CTD/freezing at Dublin (EIDW)

Are you on Xbox, Steam or Microsoft Store version? Microsoft Store

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it? No

Brief description of the issue: I’ve tried some flights from and to Dublin EIDW airport and everytime I end up with a CTD or freezing. If I try to depart from EIDW, MSFS freezes and CTDs when loading the flight. If I try to land in EIDW, MSFS freezes and CTDs as I am 400 feet from ground. I’ve flown in the past months in EIDW without problems. I’ve tried to empty my Community folder and I’ve tested this issue both with default airport and MK Studios airport with the same result. I’ve deleted my rolling cache. What else could I try to solve? Thanks

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

I’m on xbox and it’s the same here, SU 8 has ruined Dublin but stabilised most other areas. I assumed it was due to the MK Studios scenery but clearly not as you’ve said. Very frustrating.

Thanks for your reply

Same here on the PC, thought I was going mad. Tried other airports, no problem, so far just issues landing, taxiing or just spawn on runway ready to go. As soon as you take off CTD.

I’ve found the culprit on my side! It was LHBP airport I bought from the Marketplace. I deleted it and now EIDW is ok!

EIDW Dublin - with no MK-Studio version installed - crashes whilst loading on PC SU8,

even in Safe Mode it does not get to the Fly stage,

it just crashes - CTDs multiple tries,

could anyone else check please…

also EIDW Dublin CTDs on Xbox also, with very few addons installed…

Intermittent CTD’s on Xbox Series X when spawning at MK-Studios Dublin Airport. This issue began yesterday after the unannounced 7GB update. I have not bought LHBP from the marketplace either. To reproduce simply spawn on any runway or stand.

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I was wrong…I thought that deleting LHBP solved the problem but it did not. I am getting again CTDs even if LHBP is not installed and Community folder is empty. There must be something else I can’t understand. :roll_eyes:

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are you using LVFR Static Aircraft pack?

I think that addon may be causing CTD problems at Dublin…

No, I’m not. Dublin CTDs even with totally empty community folder

we’ll have to track this down,

I also found on PC Steam that Narita RJAA was also crashing with the Static Aircraft pack

Nope didnt help. Still got that issue. Normal mode, safe mode, cache no cache… doens’t matter

Experiencing frequent CTD at Dublin also. Went through all troubleshooting. Seems to happen a lot on short final to 28L. Previously only happened when using Aerosoft CRJ. Removed MK-Studio too.

Same here…

And ZPPP too.

So I’ve seemed to have isolated my problem with CTDs at Dublin Airport. I can spawn at Dublin Airport with other planes like the Aerosoftt CRJ but if I try to spawn at Dublin Airport with the FBW A320 I get a crash on the loading screen or on final approach. Weirdly I can spawn at any other airport with the FBW A320.

Scratch that, I’m able to spawn at terminal 1 with the FBW A320 or any plane but spawning at Terminal 2 or the gates closest to Terminal 2 causes the immediate CTD, so it must be something with MK Studios scenery

I confirm the ctd too, whether I try to land or to leave. landing at about 3 miles it goes to ctd and if I choose as departure, the same

I have the same problem CTD regarding EIDW!


I have the same problem, systematic CTD if I spawn at EIDW.

I have tried to :

  • remove the EIDW scene from MK Studios => same problem
  • remove the LATINVFR Airport Jetway pro addon => same problem

EDIT : actually, same problem with no addon.

Rolling cache disabled during my tests.