Current state of the Deluxe and Premium Deluxe aircraft?

I’m currently running the standard edition, but contemplating about purchasing, probably the Premium Deluxe upgrade. However, I’d like to hear in what state these premium aircraft are currently? I know Asobo has been patching them somewhat, but I don’t have a good picture about their current state. Are there some aircraft, for example, that are so buggy that they’re close to unusable currently?

It depends what planes you’re looking for.

  • C172 Classic is awesome.
  • Longitude is great.
  • Baron has a few issues, but ok for the most part.
  • SR22 is disappointing. Stuff not working right and way too much INOP stuff in the cockpit IMHO. Not terrible, but could be so much better.

I hear the 787 is pretty bad, but can’t offer specifics as I don’t fly it.

At LEAST they could’ve made the keyboard in the SR22 operable. Favorite out of all of them is the C172 for sure, 787 is OK but nowhere near something like the WT CJ4.

Thanks for your comments.

May I interpret this so that the autopilot oscillation issue with the Longitude has been resolved?

Perhaps you could elaborate a little on the current issues experienced with the Baron?

It was fixed back in November, but I hear it’s got a bit of an issue with some oscillation (less severe than before) again since the last patch. I haven’t actually flown it since, so I can’t speak from experience. I’ve sort of been almost full time in the 172 Classic or Bonanza in the last 6 weeks.

Could you specify what in SR22 is currently not working right?

These days, i find the 787 pretty flyable. Its no-where near study level, of course, and can be a little difficult to steer on ground when moving at moderate speeds, you find you have to slow down a lot more. Also on landing, i dont rely on the auto throttles at all. But in general I have few issues with the plane. I am not sure how accurate it is, but I do find it enjoyable to fly. Same with the 747.

I am aware there were problems earlier, but i think most niggles have been fixed, and i have doen a few flights gate to gate, with a full flight plane done from the flight planning screen.

Ok thanks everyone for your feedback so far.

I appreciate that the planes are default but the standard is much higher that typical default planes. At times I forget I’m flying a default aircraft. The flight model has improved considerably since release and I’m developing my favorites. The SR22 was an early favorite and I love flying the glass cockpit aircraft. I appreciate that the keyboard in the SR22 would be desirable but have seen other sims bypass it due to added difficulty. The Baron is a big favorite, the only issue I found annoying is the mixture/CHT gauges for performance management . I’ve found it to fly really well. The King Air was the only disappointment as so many switches are INOP.

The 2 things that come to mind right away are the mixture doesn’t work and barometer settings keybinds don’t work. The performance numbers are off. That last part wouldn’t be so bad if the plane could be modded.

I know there’s more annoying non-working stuff I encountered. I just can’t think of it right atm as it’s been a while since I last flew it.

I would show caution, it’s not possible to properly mod the deluxe and premium aircraft due to DRM, so you won’t get the level of refinement to these aircraft as is shown by Flybywire and other folks to the
A320, Beechcraft Bonanza, etc.

The steam gauge C172 is great fun WHEN combined with the GNS530 mod here: GNS530 mod

I do not enjoy flying the Baron unfortunately. Once I flew the two modded Bonanzas (turbo and normal) flying the Baron was incredibly boring due to its broken mixture (it’s only either on or off) and inability to mod the G1000 in it.

If you have the cash to blow, then you might like it. Some of the airports are great, like Denver.

By the way this active thread covers some of the pitfalls: No love for deluxe aircraft?

Thanks for the tip, even if I already noticed this half an hour ago :slight_smile:

The WT G1000 mod works fine in the Baron. Even their not publicly released 0.4 beta version works in it.

True, GNS530 mod is awesome. There’s a mod also for the classic C172 that makes it more of a bush plane, and what I’ve heard the vanilla version is one of the best GA planes in the game. I do already have some 3rd party GA planes, like all the Carenado planes, so I guess that one no longer has that much extra value for me as I already own the G1000 version.

The planes I’m most interested are

  • Baron
  • Boeing 787
  • Cessna Longitude
  • Zlin Shock Ultra (although I have the Zenith, which I believe, is better)
  • Pipistrel Virus

I tell you one thing, i hope some day they put the Cirrus Vision Jet G2 in MSFS because i love this jet, i been watching a lot videos on this aircraft. and it would be nice to have it on here :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:


The game could certainly use more (non-military) jets, or turboprops (other than Beech 99 level of quality thanks)!


I’d be all over a Cirrus Vision like a fat kid on a donut. Ditto for more turboprops as well.

Although we’ll likely see these from 3rd party devs. After being burned by the PD planes, I’m not likely to buy extra plane DLCs produced by Microsobo unless they pull a miracle out of their asses and actually do them right.


I bought the premium deluxe for the airports but I ended up falling in love with the Longitude and I use it more than any other plane right now.
Light years better than the regular CJ4, I’d even argue it was worth the extra money for it alone.

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It’s the only jet I’ll fly.