Custom livery in Multiplayer might be the cause of the Stutter

It seems that some has tested and confirm that anyone with a custom livery in your vicinity while you have multiplayer option active is the cause of the stuttering.

Can you please start testing and confirm as well >

I seen the same behavior. I haven’t tested this theory yet but I think it has to be the same plane as you are in for the stutters to happen in multiplayer. You might also notice that you will see your add-on aircraft as AI at airports. So they have diffidently been playing around with the leviers in the sim in WU4.

doesnt have to be the same aircraft as you. Ive had the flashing nametag and stutter happen with players in a different aircraft with custom livery too.

that said, we do have that other thread regarding this issue where theres been done alot of problemshooting.

basically the whole model swapping in mutiplayer is completely botched, leading to stutters and bad performance. If this is just on ASOBO’s side or on the 3rd party dev side, who knows at this point since its nothing but crickets and tumbleweeds from asobo and ms.

Yea we did a flight today with 7 of us and everyone that didn’t have the paints had stutterers. My workaround for now is to turn off multiplayer and use JoinFS instead. I’m sure they will get to the bottom of it sooner than later we hope.

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Cpt Lucky made a great thread on the topic of modelswapping in multiplayer a long time ago that deserves more attention

If Asobo/MS bothered to do this properly there wouldnt be any issues like we are having these days, and also in my oppinion would add greatly to the immersion (as it was supposed to be).

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We saw this problem today in FOOTs flight. We had almost 40 planes in the group. Any time an individual came in with a different livery than the defaults, the stuttering would start. We flew smoothly and flawlessly with everyone in the same DEFAULT plane and default livery.

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This was confirmed to me five days ago as we are testing a new aircraft and liveries with new versions daily.

Repeatable stutters with liveries/aircraft being used within approx. 15 nautical miles of you that you do not have. Nameplates flashing is a dead giveaway for MP players. Let them get close to you and you’ll be into the stutters.

They changed how your locally installed liveries/aircraft are used, I.e. you’ll see your custom livery on parked aircraft. So expect that a custom livery/aircraft for local MP traffic will affect you.

It sucks for sure. They’ll fix it, give them some time.

Interesting thread, however, there are people who never use multiplayer and still get stutters. This might suggest either multiple causes, or a more complex underlying issue. Either way, I hope we are presented with a definitive solution.

I did multiple flights the other night with both Ai traffic off and multiplayer off and it was a stutterfest, It made no difference and it was after sim update 3 that the performance problems started And the hotfix to fix it did nothing either for me lol.

The “multiplayer paint” issue has a very distinctive stutter… it causes a frame spike every second and if i have labels on the person in the plane with the offending paintjob has a flashing label (in time with the stutter)

Multiplayer is basically off limits for me unless it’s in a out of the way area with a few friends that all have the same paintjobs. That and the sudden influx of CTD’s with the latest patch having previously never having one in 140hrs is ruining the fun a bit it must be said.

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Exactly the same problem for me and a friend this evening. Experienced this at EGTK and LFBD. I had a custom livery for the TBM - awful stuttering for my friend. Back in the default livery and all was well. I’ve used the custom livery in multiplayer before with no problem.

I think that was a thing way before WU4. Theres an option in the aircraft.cfg of the livery that adds it to the pool of liveries be used on AI aircraft. I actually really like it.

We had yesterday a groupflight all using default liveries → smooth as butter. When someone joined with the same plane with custom liveries the stutters started immediately and disapeared when plane with custom livery left.

Every time a player select a non standard liveries the game start to stutter…Same for me…Also the window with the players online or offline is bugged…I think is a dns problem,There was the same problem on launch…after 2 months it was fixed…Now the in game window of the online and offline players is not 100 % functional

Hi all!
As noted, there is an issue with multiplayer and liveries.

Please use this topic:

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