Delay issues using the FSSB-R3

Hello. I am having issues with using the FSSBR3 in MFS2020. I have gotten it tweeked to a point where there is some control but there is a delay between the inputs I make and the sim response.

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Do you have this delay when you use the calibration tools for it? Do you feel those delays in any other simulators? XPlane has a demo if you don’t.

I actually had to lookup what that device is! :blush:

Me too, actually. It obviously works in the F16, but I’m not sold on force sensing sticks.

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When it comes to BMS it works wonders and from what I know it works well in DCS as well ( I don’t fly that though). IN MFS it was way to sensitive and now it’s like a monster effort to gain and maintain control.

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