'Cut' in scenery - UK


sorry I can’t find anything with a search.
Is anyone having this issue? Various locations around the UK - a visible cut/trough/step in the mesh?

Yeah I saw one of these the other day, I think a little way north of London iirc.

north of germany aswell… luckily we’ll be getting new Asobo payware aircraft and corporate sponsoring. ironyoff


I have also seen a few voids, with one large void cutting through the North side of The city of Bath. I can even fly below the scenery for a very short distance before crashing.

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Flew out of Glasgow and headed south and there was one there

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thats a tile loading problem, a different one than the authors one.

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Since sim update 5 I’ve been seeing these gaps all over the UK multiple times per flight. They seem to get more noticeable at higher altitudes and then tend to fix themselves as you get closer to them. I maybe see about 5 of them on average for every 40 mins of flying over the UK in the a320.

Occasionally there’ll be two of them that meet up and cross each other at 90 degrees. Or maybe they don’t cross but form a right angle…can’t remember for sure.

So glad to see im not the only one. At least I think its the same issue. I wondered what the correct term for this is and what causes it. Take a look at the pictures on my thread:

These are all taken south of UK and im flying very low so its easy to see. Pretty bad, no?

yes, noticed one south of London near Brighton the other day…

Yeah, not that common for me, but saw a couple around the lake district while I was heading up to Glasgow. Nothing to worry about, just looks bad in vids and spoils immersion. You can even see them stitching themselves up and filling in the trench before covering over it all with a scenery spade lol.

Funniest bit was the corner, which was slightly turned up, made the whole thing look like it was cardboard being ironed flat and coloured in. Seem to be most noticeable in mid FLs, between FL90 and FL240

EDIT: 2nd gap found.

Note that everything is ULTRA in this image.
I have this gap in the scenery (circled in red), the poor LOD (circled in yellow) and the appalling photogrammetry (circled in purple). This is seen on the BPK7F departure out of EGLL27R. Can’t believe what I’m seeing in this photo. I know we’ve moved on leaps and bounds in scenery but what on earth happened here?

As a programmer myself its hard for me to get my head around the sheer size complexity of the sim, and I really appreciate the effort that the devs have put into it and are continuing to do so. Its quite an incredible achievement. However these ‘cuts’ do look bad and its really not a rare thing, I find several in a relativlely short flight in the south of the UK. It would be good to know the devs recognise this issue and have added it to their log of things to fix. Has anyone tryed to raise it with them before?