Dearth of genuinely appealing content in Xbox marketplace

I understand the CRJ is still being tested, so I’ll leave it out - when they release the Corsair and just flight arrows (confirmed PC marketplace or submitted for release), then we can talk about the marketplace being in a good spot…

That and removal of PC reviews and ending this string of non-functioning add-ons. A couple weeks for an update is understandable, but the broken add-ons need to stop.

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Can you confirm if the spitfire door closing issue still needs updating? Have been holding off on this aircraft until it gets fixed.

Ill check in a bit partner when the kids are in bed!

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The expensive planes seems to be the good planes with the neat sounds and gauges.

I have the Spitfire…

I think the canopy opens…

I like the Spitfire and the P-40.

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If you like bush flying check out the Idaho strips, its a really fun area over there. Cheap quality airports

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No. I don’t think they are. They are just being the large, slow corporate dinosaur that they are and always have been.

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And also a lot of people are also not really aware of the amount of us people on the Xbox who are committed sim pilots who just for whatever reasons in life can’t afford top notch PC hardware - and we don’t Gawk at the prices we wish we had the better items to pay for that’s all - the amount of low rate add ons especially aircraft on the Xbox MP right now compared to the top range stuff is ridiculous


Yes like the Mahoney creek and cougar ranch strip very iconic and historic spot two strips either side of the salmon River - bush flying camping fishing all up and down them ways

Yes this is what I’m waiting for on the Xbox too and yes spitfire door still bugged won’t open

Open? I thought it was closing the door keeping you from completing a cold and dark start from the thread dedicated to this.

I am really excited about the p38 but this issue has left me with reservations, I would think the tablet uses the same type of code - I hope they can find solutions.

Anyone aware of when we are likely to see some real works liveries, even just for the stock aircraft? Like the A320?

It’s getting a bit frustrating even after 2 days of owning the sim to be flying from Gatwick to Palma in the Xbox livery.


For an Xbox user, I’m afraid to say the answer is probably no, since you guys can’t access addons and mods where there are dozens (hundreds?) of such liveries.

But from a store perspective, there’s an issue with licensing from the carriers, and I while know Jorg’s been working on it, it seems he hasn’t made much progress. If/when he does then you’ll be golden, but the keyword there is “if”.

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Second more liveries and also curious as to why normal liveries aren’t cross applicable to the " ski ’ floats ’ big wheels " versions of asobos planes :frowning:

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Console manufacturers have one over-arching concern, maintaining the security of their platform. In their eyes, any line of code might potentially introduce a new entry point for a hacker to back door and jail break their operating system. Which means console manufacturers heavily curate any content that comes anywhere near their hardware. The console mod scene will never have freedom equivalent to the PC environment, at least not anytime in the near future.


Ok thanks guys. Just to give a bit of background I’ve previously been a PC simmer. I decided to plunge for Xbox because I am a console gamer and I have game pass and it seemed like a good deal.

I have a setup of a 65 inch LG C1 with my Xbox series x and it looks pretty phenomenal. The last PC I had I achieved about 15 FPS with FSX!

I guess at the best hope I am in for a bit of a waiting game for liveries. For some aircraft models though they include real world liveries, just a shame the CS 777 and the 737Max aren’t up to scratch and very over priced.

Having said that - the market place has a decent few very nice airport sceneries. You just have to be wise and review on youtube before you buy and you can’t go far wrong. Yeah sure you won’t get an endless list of options but it is what it is.


I really like some of those bush strips like the Idaho ones I got the husky the spitfire - waiting for just flights turbo arrow milviz’ porter and heaps more

Actually doing a little ground work for an Australian airport scenery add on - can’t wait for that

Who said Xbox simmers can’t be hardcore fanatics go team Xbox go team asobo go team Microsoft

I might take a plunge and just get that spitfire haha.

Have you can tell which add ons will soon come to the market place? Is there a place to find this info?

Unfortunately there isn’t a single source of information for upcoming products. You have to rely on third-party developers stating that they have submitted their product to the marketplace for ingestion.

I am running a 65" LG 7700 4K as well.

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