CRJ700 won't start up electrical systems

Hello, I just installed the CRJ700.

In the cockpit, 2 of the display screens are on by default after loading the sim.

Buttons are clickable, throttle levers won’t move when I use my T-Flight Hotas one. I tried to switch on the electrical power but nothing else happens. Can’t start any engines either.

Does anyone else have this issue.

Let me know!

Yes, I have same issue.
If you turn on the ipad on the left, you can select different presets to the planes ready state.

If you go to turn around, it will have all the displays up, but I have yet to figure out how to get them going from cold and dark.

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This is not an “issue”. This is performing as intended.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has this issue.

I can’t even see the checklist on the toolbar, the engines sounds like it is already ticking over, only 2 screens are on so it isn’t actually cold and dark. I can’t see what the buttons do in terms of the little descriptions that come up when you hover your mouse over them,

The Ipad works on the cockpit but I just don’t know what to do

  1. Read the manuals.

  2. The checklist is on the tablet.

  3. It’s not an “issue”.


Where are the manuals?

In the install folder. Under data/documentation

I got this from the MS store. So I can only go via Users/my name/Appdata etc

Wherever it was installed. There is a folder called “data”. Manuals are in there. I assure you that the manuals are on your computer.

I found the data but no manual

I would contact Aerosoft Support then. You may have a bad download.

I saw the manual. But it just tells me how to fly the plane.

I suspect you’re just not starting correctly. Took me a while to work out the throttles only move when the fuel cut off switches are flipped.

Follow this


alle am meckern und keiner will lesen :joy:

The Dude, goes over the whole plane, video one, shows the issue. The APU needs to be on, to get electric power in AC.


Another thing. As per manual you may need to use the EFB to calibrate your throttle.

These are very comprehensive videos. :+1::+1:

This thing is not like a C172 where you just flip a battery switch :rofl::rofl:

I looked at the video. But no joy.

The Sim loads the CRJ-700 with only 2 middle screens on in the cockpit. The buttons are clickable but then they click back again.

The engine ignition is running but I can’t get that off

Use the tablet. Switch to “Cold and Dark”. Try starting from there.

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Where is the “Cold and Dark” function on the tablet?