Deimos Mig29 Discussion Thread

This only works in the “Lock” cockpit interaction mode. There are no tooltips showing the status of a control anymore in the “Legacy” mode, on any aircraft.

Brilliant! Can’t wait :grin:

I don’t think you’re supposed to use legacy flight model for any of the aircraft.

I am talking about the cockpit interaction mode. The legacy flight model is something totally different.

SU5 introduced a new method of cockpit interaction where you “lock” on to a particular control in the cockpit (and it gets highlighted with a tooltip) and then you manipulate it. The previously standard cockpit interaction mode where you just mouse around and click was then named “legacy,” and that mode no longer shows the status of that control or instrument when you mouse over it the way it used to.

This is in the Accessibility settings, if I recall correctly.

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Ok thanks, i’ll double check!

I hope they check out the smoke effects: in su10 beta they are not very visible and seem to be further from the plane. Also the click points for the controls seem to be way off when using a controller (I’m on xbox).

Hello! All planes has been re-checked and updates has been submitted and will be released soon! Btw, once the SUX will be actually out all planes will be checked again and if other issue will be out, a new fix and update will be submitted…please if you see anything report it via mail.
Furthermore, once the new upcoming plane (Jas39) will be completed, all other planes, that for the moment has been updated on external textures, will be updated with new interior texture (more realistic)


Hello, I recently bought your MIG 29, and I am enjoying it a lot, great work, I had already bought the SU 57 before.

I found that the feature of being able to lower the rearview mirrors is great, the question is it possible to implement this improvement in the SU 57, it has happened to me in the afternoon that the sun blinds my vision when flying from west to east.

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Yep sure, i just ask you to wait, at the moment i am working on the jas39; as soon as it will be released i’ll start work back in the others!


I’m just going to drop this off here

I’m hopping in the Mig 29 ASAP after watching this video


Flies beautifully once you know the limits. Glad I bought it.


Is still my favourite jet in msfs on xbox.

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Thanks so much! I’ll improve interior’s textures after the jas39’s release


Hi. Do have a release date for the gripen on Xbox?


Thank you. Any possibility for a Rafale?

Dassault do not give authorisation

Can’t wait…love the work you’re doing. Should be exciting to see a more realistic cockpit.

Also, any chance of improving the AB visual effect along with more true to life engine notes?

For example… The ‘engine howl’ is there … But it needs to “roar” more … especially at higher RPMs and AB engaged.


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