CRJ and honeycomb issues

Yeah, same - I was just hand flying some quick hops to see how it handled in different density areas - I was pretty happy overall ( although FPS tanked hard taking off from ORD towards the lake - have the addon airport and city scenery )

I’ll take some time and go through the tutorials this weekend, probably…

also - this aircraft is BEGGING for proper shared cockpit :wink:

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Got it, that works for getting out of reverse…thx

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but MSFS was worth it with all the issues ?

600 hrs and counting of enjoyment for $120? yeah.

you’d pay 14 bucks at the theater for 2 hours of Michael Bay barfing out the same movie over and over.

@wojtaskl The CRJ is a nice package, if you love CRJs, or like shorter hops in a more complex plane - it’s worth the $50. You will be watching tutorials or reading the manual to fly it, though.

That said - no rush, save up… let Asobo fix the general perf issues, let Aerosoft fix the minor Alpha / Bravo issues.


the ALT button on the MCP does NOT change the altitude. It is an altitude HOLD mode. In order to change altitude you have to use either SPD mode or VS mode. Once you arrive at your selected altitude, the ALT engages automatically. In other words if you are flying along with the AP engaged and you press the ALT button, the AP will hold whatever altitude you are at.

Does the Honeycomb kit have a pre-defined profile in MSFS2020? If so can’t that be over ridden with manual binding?

it has some defaults - but you’re going to wind up mapping it yourself and created a base profile ( then you duplicate that and modify what you need to for each aircraft category - single engine, multi engine, twin jet, quad jet etc )

Unfortunately, when Aerosoft replace code for a given function on MSFS, the key/control binding no longer works. There is an item on the Aerosoft forum: “Bindable buttons inop” within the General Discussion area (sorry, links are not permitted on posts here, apparently) where this is explained.

Real PITA for me - I created a button box with rotary controls for setting altitude, etc, and most of those don’t work with the CRJ.

I’ll hunt it down on their forums - thx :wink:

Yup. Manual binding is the way I have always done things since the dawn of gaming. :smile:

Long term wishlist for msfs2020 would be profiles that can be recalled by aircraft type and to lose the wierd horizontal controllers list at the top. I know what controllers I have and it seems wierd having to select the controller before I can bind the function.

OMG - so many issue with this aircraft. The initial reviews have not been in depth so these problems were not pointed out. If they had, I would not have bothered buying this. So many problems with different parts of MSFS. I keep abandoning it for a month or so hoping things would get fixed and that I wouldn’t be spending more time investigating and fixing things than flying. I’ve never received a response from ZenDesk so I’ve stopped reporting issues. Back in X-Plane 11 for another month or so. I enjoy the scenery with MSFS but so many quality issues with the aircraft. I had hoped that add-ons from companies like Aerosoft would be higher quality - and they are visually - but this one is not ready for prime time. And all my controller binding presets keep getting deleted and set to default. And it keeps asking me for my CD when I start up, even though I purchased through the store. Again - off to X-Plane. Maybe I need to wait more like 6-12 months before coming back.

Some helpful posts in here re the Bravo specifically and binding that in MSFS in general (not for the CRJ - see earlier post above for that)

This may have been obvious to everyone, but I’ve discovered that changing the flaps using an axis DOES NOT actually change the flaps in the CRJ. I spent ages setting up the throttle axis using FSUIPC to use the correct detents etc - only to discover that although this moves the flaps level in the virtual cockpit…it doesn’t actually change the flaps.

I’ve been doing the tutorial flight - couldn’t understand why I was getting a flaps config warning on take off. Then when landing, I couldn’t get the plane to slow down - was hitting the runway at 220Kts :grin: I’ve had about 10 goes at the landing (big call out to @Kartijno and his FlightControlReplay that allows me to just wind it back a bit and try again - otherwise I think I’d be suicidal) before I realised that flaps weren’t deployed at all, even though I’d moved the lever to flaps 45. Aaargh.

Anyway, found this on the Aerosoft forum

Just to save anyone else my pain…

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It will be fixed in the coming update

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I’ve updated to the latest CRJ after the update and I now seem to have interface issues with the Honeycomb Bravo throttle. What I’m seeing now is - Before the update, I could use the bindings I had for the “Plus” and “Minus” to set the Altitude bug. Now, the altitude input is not accepted and does not change on the PFD. It has to be manually set on the glareshield.

I can still set the heading bug with the Bravo but I no longer see the actual heading displayed on the PFD. Only the bug moves. You only see the set heading on the PFD if you manually control the heading bug on the glareshield.

Speed and V/S still work as before and accurately display their values on the PFD as expected. Anyone else have this behavior? In addition to that, I still think there is an issue with the autopilot “resetting” itself after you’ve disengaged it from a previous flight. I’m wondering if something between the Bravo and MSFS gets out of sync as on a return flight, I could not get the aircraft to follow the FMS path even though it was on the line heading to the next waypoint as sequenced in the FMS. I had to use HDG mode.

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How do you expect to control a complex plane with the simple controls offered in the sim container? Get Axis and Ohs (what I use and recommend) or SpadNext (never used it can’t recommend it but many like it) and bind your stuff with Lvars and RNP scripts. I have the alpha and bravo and every button is used and every lever (including flaps) is working. Do a search here for Axis and Ohs help and you will find a thread with detailed info and assistance on how to set things up and import ready to use scripts and templates.

Agree to this! Using it for both FbW A320 and Aerosoft CRJ and it works like a charm!

I have the same issue. Only the altitude bug that doesn`t work… happened after last update.

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Yes, that is the exact problem that I have in addition to the heading number, like “250” not displaying on the PFD any longer, even though the heading bug moves.