Dearth of genuinely appealing content in Xbox marketplace

That’s good feedback, thanks. Do you have mostly scenery, or a lot of planes as well? I have the impression (based on reading this forum) that the plane updates are the ones that get delayed.

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What’s the problem actually? Just buy everything outside of marketplace, you’ll have much better experience.

Xbox users can’t do this.


I would say I own at least 75% of most marketplace items for Xbox.

Actually planes get updated quicker and probably more focus on that by Asobo. Airports just not so much for whatever reason.

Ah right, you’re on Xbox. Sorry, I was referring to PC, but I now realize that OP started this thread specifically about the Xbox Marketplace, not the Marketplace in general.

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I can’t find the metaphor that adequately describes either why they are stalling since August 2020, Reality XP’s application… a renown and awarded vendor with a proven track record of contributing to building this industry for 20 years…

I’ll quote the following which sums it up the best for now:

There is no doubt MSFT isn’t an amateur company not knowing what they are doing. Therefore the most logical explanation must be that they are approving vendors producing what many on this forum is rating as low quality content, and they are refusing to process the application of renown vendors producing quality and awarded content (not just RXP, but Flight1, A2A, and many others), because this is exactly what they want to sell in their market place, and this is exactly the type of add-on they deem best to represent FS2020 value proposition to their customers. If not, this would mean only 2 things: they don’t know how to or they are not capable of, which is impossible because it is MSFT*.

So maybe he OP is right, there is a dearth of genuinely appealing content in Xbox marketplace for him/her, but somehow it must be the content MSFT deems best for FS2020, so much so that irony apart:

*or let’s just consider MSFT and Asobo are overwhelmed with demands, and they did a few mistake triaging some vendors instead of others, or they were just misguided by some people.


We don’t need realityXP and it’s good the developer is ignored. Do you know that it can’t be updated with latest navdata? We don’t need that. There’s better version of gtn750 and it’s functional.
Never even heard about flight1. And a2a should lower their prices otherwise i don’t see the point of them being with MSFS, charging 100$ for a simple GA aircraft is just greedy and shouldn’t be acceptable.

You’re of course perfectly entitled to not having any need for any specific product for any specific good reasons that are yours. However, this shouldn’t prevent others who want a Reality XP product for whatever specific good reasons that are theirs to having it.

Of course if you’re limiting your knowledge of Reality XP to the notion of a vendor producing a single add-on which doesn’t fit your needs, it won’t help much understanding what I’ve written above. If on top of that you’re reducing your knowledge of the product to hearsay, it won’t help either (yes the database can be updated and it is easy, but not free either).

I won’t argue the value of a product or the need of a product with you because this is not the point of my post above either. I won’t argue either that regardless of your need of a vendor product, this doesn’t prevent you from making the difference between 1 product and 1 vendor ability to make products. I won’t argue this because I believe you mentioned it better than me in the past:

Regardless of your appreciation of a specific vendor product, or even your lack of needs of any product from a vendor, you’re wondering why a renown vendor like JF is having problems with the market place, and this is not dissimilar a question in principles with Reality XP (and others):


You have no idea how much work there is behind an A2A airplane, $ 100 is more than acceptable price for a product at that level.


More work than for a AAA game selling on console for $60?
That doesn’t seem very logical or the sales market for the aircraft is too small and they are attempting the recoup the work with a high price.

Console ‘transactions’ should be high quality, reasonable prices and therefore high sales.


Definitely not a 100$ of work, not even close. It’s just overpriced and overrated. And before you say “but but but it’s niche, they only sell 3 copies” i’ll say if they priced it correctly they would sell more and earn more money. I hope they won’t come to MSFS, we need affordable products.


As i said i don’t care about realityXP and i don’t think anyone should care, it’s pretty useless because you can’t update the navdata. I’ll just use the free gtn750.

you might have missed that I wrote the contrary, but again, this topic is not whether YOU like or need RXP’s products, it is about the “dearth of genuinely appealing content in the Xbox marketplace”.

To the topic question, I’m citing RXP as an example of an experienced vendor, for 20 years, with a renown expertise which warrants in my opinion at least considering this expertise could bring to fruition “genuinely appealing content in the Xbox marketplace” which is not necessarily, or even not at all, anything Garmin either.

You seem to consider RXP Garmin’s is the only thing RXP can do and I understand the impression you might get. However RXP expertise goes well beyond the Garmin products, among 3 major simulators and 14 different versions, and over 20 years.

For example you’ve said that you’ve never heard of Flight1. Here is some information: RXP has been the developer of the entire avionics, systems and gauges, including the photo-realistic graphics, of the award winning and acclaimed Piper Meridian nearly 20 years ago already. And speaking of the ATR for which I’ve read your comment (see below), Flight1 was the first company securing the licensing rights to make the ATR 42 for Flight Simulator and guess who was the developer under contract… the same Hans who is now working on the ATR for Asobo…

So I believe we all understand you don’t want nor need RXP products, but I can’t find in any of your last 3 comments in this topic anything debating the topic question either. Instead, you seem to highlight the only reason a couple few of the cited vendors products are not welcomed according to you is only because they are overpriced.

Do you believe price is the reason there could be a “Dearth of genuinely appealing content in Xbox marketplace” and this is what this topic is about? Do you share this opinion too?


Please don’t make heresay comments regarding marketing decisions by various companies, who make those decisions based on how much work it takes to produce a product, their experience selling products, and their need to essentially put food on the table.

It’s perfectly acceptable to say you do not wish to pay $100 for an addon. That’s your choice.

There are plenty of people who would spend that money in an instant because the product is worth that to them. And there are a million reasons why it may be worth it.

I absolutely want a command for command recreation of a Garmin 530. It’s a GPS I use frequently in real life, and practice and learning is sooooo much cheaper here than up in the air. 1 hour of flight time is $159 for me currently. Bam… paid for.

The freeware Garmin 530 is excellent. But it is held back by the lack of functionality it has access to. Not by any fault of the author.


I can’t give you an exact date, but way back in the day, probably in the 90s sometime, I was using FSX (I think), and I stumbled across this new 737 from a company called PMDG. (At least I think it was the 73, but it was a Boeing of some kind) that cost $120.

As first I was like “Are you kidding me, that’s more than I paid for the entire game!!”. But I read more and more about it, and being the realism junkie that I am, I decided to give it a chance, and boy am I glad I did. It enabled me to leap forward from the default airliners to one that was seemingly 90% like the read deal!! It made the default one(s) feel like a toy by comparison.

Now, I’m sure it was nowhere near 90%, and I’m equally sure that when they release their latest 737 it will be much, much, much closer to reality than was that one I got back in the 90s, and I will be more than happy to part with my money to have one. In fact, I will probably ultimately end up with a payware Airbus or two, a Boeing or two, maybe some biz jets, and a few more on top of that. I’m not going to buy every study level airliner, there comes a point when enough is enough, and one more becomes too much, but I figure I’ll end up with $500-700 invested in study level aircraft for a program that cost $110.

And, once again, I’ll be more than happy to do so.

Now, when you talk about Xbox users more used to microtransactions than they are something like the scenario I just outlined, I can see how there might be some sticker shock. On the flip side, I don’t know how many Xbox users, who I would think tend more towards the casual side than the hardcore side of MSFS would even want an aircraft that requires hours and hours of reading and watching YouTube videos just to learn how to get the engines started, or having to sometimes track down one of the 800-something possible failures that are purportedly coming on the Fenix A320 in the first place, so the obstacles may be more because of the type of “gaming” any particular user wants to do, before the price even comes into the picture in the first place.

But I do not think any massive price cuts is going to translate to a surge in purchases, and will probably end up costing anyone who does so a lot of money.

But that’s just one man’s opinion, and likely worth precisely what you paid for it. We’ll probably never know if I’m right because I doubt MS or anybody else will be publicly releasing how many copies of a $100+ tubliner occurred on the Xbox platform, unless it’s a blowout number that ends up far beyond even the most optimistic expectations. And who knows, that could actually happen.

As a starving Xbox player I could not disagree more. The store is sorely lacking in content, especially planes. I want to buy add-ons and planes, but there really isn’t much on offer at this time. It’s amazing to know there is a ton of content ready to go and the only reason it’s not for sale is because Asobo hasn’t signed off on it yet.


My original point was

Are they trying to “starve us” into buying the expensive game upgrades ?

But nobody seems to be addressing that point.

I see no good reason to buy the upgrades and won’t be

I wasn’t addressing your point. My comment was to the other guy questioning wether or not Xbox players will buy content and if it’s even worth uploading to Xbox marketplace. To which my answer is: please don’t presume to know what Xbox players do or do not want in the marketplace.

Is the default selection of planes pretty boring and vanilla? I wouldn’t disagree with that. Was it done intentionally to increase sales of DLC? Idk. Maybe.

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It’s not too terrible. Maybe need more commercial quality planes.

Carenado piper is pretty much decent, the MB is cool as is the spitfire and isslander.

The 737 max and 777 is all about taste and they could be upgraded upon although bredok are improving the max.

The airports are decent and there’s lots of quality ones on there and now we are getting the scenery packs more often.

When seafront sims shipping is working that will be an awesome addition.

Things are slowly improving.