Crash to desktop without error message

If you have an add-on with .cgl file check this:

Bing Data causing crashes with add-on Airports or Scenery - Bugs & Issues / Performance, Graphics & CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Well, that"s random either during take-off or directly before.
After setting the generic plane mode to on, it was the first time it crashed during loading.

Let me check if I understood: I see a CGL folder in \Packages\Official\Steam\fs-base-cgl\CGL
There is only one file called DB_notices but it’s not a .cgl file.
Do you talk about this one?

Don’t touch the “fs-base-cgl” folder at all. Only custom sceneries. Some custom sceneries will have a CGL folder inside. Apparently you can rename the folder, I have chosen to rename the .cgl file inside that folder.

Read back through this thread, and all will become clear.

I experienced a CTD when taxiing to Rwy 08R at EDDM (Aerosoft) today. On the second try I got a CTD again at the exact same location on the taxiway.

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Crashing over the Gulf of Mexico. Flew the sim no issues or changes for days tried flying over the gulf twice and the sim crashes. About 5-10 min after leaving the coast near Houston the sim freezes then crashes no error message etc. Anyone experience this? Is it something with the water?

Maybe related to the Bing Data issue?

I’ve renamed the .cgl file from the EDDM CGL/120 folder to .cgl.bak. No CTD observed. Seems this is a valid workaround. Thanks
Is the .cgl file not required for the scenery? What does it contain? Do I have now any side effects when renaming it?

The .cgl file is used with data which is streamed directly from Bing to your device to make accurate scenery. Right now there is an issue with that data and it causes a CTD when the .cgl file is accessed.

Renaming the file prevents the Bing Data from accessing the file, and thus prevents the CTD.
Scenery probably won’t look as nice, or maybe some sections missing, but no long term issues.
It will work fine when renamed.

I thought it was the data you see instead of Bing Data, I.e. a custom ground texture that the developer uses instead of the default.

There is a single folder with a ton of these files in. My guess is those are used if you turn Bing data off entirely.

I cant even spawn at EDDM without a CTD

I believe it functions similar to items in the Community folder, if the data stream finds data in an addon folder, it uses the folder’s data, not the default in the stream, displaying the folder scenery with the remaining streamed items. Right now mixing that data together seems to be causing the issue
Renaming the .cgl prevents that.

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Thanks for the details.
That helps a lot. :metal:
So is this now a long time workaround, or is it expected that this is going to be fixed, so I can revert the renaming?
Should I perform the renaming for each add-on I have, right?

I suspect all will be well in the next day or so.
Just do those you want to use before then.

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Same here, ctd all over the way. I bought EDDL, EDDK, EDDM, LSZH scenery via simmarket. I can´t even spawn at any location. CTD, this needs to be fixed by yesterday. Sim is completely useless for so many users.

With 37,000+ airports in the world, having a few fail to load, especially considering there is an easy workaround, I hardly call it useless.

I’ve never really had many CTD’s in MSFS, but in the last few days I couldn’t get the sim to work, I suspected many things were at fault (FCR,3PD add ons, new 6800xt GPU etc) and after much trial and error once I got rid of my add ons in the community folder, I can play the sim again without any CTD’s. Hopefully when the update drops they fix all these issues, yet again this is just not good enough from Asobo/Microsoft. It’s such a shame because I love the sim otherwise.

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It is hardly acceptable. A lot of the addon airports use .cgl files. Airports and scenery from Aerosoft, ORBX, Justsim and from other payware and freeware developers. Don’t forget that ASOBO/MICROSOFT encouraged developers to build upon their platform. Especially some payware developers are featured in partnership series. Imagine what those developers (who are also in the marketplace) would think and feel, esp. now that they are losing revenue because their sceneries are not as usable as they intended and the potential buyers are waiting for this issue to be fixed. Hopefully the wait will be over tomorrow (fingers crossed).


same here.
Since today I experience CTD during loading of flight. I try to spawn in LOWI (payware version, bought from ingame Marketplace). CTD happens each time, even after restart of PC.

The sim is not usable anymore.

Funny thing is, until yesterday I flew daily without any issues (and I certainly did not do any updates or changed any settings between yesterday and today)

This is a known issue. Updates regarding this will be posted here:

ok I just went back into the sim after about 2 months and this appeared:

what does this mean?
I downloaded it from the microsoft store and not a disc
what is this?