CTD/Black screens increased a lot with LOD fix on xbox

Reading these posts it’s so disappointing were in this mess again understand it’s beta but old build was so good for Xbox

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I have it already disabled. For months and months.

Not complaining here. I can tolerate it.

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as su21 did but without reducing quality as before.

that’s the price Xbox users have to pay for a gameplay ctd free …


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I’m not really understanding the doom here.

I’m flying over Oakland and San Francisco right now and it looks fantastic.

I’ve tried 3000’, 3500’ and, now, 4500’ and I’m not seeing these texture issues through those altitudes.

My only “complaint” would be the halo/glow effect of the Oakland/SF Transbay Bridge that is, what, due to anti-aliasing?

I’m not getting the framerate issues some are complaining of. I’m not seeing LOD issues, at all.

I did do the drone straight up test while looking down at the airport, and did see a mild shift in edge quality of textures, such as runway edging, but I don’t know if it has always done that. I don’t fly the drone, I fly the airplanes. Pushing past that the textures seemed to smooth back out quite quickly. I don’t know how to display the drone’s altitude, so I couldn’t tell you how high it occurred, but it was a narrow altitude window. I didn’t really see that once I took off proper in an airplane.

I don’t pull punches, so I’m not trying to shill here, but I’m impressed. Even the texture pop-in I was seeing last night seems highly diminished this morning.


I feel I always need to add my configuration:
Series X
28” 4K 60Hz gaming display
Premium Deluxe
All data online
Multiplayer Group Only
Real-time Online Traffic
Traffic Sliders at 50%
Add-ons present in test area:
• Beechcraft V35B
• Zinertek Enhanced Airport Graphics
• AREX North America
• Seafront global shipping
• San Francisco Night Enhanced
• San Jose Night Enhanced


The ground texture/object pop-in still occurs. It isn’t consistent, but it certainly does happen. The thing is, I’ve felt this was always an issue and if we are, currently, discussing a regression of the LOD bug present in the live version of SU11, this certainly is not it. The pop-ins seem more like a “Terrain pre-caching” (a PC a graphics setting) issue. It is most prominent when using something like a Quickview to look left or when panning a significant amount away from the current field of view.


I experienced one stutter — something that just about never happens for me anymore — on approach to KCCR for landing.


No as in literally lagging and then catching up throwing off my inputs.

I’m not at all talking about stutters or slowdowns. I’m on the beta though. First time ever. Never experienced this in any of the previous versions.

@NixonRedgrave :Thank you very much. I couldn’t say it better myself. (in fact, I’m actually can’t say it better because of my English vocabulary :grin:)

Specifically your edit number 2 is exactly what i am thinking myself.


Your English is awesome. I cannot even say hello in Dutch.


That’s an easy one. Hello is hallo, but we even say hello quite often😊


Has anyone on the beta on Xbox started to get black screens in the cockpit more frequently in the past day or so? On approaches to certain 3P airports I’m getting them regularly at the moment (Happening every time at LVFR’s Barcelona but never at Sim-Wings Ibiza…)

Still no sign of the decreased LOD/graphics for me however.

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I was flying the C414AW (3rd Party) into 1G4 (3rd Party) and descending from FL270 to 6800’. I was somewhere around FL100 and still a very good distance away from 1G4 when the sim just CTD so hard that my display was black (a very different kind of “black screen”, ha!) for long enough to think the power had gone out. Then the Xbox dashboard appeared.

That’s the first CTD I’ve had in a long while.

Did you have the co-pilot visible and were you using the tablet? I flew that plane for 20 hours during the beta and every time it CTD’ed I was using the tablet (one time it was the tablet and the co-pilot so I have to include that as well).

On the other hand I don’t recall a CTD where I wasn’t using the tablet, though I may be wrong. There were a couple of days there that the sim was pretty unstable for me.

Not with this current build no. I had one on approach at Rome 3rd party with the LVFR A321 the other day, but that was with the. 11 build.

My guess? We will never be 100% free of these kind of issues. As long as I have a succes rate of, let’s say, 90% I can totally live with it. There were times that every single flight ended with black screens and/or CTD’s. Total demoralizing that was.


I did have the table open to the wind profile page.

Interesting notes you’ve provided. I’m fairly convinced the issue was(is) the 414 and not anything else.

Thanks for the input.

after i reduced the road traffic to 25% (thanks for the tip @UnitedArt) and the work of Asobo most of my 20 third party airports can be used. I also have at least 6 sceneries installed. However, I get black avionics with 5 of them. As already suspected, the CTD was replaced by Black Avionics. But not at all airports. that is already a huge step forward.


With this beta, it’s like playing an entire different Simulator. For instance, i just departed from Flytampa Athens. Ever since I own this addon it was nothing but trouble, countless CTD’s en black screens. Now, I took my time litteraly half an hour to investigate every inch of this amazing airport, inside and out. I discovered things I didn’t even know they were part of this scenery. It is truly amazing.

Best part? Other then the earlier discussed little slowdowns now and then, it performed perfectly no matter what I threw at her.

So yes, now this Sim finally matured on Xbox. I’m so glad.


Same for me. I don’t remember when I last had a CTD and I am constantly flying the A310 on over 2 hours flights, sometime departing landing at add-ons. I appreciate that for some graphic perfection is a must but I’d rather they improve graphics gradually while the SIM is stable rather than having a SIM that is unstable and figuring out what to do about it. I might not have the knowledge or even the eyesight to spot LOD issues and anti-aliasing degradations but a lot of those issues to be clearly seen need looking at while in drone mode more than in flight which I think is what we more care about. I will never see degradation that happens vertically under the aircraft and if this is something to improve performance it seems a smart trade-off to make?

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Yes indeed every paid airport I have now works I didn’t think I would ever say that lol without 3rd party updates and optimisations Asobo all along could sort these issues


I exited the beta just now and re-entered it. Man, things look bad in the public build!

LOD bluriness is still there on the runways though. It’s not quite back to SU10 levels.

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Maybe this lower resolution of airport runways is what makes the beta more stable with 3rd party content, and in general? Maybe this will be the compromise we will have to live with, at least in the nearest future

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