Poor performance on the ground

Well its worth a try, but im not convinced, firstly my windows install is on a 1tb NVME with only 78gb used and with 32gb i would be surprised if my system is paging. Also a 3rd party developer had already posted on that thread that they had provided information to Asobo that allowed them to find the issue

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We over at the sdkdev community have been experiencing these issues but a lot faster when working on complex airports over a period of time (20-40mins). This has caused us to every 30 mins or so reboot the sim to continue work.

This week after the Dev Q&A and the heads of development explained they were having issues with use cases, I reached out to them and supplied them with a 45 min video showing the whole issue, and at the end a lot of diagnostic data.

They reported back this allowed them to identify and fix the memory leak causing this issue. Not sure when this will make it to production and im sure they will officially have some news about it at some point after more testing, but I’m glad they have found it and should be able to go back to stable FPS over time.