasons for a vcruntime140-dll error: VCRUNTIME140.dll Error - #213 by MichaMMA ( none VR users ).

Thanks, but I have precisely nothing thats not “off the shelf”. No add-ons, empty community folder, no overclocking, over spec shop bought PC. I bought it specifically for FS2020 but it just doesnt work. Everything else works perfectly.

Seeing as I cant even get the sim to load now the answer is no. That said, previously, the VFR map sometimes opened automatically on my second screen, sometimes not. I did quite a bit of troublshooting on that issue some months ago and concluded it not connected to ongoing CTDs. I guess I could be wrong. Anyone else followed that up properly?

Renoir Core is just another name for your AMD CPU just like mine is Matisse and just like Intel have all their lakes etc. so do not be misled or confused, this is just a regular kernel issue. What you must do is uninstall any OC apps that came with your mainboard, cpu and gpu including stuff like GForce Experience, Dragon Centre or whatever relates to your system as you need to start MSFS with just the basic drivers installed and nothing running in the background. Only when MSFS is up and running can you start testing to find out which app or hardware is causing the problem. And that goes for 2nd screens too, unplug it until you have resolved the main issue, in fact that is the first thing you should try before uninstalling anything.

Thanks for that, have disconnected the second screen to no effect, but the rest of your suggestions are way beyond my skill set. I simply bought a PC that would easily run FS2020, supposedly. It seems I am supposed to be a computer geek as well. Sadly not. It is quite apparent from my and others experience that there is a problem with the sim. I just dont believe that so many people can have systems running everything under the sun perfectly, but fail on FS2020. It would be nice to get an official view from Asobo but I suspect they just dont know and are not game to say so.

Uninstalling programs and updating drivers is beyond your skillset?! … And what’s not to believe when hundreds of thousands aren’t having the problems that you seem to be having. If you don’t get customer support from your supplier I suggest you send your new PC back and buy yourself an Xbox instead.

One last suggestion, type “Autostart” into your taskbar, navigate to it and disable everything that is there - Restart your PC and try MSFS again, if it works you can re enable the autostart programs one by one until you find the one that’s giving you problems.

You are probably right. I just ran another search, and the first link that appeared links it to CoherentGT, which drivers the user interface. I don’t know why that didn’t pop up before.

That said, there must be something about your system that is causing this. It is listed as the faulting module for you, so it did cause the crash. Sadly, unless this is a repeatable crash, that you could do on demand, its difficult for anyone to corroborate.

of course I’am not sure, but I have some issues in mind in case “externalized views”. I remember older issues with that, but it’s while ago and I thought issues are fixed. But in special with a “second monitor” are many combinations possible ( windows mode or fullscreen, vfr map externalized but on main screen, … on second screen ).


so we possible search a different cause.

As mentioned try to stop all running applications. Just right click on the icons in taskbar and choose “close”. The reccommendation to disable per se all Auto-Start entries I would like a bit relativate. You can send a screenshot and we can tell what is “safe to disable” ( Taskmanager → Autostart ). In case you want more privacy, send a PN.

Ah… and as @hobanagerik mentioned, there is may be a driver issue, similar to the mentioned VCRun…dll topic. May be you can try an older nvidia driver ( choose “completly re-install in nvidia installer” ) … and allways do a Windows-Restart ( not only shutdown and start ).

All autostart programmes are safe to disable in W10 and they won’t disappear from autostart if disabled so they can be re-checked enabled at a later stage, even anti virus control panels and notifications, the AV will still run without them.

This is not Window’s Xp, if it is not safe the option simply won’t be available.

So are you just here in your free time to condescend to the many people this sim doesn’t work for? You took time out of your busy playing schedule to berate the people the sim won’t work for? What a guy!!

After 4 major upgrades, 4364 posts, 1072 votes, dozens of different CTD threads and dozens of different “solutions” or workarounds (both official and unofficial) are we still debating whether it’s the sim’s fault or not?

Look at the brighter side. Come the Xbox version, there’ll be proposals to us CTDers to drop our PCs and try the console version instead. At least that one won’t be crashing, hopefully.

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Actually I took time out of my busy playing schedule to assist a simmer in need but that time was obviously wasted. All he really wanted to do was rant about Asobo even when the problem probably lies with his set up.

Well, yes. Because I VERY rarely have a CTD. Actually never. So if you do, it’s not the sim per se.


and also the amount of posts in that topic are not relevant… I wrote 354 posts without any kind of CTD, just for helping users. I also assume, that some users we helped and which no longer get CTD does’nt “un vote”.

In special the last issues show us, there is a high impact from faulty-drivers ( sound drivers latest ).
The other issue often occurs is “less memory (pagefile setting)”. There are some other examples, like OC, and because of these we can not say generaly “it is allways the game” ( would be nice, because error analyse would be easy, but it isnt ). Therefore we need good error reports, e.g. with windows log message / specs / etc … and a good and objectively discussion.

We know some ensured CTD caused by the game, as example the map issue. These kind of CTD we can exactly determine with the given error number. Sometime also login-issues… etc.

Of course, I not assume the game is free of bugs, but allways these kind of post from @Zeppos , makes these topic bigger and bigger and users can not find the posts which contain helpfull and relevant informations. ( and sorry that my post was in this way also kind of out-of-scope )


Is it my postman’s fault then? Maybe it’s the lack of rain here?

Your logic is ridiculously flawed.