Crash to desktop without error message

i have evrything updated , still CTD…

I thought you got the answer from Support-Team ?


We are currently investigating this issue. In the meantime, we would recommend to disable Simconnect.

I have.
Just don’t know how to disconnect simconnect…

@Bellini1202 are you running any 3rd party apps? My CTD issues stop when AI traffic is turned OFF.
I can have AI traffic ON, but can’t run any 3rd party programs (Air Hauler 2 in my case).
So for now, I’ve turned AI off and I’m just flying around all alone :disappointed:
I’ve completed about 10 flights, (15+ hours) in the past 2 days with no CTD
For me it seems there is an issue with AI traffic and simconnect.

ah… I’am not an simconnect expert, possible other users can help.

I thought: do currently not use mods which use simconnect :relaxed:

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dont’ forget:

I switch off my 2 payware addons, WEather Engine and Navigation/flightplan tool FSTramp.
I’m running only the MSFS 2020 itself.
No scenery or airports mods at all.
I didn’t try yet switch off the AI Traffic. Interesting!!! I’ll give a try.
I’ll make a test and reply back here after testing.
Thank you .

this is a MAIN ISSUE since :joy:

Please read also bit in forum ( in this thread )… as example follow the link(s) in former post :relaxed:

Just finish a flight of 01:14 min. WONDERFULL
First thing i did was to check update on my system.
Only update done was Intel memory and storage management.
Start MSFS 2020
Airplane DA-62
MMCZ (Cozumel Intl) to MZBE ( Belize City Airport)
01:14 min
VFR flight
No flightplan added.
MSFS Settings and Graphics - Everything on MAX as always.
AI Traffic - ON 100%
No free addons or mods.
Payware : i use my FSTramp for navigation map only. Didn’t load any flightplan.
Engine weather off. Use MSFS default.
Bonus : My logbook start working since last October.

Don’t know what to say no more…

And i expierienced a new way of CTD just today:

I am filying in the KingAir and had a CTD. I checked my Windows event log and this time it seemed to be a “normal” CTD, the crash was not in conjunction with the “Resource-Exhaustion” entry in the system log. So I restarted the flight twice, same route and every time at the exact same position on the map, it crashes? I do not know what the problem is.
The logfile says the affected and faulty module is called: “grammar.pggmod”?!

Just another example of why we keep going back to “System Related”

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So no ideas on the CTD on the loading screen when cloud sync happens?

About a dozen Croc. :wink:
Still researching the process. It may be something network related, or completely unrelated. Bit of a head scratcher.

New day, Just poured my coffee.
Let’s run through the checklist again.

  • System shut down
  • Router reboot
  • System restart

If ANY updates are done during the following steps, do a system restart, NOT a reboot. That means power OFF then restart. You may then do a MSFS test. If no updates, don’t waste your time with a test.

  • (new) Check for OEM MB Chipset/Bios update
  • Check Windows Update
  • Check MS Store Updates
  • Check Steam Updates
  • Uninstall XBox App / Restart / Reinstall XBox / Restart
  • Confirm NO firewall active. No Zone Alarm Etc.
  • No VPN
  • Confirm logged in to XBox/Steam?/MS Store?

MSFS Test. Let me know the results.

Good luck

Another flight 01:17 min done . Da-62 in Caribbea.
I’m changing scenery to where i’ve been crashing all the time .USA and my Cessna Longitude.

Nice reading on the previous comments on this topic.
Thanks for the help .

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Many thanks for your ideas and inputs! I’ve gone through your list, and already did all you said-only the router restart is something I haven’t done yet. Will try that, once my lady is off the TV.
I saw I’m not the only one (2 or 3 more posts in this forum about it, all happened out of nowhere in the last days).
I appreciate your efforts!
Meanwhile I’m back to P3D. Man, if you haven’t seen it since MSFS release it really looks terrible and runs at half the FPS lol. But time to fly Maddog and FSL A320 now, so I can just grab a coffee and wait for a solution.

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Let me know how it goes. There is more… :slight_smile:

No apologies required. It is a good question. Answered best by users like this following the process.

@MCCl4rky92 this is why we start with the system. This is just a recent user since your post. If we go back, I could likely quote 50+ like this since the last update.
With any luck at all we can keep the tally going up until users start looking at there system first. Asobo has been pretty good about recognizing real bugs. Just take a look at the “Known Issues” list. The rest…? Well…

Few hundred? 675 votes and counting - and doesn’t account for the thousands upon thousands who don’t bother to register and vote. Remember there are enough workarounds on this thread and other forums to mitigate the issue for people not to bother with registering just to cast a useless vote.

On one hand you seem to really try and help the community, but on the other you seem to go out of your way to blame hardware, clearly the SIM is flawless.

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Hi again.
Flight from KTIW to CYLW. CTD just now. TBM 930
The lakes in British Columbia are all with elevation issues. As soon as i reach the first lakes CTD.
Don’t know if it is rellated or not the CTD.
Still can’t flight in USA.
Second flight from KLIT to KDCA - CTD Cessna Longitude.
No addons or mods. No payware addons .
MSFS 2020 default weather engine.
Just finish this afternoon 2 flight in the Caribbea. Come to USA same old same. CTD.
I even decrease the sceneries options from MAX to middle to see if could be the scenery impact ?
Any ideais ?

And this is constructive, how?
The work arounds you speak of are system fixes or adjustments that eliminate or reduce the instance of failure.

And so those users don’t have a reason to vote because they solved their problem as a result of the troubleshooting done by a handful of dedicated volunteers.

And it is posts like this that make we wonder why I bother. Thank-you for the pep talk.
Have a nice day…