DC-6 Performance Hit

The plane is gorgeous and is a joy to fly. PMDG did a really great job with this one and I can’t wait for them to take advantage of everything MSFS will offer in the future.

On the topic of performance, I’m noticing a 10-15FPS loss using this plane. Mostly CPU bound since the GPU is only running at ~70%. Not complaining, just a lot on the CPU since each system is being modeled independently - which is cool as hell.


I really wish there was a ‘Performance index’ of some sort, so that we could get a good idea of how all the aircraft add-ons compare FPS-wise.

Heck, 3rd parties might even get more sales that way, from those who would otherwise be reluctant to purchase.

I’m very tempted to get the DC-6 regardless.


It’s still a very cool plane to have in the hangar, and for way less than what people were anticipating. To be honest, I can’t really see myself flying it that much after a GOOD jet comes out. I see it more as a “tech demo.” There are a lot of cool things built into the plane, one being: everything actually works.

But, I like your idea of indexing addons.

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Those of us who have a lot of experience flying PMDG aircraft in other platforms know and expect a drop in frames due to the fact that PMDG engineer their aircraft with an accuracy of over 90% in terms of all systems. That’s the main reasoning behind the drop.

Question always is, how many frames will my system chew up when going from default/vanilla aircraft to a PMDG aircraft.

Once that’s established, it’s a matter of tweaking other settings to get that sweet spot each individual is after in terms of frames/smoothness/visuals.

I get that…but in P3D for instance, I can maintain 60-70 FPS with everything maxed out in the PMDG 747. I just hope that DX12 brings something for performance to the table.

It’s doing a lot more calculations to give you a much more detailed flight model, hydraulics and fuel systems, avionics… compared to ‘simpler’ aircraft. This will always come at some fps cost.

10-15 versus what? :slight_smile: The 152/Icon A5, TBM, A320/747? All are vastly different in performance.

I am getting above 30fps in the DC-6. It’s fine for me

I stumbled upon this topic when I was trying to improve my CPU bound issue. After applying the change from here, I stopped getting “Limited by Main Thread” and my FPS improved by a lot. Perhaps, this would help your issue as well.

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mine is off by default. thanks though.

ha good point. I thought I put that. compared to the Aerosoft CRJ

I was just about to google this… wish i knew before i purchased it, oh well i got caught up in the hype.

I am severly CPU limited by the PMDG product, i thought i was reasonably safe since i get run the CRJ just fine and the FBW does ok, but this DC-6 absolutley TANKS my CPU and its quite sad. I get 20-25 FPS max in the cockpit, and outside 50+…

I hope this is something that can be improved.
I dont know what their refund policy is, but apparently on the product page it says no refunds but on the terms and agreements it says theres a 30 Day money back guarantee

just lower some settings. might help

Right, like i havent tried that.
And yes, i have restarted my computer.

72 FPS in Asobo Cessna 152 (GPU limited)
34 FPS in PDMG DC-6 (Main Thread Limited) (55 FPS external view)

Same settings, same place (1440p@ULTRA, Ter. detail 100).

It’s a great A/C though, in my opinion worth the performance hit.

RTX 3080

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Unfortunately, the performance difference between high and ultra is only about a 3 FPS difference.

I noticed on my Frametime Graph that there is a constant dip in frame times at a steady rate. Like once every second, a minor dip. Bringing up dev mode, there is a dip in the manipulators box too. I don’t know what it is, but it is a steady and consistent drop.

I don’t think they refund. You may be able to get store credit or something though. Maybe just wait a bit to see if there is an update. I for one, hope they do a texture overhaul to be honest. The textures have way more potential.

Well I get about 40 fps from external view and 22 fps in the cockpit. With occasional dips to 15 fps at takeoff. I really hope the upcoming updates can bring me a few precious frames back. I don’t need much fps in this aircraft but it shouldn’t drop below 20.

Maybe it’s just my imagination but disabling the tablet gives me 1 or 2 frames.

thats sucks man, i can honestly say this is the best performing plane i have used in msfs for vr that is, smooth as for me on my end

Of course it will probably highly depends of your setup but I got 10fps back from that tips. I disabled virtualization and vt-d in the bios and I went from 16 fps in the cockpit to 26fps on average (on the ground, it gets better the higher you get)

I hope pmdg will do some optimization pass soon. I know that they are way ahead of the other dev in term of simulation but I kind of feel that whatever simulation they are running in the background to support that level of fidelity might not be super optimized yet.

Awesome plane nevertheless.

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