Development of sim skunk works LOCKHEED TF-FRF-104 G

Enjoying the updates, but I have discovered that the smoke issue is still there for the FRF version. The TF didn’t display this issue for me when I just loaded it up.
I seem to recall it was related to the second USA world update, something to do with the geyser effect for Old Faithful.

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I purchased the TF-104 at the Contrail Webstore and it shows as version 3.0.0. Is there a reason that they do not have the newest version?

I tried the updated version and now TACAN seems to work well, although it seems that it can only pick TACAN stations when flying at altitudes below 25,000 feet.
At above 25,000 feet it didn’t pick up TACAN station that I was trying to follow. Is this on purpose or is it some bug?

And I take the chance to report a couple of issues which I believe are definitely bugs/flaws:
1- The fuel consumption at high altitudes (around 40,000 feet) seem odd and off. For instance at these altitudes with afterburner on, the Fuel Flow is around 11,000 Pounds of Fuel per Hour. But at these same altitudes with Mil power or even slightly below the fuel consumption seems to be around 9,000-10,000 Pounds of Fuel per Hour. It seems off that there’s such a small diference in fuel consumption between MIL and AB - if it was this way then it would be better just to fly always with AB on because this way the range would be bigger (due to much faster speed) and as such it doesn’t make sense.
2- The Squawk/IFF code setting is completely off. It’s impossible to set certain Squawk/IFF codes.

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I have an interesting issue…

Bought the FR-104 G Starfighter last week.

However, every time I load it into the sim to fly I get a ‘Fire’ effect from just behind the nose wheel …then when you fly it turns into a large what can only be described as ‘flame thrower’ effect from the same area (goes out approx 90 degrees from the aircraft).
No noticeable effect on the aircraft flight model …just very annoying to see it!
Anybody else had / cured this?

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Please would it be possible to stop that white smoke cloud around the aircraft after EVERY F104 update. Each time I must edit with notepad to stop that. Very disappointing.

My wish is if you could implement the NWS functionality. Every start or landing with cross winds becomes a nervious dance on the runway. I bound a button for steering limits but when I used this function the nose wheel is blocked and can’t be used for steering any more. In the real F104 it is the button on the stick just above the shaker.

The F104 is my favorit and I love it. Thanks for whole dev group.
Thanks in advance

since i can’t replicate the issue, you may want say what you have edited to get ride of it.

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for some reason the frf external xml file contained an old-bugged code.
Try to download from here:
Dropbox - ssw_FRF104.xml - Simplify your life
and set it into:
soon we will update F-104 releases.
apologize for inconvenience.


Same here. It loads on the runway and fire is pouring out the side of it. I can even takeoff and fly but the fire is still coming out the side of it at 90 degrees. This is on the latest version.

This plane isn’t in an “early” stage of development, it’s been on the marketplace since, what, December 2021? That’s almost year and a half. In that time, there have been

  • erroneous updates pushed to the MSFS and JF marketplaces
  • erroneous contact information in the store description
  • apparently multiple conflicting versions of the plane on Orbx, JF and MSFS
  • the plane itself conflicts with the Redwing Lockheed Super Constellation and the only solution is to remove the Super Connie
  • the plane can’t be paused because of an erroneous mixture setting in the CFG file that can only be remedied by either altering the CFG yourself OR deleting any possible mixture commands in your control assignments
  • the seat disappears and reappears at whim
  • the radar is advertised to work, but doesn’t actually work unless you download a file that you have no way of knowing about unless you come to this thread and search for why the radar doesn’t work-- because there is no link to the file or even this thread (direct or implied!) in the official documentation (frf104g_hints.pdf) and the official file outright states that the RedPanda file SHOULD be in the NavSystems file folder when it is not.

And that’s not including the evasive behavior of the developers in this thread. I KNOW simulator development is difficult. I KNOW it’s complex. I KNOW game updates break things. I KNOW that modeling subsystems and balancing them with temperature and pressure and friction and computational fluid dynamics requires a lot of brainpower and trial and error to get right. I KNOW that those troubles become exponentially more difficult when you have a smaller staff, smaller budget and limited resources. I know all of that. None of my points deal with any of those things-- they’re quality control issues. Pushing an update with the correct CFG files is well within the realm of capabilities for everyone from the top of the quality ladder all the way down to the bottom.

This makes me annoyed because I love the Starfighter. I loved flying it in FSX. I built models of it. I can tell the devs love the Starfighter too, but there’s a disconnect somewhere that’s keeping this release from being the best it can be.


it´s evry time the same problem. In updated file “ssw_FRF104.xml” lines 907-923 (Component ID=“MyFXSpawner”) are missing and I have to fill them with the missing content or replace the whole file.

By the way. Thanks for (I call it) fixing the non working TACAN. Now I can fly the official TACAN routes or TACAN approaches as published for Europe.
One thing I´m missing is to toggle NWS. Will that be functional in near future?

replace the whole.
We warn users that from now on we will provide
support only through
This is to avoid boring controversies on the forum.


I changed the ssw_FRF104.xml file …and the fire has gone :slight_smile:

New version will be available soon at

  • SimMarket
  • ORBX
  • Aerosoft
  • JustFlight
  • Ingested to MS MarketPlace waiting for validation


  • Fixes the “white smoke” bug that appears under gear in some conditions.
  • FOR NON-MARKETPLACE VENFORS ONLY: Added the WebSimMSFS.icon.exe executable required to make radar working, user should read EULA in /docs.

Great… Thanks for the update. Just purchased it based on the fact that the F-104 was one of my favorite planes growing up, and all the support you’re giving here, so I’ll wait for the update from Orbx before I try it (I’m flying to Florida tonight for a couple of days for work, so can’t fly it anyway… I have a whole bunch of stuff I was working on that I’m now going to have to stew over in my brain instead of getting it done :cry:)

Just a quick question … I own the F104 model, and very good it is to.

So, why would I buy the TRF104 as well …what else does this offer other than an extra seat!

Has the sounds been sorted yet? As last time I flew it it didn’t matter if the canopy was open or not it sounded the same when I was on the ground.

hello I wanted to know if anyone has problems with the autopilot if I turn it on I can’t put the stick on nav if it’s off it goes smoothly how I switch it on the autopilot goes back to off

Will the updated version be available on the Contrail Webshop which is where I purchased it?

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