CTD On Approach / Touch Down

I do yes, as well as Navigraph.

Have you been flying for more than 3 hours lately? “With” or “without” ATC? Do you have all the latest simulator updates installed?

I also have Navigraph data installed, but back when I was having a lot of CTD issues, I pared everything back that was not core to the sim, and found my CTD issues disappeared completely. I then started to add things back, but a few things I never put back were:

LNM connection to the sim
Simlink for Navigraph
530/750 GPS mods
Scenery caching

I now don’t get crashes no matter what I fly, with or without ATC. I have had two crashes in the last 2 months I think.

One was when I had connected LNM to the sim, the other was when I tried using the dev. mode flight recorder for the first time, and now last time.

My suspicion is that a lot of these CTD issues are not the sim itself, but a bad interaction with something ancialliary to it, either an addon, or an external program communicating with it.

Interestingly I do on occasion use Skypark, which also does flight tracking, and that never seems to cause me issues.

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Could very well be,

Just add that those types of elements (LVM and Navigraph) have been in use on my rig since the begining and this just happened this week for the first time ever.

Someone above mentioned scenery and I didn’t notice it before but certainly the other day, I was getting allot of pop in around the airport which I’ve also never had before, not sure if related.

At any rate, it’s only been twice so not the end of the world and the save feature seems to work so as a precaution I’ll save once I’m 30 minutes out and if it happens I can reload.

Was just curious if anyone else experienced this issue as of late and it seems to be a few others, not sure if that makes me feel better or not :slight_smile:

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These issues sometimes pop up after a new sim update has been released, and you’ll often see a conversation like this:

1 I’m getting a CTD
2 Do you have any Community mods installed?
1 No
2 What are you flying?
1 A32NX
2 …

When a new sim update is released, there is usually a little lag between the 3PD updating their mods to work with the new sim update. Sometimes things just work, sometimes not.

Sim pilots tend to be a superstitious lot, especially regarding GPU drivers, and some will tend to stick with an addon version for fear of breaking something.

When you whittle away at that, reluctance changes into acceptance, when they realise their out of date addon was causing problems with the up to date sim version.

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Actually, that reminds me, I need to update GPU driver to the latest as that clearly wasn’t the cause, happened the second time after rolling back :slight_smile:

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My example is obviously not going to be the case 100% of the time, but it is very common.

I’m still running 497.29, and have not yet updated to 511.23. When I make changes to my setup I make sure I do one thing at a time, and fly like that for a few days, before making further changes.

If you change multiple things at the same time it will be difficult to work out what the cause was.


Very, very good advice!!

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My last answer.in this topic… Why then only with FS2020 and with no other application or game

Because it is the most complex app/game there is, and very revolutionary in design.
It is often upset by individual PC setups.

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Not to mention different programs will behave differently. The problems I might have in X-Plane won’t be the same as those on MSFS, or anything else I have installed on my computer.

I missed your post in all of this.
Does these CTD’s involve “longer” flights, more than 1 - 1.5 hours?

Hi, no on short flights. And only when entering on final. Max flying time about 1 hour. So last minute before landing. All flights

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d3d11.dll is part of Direct3d 11 Runtime

latest version of d3dd11.dll is installed here

I had a chance to duplicate your flight, following the river.
I could not find any issues.
No CTD so I doubt it is a scenery issue.
It was a lovely flight. Interesting departure field.
Watch out for the pond!
Oh gosh, now the power lines!
What a beautiful scenic short flight!!
Do you have any external sim apps, such as little nav map running?
Were you using live weather?
What aircraft were you using?

I also duplicated that flight with no issues.

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This may help explain if you haven’t seen it already.

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I used to think the same with memory leaks as well, but if you read the article, the CTD’s occurred over a time span of only 20 to 40 minutes.
It also stated Asobo was able to to identify and fix the memory leak causing this issue.
So much for that impression!

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