Deimos G39 Griffin

Thanks so much! So happy that you are loving it!

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I can’t seem to find key/controller binding for reverse thrust and airbrakes, or flaps.
Any help on bindings would be great…

No manual as far as I can tell.

Trim, Flaps and slats are automatic
Speed Brake is on the throttle, is a pressknob (you can assign speed brake to your controller)

For Canard Airbraking just assign reverse to your control

Hope this helped

OK I figured out how to get reversers to work and that also operates the canards into stop mode. “Hold Thrust Reverse” does that.

Still can’t find manual for everything, but I can manipulate most everything with AirManager now.

I was using a AOA indicator, and it really does not work. Just slow down to 165 or so and the flaps automatically deploy and the canards seem to be automatic as well. Use the air brakes a bit to slow if needed.

I have no idea if this is how a Gripen flies but it is extremely Fly By Wire feeling, incluring auto trim.

On my Hotas there is a huge dead spot in center even with linear setup on curves. This does make it very stable feeling.

It is fun to fly, and very easy once you figure it out and set up controls correctly, like a button to hold down for reversers on the Hotas throttle.

It will not be one of my favorites, but I will fly it from time to time. You can land it and come to a complete stop in 2000’. I will try some highway landings in Sweden. Gripen was made for short unimproved fields, like rural roads with longish straights.

I give it 3-4 stars, the F16 is better IMHO. Fun but does not feel real to me. It looks fantastic and is good on frame rate even with my old system and 4 screens.

So if you want something different that does Mach speeds easily and is extremely maneuverable with 3 colors of smoke to boot, this may be for you.

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i second the centerline droptank! but could you make a version with all 3 droptanks and one with just the centerline droptank?

and i noticed while taxiing on the ground that the plane is turning more than the nosewheel steering angle so it looks like its skidding, could you increase the nosewheel steering so it aligns with how much the plane is actually turning?

also is the engine nozzle going to get animated?

Awesome plane you have developed, we needed a JAS in the sim! thank you!

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Will the aircraft be sold at some point outside the MarketPlace? not a big fan of Microsoft in-game store :-/

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I wasn’t planning on buying the Gripen, because to be honest I didn’t want to buy anything else from Deimos ever again. BUT, I thought maybe a second chance would be nice so I’ve bought it.

After a couple of days playing with it, I have to say that I’m surprised. The level of detail is really nice and the textures are very high quality. I’m on Xbox and I haven’t noticed any drop in performance so far. It looks astonishing really. The sound package is also very good, although I find the jet a bit too quiet when flying from Cockpit. Might be a thing with the real jet as well but I’m not sure.

Now it isn’t perfect and the flight model could use some work. My biggest complain about the jet right now is the Avionics. The Civilian Garmin on those beautiful screens is really disappointing, hopefully this is something that will change in the future.

I have noticed a couple of bugs with the smoke as well that disappears as soon as you turn the switch off. The turn rate during taxiing is also a bit too much. The cockpit looks amazing but, on Xbox at least, there is some shimmering here and there, it’s distracting. Another small thing but I do feel like the Panel lights aren’t working at all. The Sonic Boom effect seems a bit wrong at times too.

But honestly, it’s a stunning jet and I can tell a lot of effort went into it.

Deimos, if you read this message. This is a step in the right direction. Don’t do any dirty trick again to anyone and keep working well. I’m having fun with this one and I’m looking forward to see more improvements.

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I just bought this plane and its okay but not more. I like the sound and the cockpit is kind of good but you can see some items is borrow from other planes in the sim.

And one of the big problem after installing this the garmin 3000 was corrupt on other planes also like tbm and citiation longitude. Ended up deleting the griffin folder and the garmin was restored, so seams like this was missed when approving this plane in the store.


Noticed some more issues, flew around and landed a couple of times at a few different airports, the last one i landed at was BIKF and the canopy animation stopped working, the sounds played but it didnt open, all the other animations still worked. Also when landing the plane rolls to the side and you get a wingstrike also, the autopilot is really not good, its twitchy, overturns, some of the times you cant even get it to follow heading mode or nav mode and when you turn on altitude hold or anything to do with altitude it pitches abrubtly and also it cant really handle turbulence at all. And also on the fms when you have put in the departure and arrival airports then you can change the airports later at least the new ones show on the 2 displays and ATC recognize them but the old ones still show on the fms.

Once again, beautiful looking aircraft you have made, the visuals are pretty much perfect but system wise and bug wise it really needs more work. Keep up the good work and kind regards!

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Here’s another suggestion for an update:
All the military airports I fly to are now flooded with Gripens.
That has devastating consequences for the frame rate there.
I didn’t know what to do other than temporarily uninstall the Gripen. :frowning:

ok … thanks i’ll check that thanks

autopilot fixed in the next update and also other issue …
well … is normal that the plance turn in to the wind …also in real life …
the canopy wont open over 40kts

will check the other thinks

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Thank you for taking a look.
I don’t envy you your job. There are so many pitfalls that must be very difficult.
But I’m looking forward to the next update.


Sure no problem ! All constructive feedback are very important !
I’ll do my best as usual ! Thanks again.

Hope you’ll have a lot of fun on it !


The Griffin screws with the Longitudes center display. With the Griffin installed and I’m trying to fly the Longitude, it only shows the N1 and ITT with the yellowish color that the Griffin has. I have to uninstall the Griffin in order to be able to fly the Longitude and have the center display show the correct screen.


It screws up the displays for any aircraft that uses the G3000 - the TBM 930, for example.

I’ve had to uninstall it. I honestly thought this aircraft was a turning point and gave the dev a second chance, but unfortunately it’s just not up to scratch and certainly not worth the asking price.


Not trying to defend him or anything but addons not being compatible with others isn’t new. I had many bugs on all my jets because of a simple Garmin and weather addon (took me a while to identify the problem), it doesn’t mean those jets or the addons were trash, it’s just a compatibility issue and it’s common when so many addons are installed. Reporting the problem might help the dev, more than saying that you’ve wasted your money.

Apart from the avionics, the Griffin is a good jet. There are a couple of bugs here and there but modelling and texturing are top notch and the flight model, while could use some work, is much better than anything i’ve experienced from Deimos so far. The sound package is also quite good.

It’s definitely the best jet he’s ever made and after “everything that has happened”, some encouragements would be nice imo. He could update the jet and fix the issues, but he needs time like any other dev.

I remember IFE’s F-35 being a mess when it came out, causing many CTD for users. We all know how serious and good IFE is, but sometimes it happens.

I believe in second chance, let’s see what he can do. It’s a nice step in the right direction in my humble opinion.


Thank you!

By the way i cant seem to be able to set the baro anywhere in the cockpit, the baro knob is not clickable, is that one of the fixes?

Also when it rains there are rain droplets on the displays like if those where outside

And just an idea for the future, maybe an Working Title G1000 NXi integration instead of the default system thats in the griffin now?

You are doing good! Keep up the good work!

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