CRJ700 i watch many tutorial and shadow everithing and no success flight, bad aquisition

Any flight at any altitude anywhere in the world at any heading when autopilot is engage the plane roll right to left to right etc… Some one can salvage this plane from hell. I realy need a tutor who can help me.
I can believed this aircraft can’t be flight.!!!

Is the flight model set to “Modern”?

It is a difficult bird to grasp. I purchased the plane and realized I made a mistake. For hard-core simmers this will work fine but I am not that advanced. It would be nice if the plane integrated into the normal MSFS flight planning but then again, that might take away part of the realism. It is definitely not for the casual or new simmer.

It has taken me many hours to master the start up and flight planning requirements for this model, but by using the steps laid out in the tutorial that comes with the program, I finally made it through – and it has been worth it. That said, I am having lots of problems with vertical navigation and ILS approaches. Apparently, I am not alone in dealing with those issues.


I had the CRJ rolling left to right and back on autopilot a few times. My solution, switch from NAV mode to HDG mode until the rolling ends, then switch back to NAV. Try following the magenta line in HDG mode.

I have stopped playing MSFS right now but the CRJ is amazing the best one in my opinion , no framerate impact and they already said , they do not want to update it before the World Update which is scheduled I think for the 25.05? :thinking:. The ILS is the biggest issue and they know it I have read about it everywhere one person said one fix would be to set aft weight to zero, have not tested it though that should fix the ILS for now . But yeah it is a tough bird .

Im also struggling with this plane, but in a good way, It actually feels like im learning something and I can see progress, Its certainly not easy, but then I wouldnt expect that jumping in a real one with nothing more than a manual and a few youtube videos for training would result in a satisfactory flight for my passengers either. The issues I have had with the touchy throttle response have not helped much but hopefully they will all be ironed out in the next update. I managed a complete flight with a successful ILS landing last week and it really was extremely rewarding, followed by a 2 hour flight to Mexico city last night that resulted in a fiery death in the mountains due to me struggling with setting up the approach, hey ho, one step forward and all that.


thank you for writing to mme, i appreciated that but i am open to recomended video to watch and learning, if you can send me the link to video who help you i’ll be happy.
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Try this one

Try this whole playlist

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Thank you for your patience, so i did this video and the autopilot never engage and the plane turn around and around, but i will redo it because i may be did a wrong thing, it was at my first attenpt.
I will let follow what appent. whit when i flick a switch a can’t turn off it? is happen some time to time?
I wrote to aerosoft and they send me a huge package how to operated this plane. In fs2020 i can flight all planes but the CRJ is difficulte to me, i do not know why? thank again.
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Watch all the tutorial videos made by the „Dude“. They explain things step by step and they are a good start. There are 6 videos in total, if I recall correctly.

I can only encourage you to spent some time studying how to fly this amazing plane! Once you master it, it is really awarding - at this moment the best (but also the most complex) plane in MSFS.

if AP does not want to engage, check if yaw damper, stabilizer and mach trim are activated (after APU or main engine start). Also, you should be more or less trimmed before engaging the AP, else it will switch off immediately.

Goo luck with the CRJ!

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For me, the only problem I encounter besides a known bugg that will normally be corrected, which makes MFS crash by choosing in the flight plan a DME transition in the STAR, is the turns. Often during a turn following the flight plan, it turns too late, and makes turns at 30° of inclination and zigzags until it catches up with the road
I have not found a button like on Boeing a button to limit the bank.

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You guys think THIS bird is complicated? Wait until the Dash8-Q400 arrives… and TU-134… I am currently all-in on learning those and the curve is steep. The CRJ is tame comparing to those! Granted, my biggest struggle with Dash 8 is not being at all comfortable with the FMC it uses - it’s very different from the Collins ones we have in CRJ, Boeing, and Airbus.

Thank you to all. I was a former mechanic on CRJ200, i worked many years on it and i been a leadhand team on it, i know this plane very wheel but programing the systeme i did not expect to be hard and my proud is down now. I know all the systems on it and how they work, i change so many engines and all the rigging but can’t fly it is hard for me. With all your support i believe i will succed one day. If you want some mechanical explaination i will give you all the answer you want, My begining start at Bombardier on test center to rig check and prepaired for the very first flight, the plane is born we said after first flight. I work for Delta airline, Lufthansa, air canada and other liner who own this plane, my dream was to pilot it once to remember the good time of my former carrier.

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Yes it is set to modern.
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I have a question when you go to flight the crj, what do you chose gps flignt, or vor flight or ifr low altitude or high. you understand me? how i do a flight plan by the system or by me to built?
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Generally, on airliners, it’s High-Altitude IFR… Use the Cruise Altitude generated by SimBrief. The default MSFS planner just assigns some random altitude that’s usually higher than it needs to be.

Has this been announced yet? Which developer?

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me too…can’t wait for the Q400, 300, 200 series to come out!