A game for gamers

While that is all true, please remember that FSX is from 2006 (Windows XP). I certainly loved it. At that time, I was already a licensed commercial pilot and flight instructor. I even used FSX in flight instruction. Never had an issue with blue screens though.

Thunderstorm at 8 AM woke me up.

Anyway I really hope I’m not coming across as arrogant when trying to make points nor is my intention to flaunt. I just have so much time and money invested into this hobby like many others but fail to understand why some dislike it with a passion. Could it be that I stick to flying light general aviation aircraft under VFR (most of the time) and on VATSIM? I try to read and reread what people say but I’m just not getting it.

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This hasn’t been “culture”, it’s just a reality of sim development. In the grand scheme of things it is simply more efficient and all around better for everyone if the sim developer focuses on expanding the platform and providing better and more competent tools, and the third party addon developers focus on using those tools to create better and more realistic addons. The time a sim developer would spend in creating an addon could be spent somewhere else that would enable a dozen other addons.

(And I know that a 3D modeller can’t, generally, work on core engine code, but how about this: rather than hiring 10 people to work on 3D models and textures, why not hire 10 people to work on the core engine?)

Yea well, you hire the company who’s last success was the MASTERPIECE called “A Plague Tale”…

Let’s hope the likes of A2A (I think that’s their name) will provide us with high quality Cessna add-ons soon. This would be really important to the sim, I think. I fly Pipers in real life: Warrior and Archer. Just Flight makes pretty good add-ons for these for MSFS 2020. They are not perfect, I’ll gladly discuss with you what I think the shortcomings are if interested, Have you checked out Just Flight? But I don’t think they make Cessnas…

There has been a discussion lately about this very subject in a topic for the next Q&A. Here are some possible explanations.

PS: I’m copying the full posts below for the sake of having it all in one place:

PS: In case it is misinterpreted, the above is only constructive criticism. I do like the game for what it’s worth, and I do entertain myself with it in VR from time to time. However this doesn’t mean one can’t see its faults and communicate about those either, unless believing those will automagically resolve by themselves.


Their Comanche is coming first. I think the Aerostar was going to be their first product for MSFS but sadly their R&D aircraft suffered a gear up landing,

@CptLucky8 Thanks much, I will give this a good look over. :slightly_smiling_face:


You obviously have not used the new NXi, which is under active development, and which will become the new default GA avionics package. It already has capabilities not found in even the most advanced 3PD avionics in other “real” simulators, and it is still in alpha.

Hard but true. “Show me the money”. If this game was produced by Boeing, I would expect … crashes. (For those who don’t get it: it’s sarcasm relating to Boeing’s company culture of greed over everything.)

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Who cares if it’s a game or simulator. Fix the ■■■■ bugs!


You are free to make your own simulator, but don’t complain if we laugh at the result.

And that also means a simulator with 15 years of development. MSFS is just 1 year old and has progressed by leaps and bounds, to the point that nothing else touches it. VR is not ready ? So what ? It will eventually come. Patience is the mother of all virtues.

Look at the rating this game has in the store, compare to other games.

The ratings are mostly due to the difficult beginnings.

In the world of MSFS, at least in one respect, Gamers and Simmers are Equal.

We BOTH get CTDs

and we should both AGREE that after 1 year after the release, this should NOT be something we should both be sharing with each other .

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Are you really thinking MSFS code has been built from scratch ?


I treat it as a flight simulator that still needs work but getting better over time. I hope to see more fixes in the future. I wish they could fix small things and release more often instead of a long list of things every couple of months


MSFS code at this point is easily 90% new.
There is almost nothing that they kept from FSX.

Source: more than 20 years of software development.

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The multi monitor setup has been discusses and will be addressed at some point.

Indeed. Real procedures, piloting skills, navigation skills…they are all secondary in this program.

For us ‘serious simmers’, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise given the very first splash screen you see when launching the program:

‘Xbox Game Studios’

Pity though; it could have been brilliantly accurate; but it was always an Xbox game…and a good game at that - just not a realistic flight simulator.

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Wow, over 80 likes for my comment at the start of this thread. It must have struck a note with people.

I think everyone should just get on with enjoying FS2020 for what it is and if some people really want it to have certain study level features because they play it as a really serious simming experience I guess they just need to be patient and see what third party developers and Asobo bring to it in the future. Clearly there are issues with it currently that need to be ironed out before any of it moves a more complex direction.

For me I just don’t really think about or care whether I’m a gamer or a simmer. I’m both I think. I’ve got all the nice hardware to go with the sim including Logitech flight panels and a decent X56 HOTAS. I’m pretty well kitted out for some reasonably serious flight simming. But what I love about FS2020 is I can make it my own. Sometimes I just want to muck about in an F14 pretending I’m Tom Cruise or using my old school as a target for bombing practice in the F15.

Other times though I want to fly the A320 from London to Edinburgh doing everything as realistically as possible, even with live ATC for extra immersion. In other words going closer to the full simulator experience.

So yeah its a game, its a sim, its what you make of it. Just have fun is most important thing and don’t let anyone look down on you.


Secondary? Every single one of those can be covered in MSFS the same way as in XP / P3D. If I had the time I would fly from Montgomery to Blyth in IMC using paper charts and navigating the airways using a CDI and DME and end up shooting the VOR/DME Runway 26 (and circle to land if needed) in all of them flying a Cessna 152 and post videos of them here.