CTD fix for Reverb G2 and AMD GPU Users

My setup
i9 10850K OC5.0Ghz
RX6800XT (stock or 2600Mhz)
64GB 3200Mhz RAM
500GB SSD for Windows 10 20H2
1TB Samsung 970 EVO M.2
Corsair HX1000 Platinum
HP Reverb G2

I’ve had constant CTD (every flight) in VR since the release of sim update II. The typical crash event is either d3d11.dll or vcruntime140.dll. I’ve done everything suggested here and other forums with no avail. Reinstalled windows fresh twice, reinstalled the sim three times, tried all the known drivers, registry tricks, page file, ram swap, etc. Then a couple days ago, I tried the render scale @ 70% in sim and in OpenXR. No crash. This led me to believe that the CTDs I’ve been having is related to the load or power issue. I looked at the power draw of G2 from my GPU and realized that it was drawing nearly 77W even idling. My GPU is capped at 300W by bios, and this meant I’d only have 230W to work with.

I downloaded More Power Tool and just changed the GPU power limit to 320W and TDP limit to 340W. These two modifications lowered the junction temp by 10c, all my stutter, mid game long pauses, then eventual CTD were all gone. I’ve done 3 2hr flight with 100% in OpenXR, 100% in sim and was getting rock steady 35fps from KSLC to KASE without any crash.

The cause of the crash:
My unscientific conclusion is that AMD driver-capped power limit is insufficient for Reverb G2+MSFS2020 with high graphics settings. This explains why when the sim is limited by the main thread, it will never crash.

This may not fix all CTDs, but if you have AMD GPU, especially the 6000 series, give more power tool a try. Even if you are not having CTDs, just increasing the power limit to a reasonable 320/340 will give a big boost in stability and thermal performance.

Update: the CTDs are back. Moving the USB port for G2 to external hub lessened the frequency, but it still crashes.


Am I right in saying that you use More Power Tool to reflsh the bios of your 6800 XT with all parameters untouched except for those power values?
I have the same issue with a 5600XT (CTD) but I have a 6800 XT that I am yet to install

Yes. But, you don’t need to reflash the bios. All it does is to change the power play table values in the registry. Perfectly reversible. 5000 series has red bios editor that can flash the bios, but I’d much prefer to keep the stock values.

Two values you need to change is the Power Limit GPU and TDC Limit GFX under power and voltage. You will have to find out what is the max voltage 5600XT can take and back down a little. Mine is 330W/350W typically, but I pulled back by 10W not to push the limit.

What’s been surprising is that my card actually pulls less power after the mod, and runs cooler with less voltage. Also all the mini stutters and pauses are gone, and I feel like the card is breathing better.

I am not sure if this is AMD’s driver issue or HP’s ridiculous power draw or Asobo’s software bug, but hope they can fix this soon. Give it a try and report back. I’d like to report this to ASOBO/MS developers.

Do you mean you plug your G2 onto the Video Card USB-C connector?

If this is the case what about plugging it in a separated MB controlled USB-C (or -A via the adapter)?

It doesn’t matter whether I plug in to the USB-C port of my 6800XT or any USB3 port on the MB. When G2 is active, it takes up about 77W of the GPU power budget. Given that my 6800XT is capped at 300W, it is a pretty hefty waste of performance. One way to test and prove this is to run a timespy benchmark with or without the G2 active. The score drops by about 20% when the G2 is plugged in and active. I am wondering if this is the case with NVIDIA cards as well.

BTW, my CTD came back. The only way to avoid the CTD in VR at the moment is to lower all the GPU settings so that the GPU utilization is less than 99%. I believe this is the bug in the sim with the AMD driver.

Hi there,

would you be kind enough to describe what you did in More power tools for your 6800 XT (I mwean if you don’t mind a description of the various steps).
I have finally installed my 6800 XT, set the VR settings to medium (kept the settings as per what was used on the 5600 XT), rendering scale to 90 in MSFS and 80 in OVXR. Started a flight and it was very smoother compared to my 5600 XT (which you would obviously expect) but within 10-15 minutes I had the unfamous CTD. The difference this time compared to the 5600 XT was that AMD software popped up a message regarding the CTD and if I wanted to send a report to AMD. In the case of the 5600 XT, MSFS crashed in the G2, black screen, sound for a couple of second then back to the desktop and WMR house. No popup message. I still have in the windows registry the tdrdelay that has been mentioned on many website to fix the CTD. Maybe that value is not good enough for the 6800 XT. Anyway I would like to try your solution to make sure that this is the issue.

AMD’s Radeon RX 6800 stable with continuous 2.55 GHz and RX 6800 XT overclocked up to 2.5 GHz - Thanks to MorePowerTool and board partner BIOS | Page 2 | igor´sLAB

The CTD you experienced is pretty common for the G2 users at the moment. Even some NVIDIA users are getting it. I believe that this is really the sim issue as I have yet to experience a single CTD anywhere else. It also has to do with how the the sim utilizes the GPU resources. If you check the event viewer, you will find that it was either d3d11.dll or VCRUNTIME140.dll that faulted. And part of the problem i think is how the G2 takes about 70W of power budget (set by power limit) from the GPU. A simple test of running a benchmark with the G2 plugged in you will lose about 20-25% performance even when the GPU is not rendering anything to the VR headset.

Increasing the power limit (within reason) is the best tuning/oc you can provide. When you downlaod MTP software, just change two values and write them to SPPT (Soft Power Play Table). All you are doing is increasing the power limit in the registry. You are not tinkering with the actual bios.

6800XT is good for up to 330W/350W (Power Limit GPU/TDC Limit GFX). I have set mine to 320/340W fyi. You still crank your Power Limit in the driver to 15% with these settings. Your GPU will have headroom for more sustained oc clock. Mine can hold 2600/2500 (Max/Min) at 1080mV (more of an offset voltage) and the hotspot temp never goes over 70c (my GPU is watercooled). Even with the settings, the Sim still crashes when running the VR but a lot less. What I have discovered is that when the GPU utilization stays pegged at 99%, the sim will eventually crash. If you can lower the settings to leave about 10% headroom, it will never crash. It’s the only way to avoid the CTD at the moment, and I am hoping Asobo will correct this in the upcoming SIM update.

Regardless, I can assure you doing this MTP mod is the best thing you can do for your 6800XT, if you plan to overclock it. AMD really crippled the performance to keep their promise of performance/watt number, but by doing so, you are leaving the performance on the table. Probably avoids any RMAs due to crazy overclocking.

Regarding the error message, you are probably getting the “driver timeout has been detected”. This is the BSOD equivalent for GPU. The sim shuts down the app before it crashes the whole system. Tdrdelay is not a solution because all it does is to delay the sim from shutting down. The default is 2 seconds, but if your driver crashes, doesn’t matter whether you wait for 2 seconds or 8 seconds. The CTDs I’ve been observing are not long pauses, but real faults in the driver, so keep the tdrdelay to default.

Hope this helps.

I undervolted my 6800XT and last weekend for the first time in months I didn’t have a single CTD.

It probably has a similar effect as less voltage will mean a little more thermal headroom. The problem is the AMD implementation of undervolting this time is more like an offset than a fixed voltage. The GPU will still draw 1150mV whenever it wants to. And drop to your offset setting. MPT allows a fixed voltage, but will have to be a lot more precise if you want stability.

What voltage are you using? I am running mine at 1080mV, but still CTDs although a lot less after increasing the power limit.

I think that’s probably it, I noticed my junction temps were about 10 degress lower, previously I was hitting 110C. I just used the inbuilt undervolting in the Adrenalin performance settings.

A few points to highlight:

  • somehow I can’t use MPT. When I launch MPT and select the 6800 XT, everything is disabled. I can’t enter any information. I ran in as dministrator as I could vaguely remember something like that but no luck. Any idea why everything is disabled?
  • given that I could not use it, I followed one of the previous post and undervolted the GPU. It was the first time since I got the G2 that I could complete a VR flight. It was not a long one, probably around 30 minutes but no crash during the flight or any CTD. It was a 30 minutes flight around Cairo and the pyramids and the sphynx. But, and there is a but, upon landing and shutting down the engine and applying the brakes, the VR froze. Then the entire desktop was corrupted; pixelization, unable to see what was going on and CTRL+ALT+DEL did nothing. I could not restart the PC since I could not even see the power/restart menu. Only option was to press and hold the power switch and restart. But then upon restarting I am now facing another issue; the windows logging screen is all blurry and does not bring the input field to enter you password or pin. Only options are to shutdown. It seems to be a well-known issue this blurry screen but it is getting annoying. You think that you have fixed something then something else pops up.

You need to use GPU-Z software to download the bios from your GPU. Then, load it into MPT to get the bios values. You edit those values and save it into the registry as power play table. Settings are grey out because you don’t have the bios file loaded.

Are you on the latest 1.14.5? This frozen VR screen is new to this update. I tell you, they fix one and break a dozen in every update. Before it used to cause timeout delay. Now it breaks the system with artifacts. Once it crashes the only thing you can do is to reset the system.

I love what Asobo has done with this SIM, but for some who are experiencing these CTD, the SIM just kills any immersion factor. There is nothing like flying an hour or two and the system crash during approach. Right now the best remedy is to lower the graphics setting to a point where the GPU is not running at load.

Thanks for the gpu-z tip. The sad thing is that it is only in VR. In 2D flight on a monitor, it works well.

Yup, the same here. I have not experienced CTD in 2D, but it’s probably because I rarely fly in 2D these days. I am really beginning to believe that it’s the driver issue with AMD.

But people with Nvidia cards are having crashes also… So I think it has to be a problem with the sim would you not think

Hello, I have a similar PC to yours, I got it a week ago, but can’t seem to get good performance in the G2.
If possible, could you post your in game graphic settings? I still can’t get it relatively smooth even at 70% in openXR. I have followed the bang for buck VR guide and several other video guides.
I would really help, for reference my PC specs are:
Ryzen 9 5900X, RX6800XT Merc, 32gb 3200, and the G2.

I have 2 installations of Windows 10 on my PC.
On the first one, I have a lot of programs, while on the second one, I only have Windows and 0 software.
MSFS is much more fluid on the 2nd installation, with the same settings.

I have the default settings in VR, except:
100% rendering scale
Ultra Volumetric Cloud
Waves Raised
OpenXR 100%
The rest is off.
But I spend so much on the CTD, that for more than a month, I haven’t really looked at the graphical settings.

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For me it’s gotten pretty much unplayable in VR since the last update. I am getting CDT everytime I am flying. Tried everything :frowning: It was working quite well before World Update 4. NonVR works just fine on highest ultra settings.

HP Reverb G2 (latest firmware)
AMD RX 6900xt (latest driver)
i7-3770 CPU
16GB Ram

So the last number of flights I had ended in CTD, today I opened Task Manager to check out my RAM Usage to see if I was close to my 32GB. When I noticed my RX 6800xt Junction temperature Temp was at 90 I’d never noticed this before so I turned up the fans and got it down to 60 and managed to complete a flight the first one in a while, Anyone else run into these very hot Junction temperature… So I’m wondering if this was my problem for CTD, I suppose now it’s a case of doing further flights and to see can I complete them…

Reverb G2
AMD RX 6800xt
Ryzen 5 5600