Crashing to desktop, now 70% of time

I’m having exactly the same issue as you. It is coming to the point where it is near impossible to complete a flight that lasts over 30 mins.

That’s nothing new, it’s been like this since when it first launched. and the AI Control is still messed up.

I’ve experienced the same since the update.
It worked out perfectly with top settings, but now it is not playable for more than a couple minutes.
I downloaded the update and did not start playing until a week later (today).
So I think most of the people here will say it is your hardware, but i don’t buy it at all. It is a software problem.
I downloaded the latest drivers today from Nvidia, lowered the graphic settings but it is exactly the same no matter what.

If it worked perfectly before the latest update, so now is the question what really happened?


I agree. In some instances its possible that hardware/drivers could be the problem but for the most part its the sim is the issue.

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I don’t blame anyone I only said that I am not experiencing this issues.
The most of the people have Addons installed if not it is an other problem but after this many Updates the sim should not crash so often.
I think if this happens we the Community should help to find a solution.

I know that many people have problems and I also think that this sim is not finished. The most problems are fixable problems. So if the sim for some People is not working sorry that is bad but beta tests are coming and we should get better tested updates in the future.


can you please stop this kind of posts. We want to find the issues and how the users can fix it or at least that they get a workaround. If you want general discussion, then do this within the #community:general-discussion-feedback category.

Within your FIRST post within this forum you already wrote your opinion and asking the community for help:

Thus, stay in these thread and not write posts in a category where users expect usefull hints.


Users with issues “since” can use the forum search function and would possible find threads/posts like this:

( and @Kiistala … this is also mentioned within the thread where you wrote your post ).


I know it’s a huge hassle, and requires a good internet speed, but each and every time this has happened to me I ended up fixing the CTD events by doing a reinstall of the software. Including the initial installation, I’ve installed Flight Sim - from scratch - four times now.

When I do that, it has fixed the CTD events every single time - until the next patch or update. :slight_smile:

I’m just trying to “roll with it” and keep a positive attitude. The experience is a lot of fun, (not the reinstallation) and - for me - worth the hassle.

If you have the MS Store version of the software, you can follow this guide to accomplish the task.

Good luck and happy landings!

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I have had amazing success with eliminating CTD by uninstalling navigraph simlink…I had it narrowed down to when it is close to a border. Not sure if you had simlink installed, but hopefully this helps.

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That’s a great tip! I’ll have to try that next time I have the dreaded CTD issue(s) instead of the pain of doing a reinstallation.


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I performed a fresh install the other day and it didn’t seem to do much. for exactly how long did it prevent crashes?

I’m going on day 9 at this point… so far so good!

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I have Same Problems. Since 14 days the Game will Crashed 70% in Time. Before it was very Playable , without crashing. And i have new clean Computer System, no add on, and the GPU driver is actually.

I try different Settings with Graphics, but Same Problems.

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There are some issues going on after the last update.
There are quite a few people posting in this forum on it.
I have had 4 or 5 myself, and I rarely ever had them before.
I have heard people refer to it as a result of various memory leaks, I personally have no idea.
However, it does seem to be resolved by lowering settings.
Some lowered traffic, some clouds, etc, and this is seeming to help till the solution comes along.
I lowered traffic settings, and made all my add on liveries unable to be used for AI traffic.
So far so good, but who knows?

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hmm yes I have also had a couple of crashes that have an error message that says something about a memory leak however most of them are without an error message.

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Since the laste update EVERYTIME a CTD. Not only on my new PC, but also on my old one. UNPLAYABLE. Everytime after approximately 1 hour of flight.

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I notice that you’re in the Netherlands. I know of one user who solved his problem with Microsoft’s help – yes, for some reason they actually e-mailed him about his CTD zendesk ticket, and they supported him verbally!! His was a weird case, but I’m just throwing it out there as a possibility.

It’s cold in the Netherlands, right? By any chance do you have a portable heater or a big central heat unit that affects the circuit your rig is plugged into? This guy did, and it was causing noisy power fluctuations when it kicked on. That caused the equivalent of an unstable overclock, basically not giving enough power for a split second. And it depended on how big a load the CPU and GPU were under at the time.

Most events that have somewhat of a predictable occurrence – like a CTD predictably every half hour or so – is not truly random. And with the last update, they added VR and snow, both hard on the CPU and GPU.

Just a thought.

Try rolling back your gpu driver, I was getting CTD’s and rolled back my nvidia driver to 457.51 and it seems to have stopped my sim crashing
Worth a try …

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You should open a ticket on Zendesk and attach your MSinfo and DXdiag. Once received, the team will investigate further.

How to generate a MsInfo

  1. Open a Run command box. To do so, press the Windows key and R key at the same time.
  • Alternatively, search “Run” in your Start menu’s search bar.
  1. In the Run window’s dialog box, type msinfo32 and click OK.
  2. When the System Information window opens, give it a moment to pull information from your system. You’ll know it’s done when you click through the menus on the left and see information for each of them.
  3. Click File, then Export…
  • Do not choose File, then Save as. This will create a very large file that you may not want on your system, and our system has a file size limit that might reject it.
  1. Name your file something simple, like “mymsinfo”, and make sure it’s saved as a text (.txt) file.
  2. Save the exported file on your Desktop or your My Documents folder.
  • It can take a minute or two for the file to export and save.
  1. Attach this file to your response.

How to generate a DxDiag

  1. In Windows, select Start and enter “dxdiag” into the search box on the taskbar. Select dxdiag from the results.
  2. In the tool, click on ‘Save All Information’ and wait a few seconds
  3. Save the file as a ‘Text File (*.txt)’ on your desktop
  4. Attach the file to your response.

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I know these have been mentioned a lot of times but give them a try. It won’t take a long.

  • Update windows and all drivers.

  • Remove all mods from community folder.

  • Do not run any external applications that connect to msfs (littlenavmap/ sim link causes ctd after latest update)

See if the problem persists

If yes, then reset your motherboard and remove any overclock you have done.

Thanks. Updated Win10 and ALL drivers. No mods in community folder. Can you please explain the 3rd option (littlenavmap?), as I don’t know what to look for? I have also reset the cpu overclocking to normal (no overclocking), as suggested by several others.