DirectX 12 in Sim Update 5 for PC, that is July 27 at the latest? (In the June 30 Twitch Q&A, PC version of MSFS will still be DirectX 11 after July 27th update)

So a user over at Avsim, who is a reliable user when it comes to information and news on MSFS, is saying DirectX 12 is scheduled to be released for the PC version of MSFS for Sim Update 5. And Sim Update 5 is supposed to be released on July 27th for PC. This means PC will get the DirectX 12 version of MSFS by July 27.

The comment is here:

Does anybody have a link to the original source where someone from Microsoft or Asobo announced that DirectX 12 is a part of Sim Update 5?

Look into the latest Development Update. It’s stated loud and clear there!

Enjoy the sim!

Where in the latest development update is it explicitly stated that Sim Update 5 for PC will include DirectX 12 support?

I just read and looked over it again and I still don’t see it.

you need some patience. it comes when it comes.

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For what I read on this forum this has never been a question. XBox and PC will have DX12 as of SU5. But to be 100% sure we’ll have to wait another month or so :grinning:

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It was actually a question submitted for the last Twitch Q&A that got 39 votes: Will DirectX12 be implemented on PC prior to the XBOX version release? - #34 by scorpian007

There are at least 39 people who were wondering about this (FYI, the top voted question got 95 votes so 39 votes for a question isn’t nothing).


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You’re maybe right. I did interpret this question as ‘prior’, and not ‘at the same time’. For me it has always been clear that both platforms would profit from DX12 at the same time.

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Yes. You can discern it from the fact that it was clearly stated that Xbox and PC versions are completely identical (hence both must be DX12) and that the Xbox version will go online on the same day as SU5.

and forum head also confirmed topgun extension will apply to both platforms at the same time

Oh yes, logically, it would be weird if Sim Update 5 ran DirectX 11 on PC while the X-Box version ran on DirectX 12.

However, the community has been asking for a long time when DirectX 12 would come to the PC version of MSFS. And it was a question that was submitted again for the last Twitch Q&A that got 39 votes.

I find it weird that Microsoft/Asobo haven’t explicitly stated that Sim Update 5 would support DirectX 12 on PC. Maybe they forgot when they wrote the Development Update yesterday? All it takes is a simple, “Yes, DirectX 12 will be deployed to PC with Sim Update 5” from Jane or another Microsoft/Asobo rep.

I link to the actual statement by Microsoft/Asobo would be nice, if Microsoft/Asobo did explicitly declare this.


Why not just wait and see? Just one month…

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Well, the original intent of the thread was to see where the user from AVSIM (ChaoticBeauty) got the source that Sim Update 12 for PC would include DirectX 12. ChaoticBeauty is generally very accurate with the news/information that he/she shares, so I consider him/her to be a reliable poster. Seeing that this thread has been posted for some time and a lot of people here in the forums have looked at it but no source has been cited yet, I don’t think there is such a source (but maybe ChaoticBeauty can surprise us all).

Actually, I don’t really mind waiting until July 27th to find out. I just thought that if ChaoticBeauty has seen a source, maybe someone else here has seen the same source. But if there is no source, then yeah, it’s not a big deal to wait until July 27th.


This is the post where Jayne confirms that the update containing the PC improvements and DirectX 12 will come alongside the Xbox release.

A user below asks “you mean su5 with this update?”, and Jayne liked the post.

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You’d have to dig through hours of video to verify but I’m pretty sure it was mentioned during at least one of the dev Q&As that DX12 would land on PC with the console release.

Oh cool! Thanks for citing the source!

I saw the post that Jane liked and the original post by Jane where she wrote:

Our Dev Q&A on June 30th will address both Xbox and PC Improvements coming with this update, and I’m sure DX12 will be a hot topic!

My interpretation of Jane’s like is that Microsoft/Asobo would address the issue of DirectX at the June 30th Twitch Q&A. Anyways, it’s just another 12 days and we’ll probably get an official answer on June 30th. It’s not a long wait so not a big deal.

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Thanks for digging this up. I knew I read or heard it somewhere, but forgot where.


It’s not a (new) question again and again just because some folks aren’t reading or listening the already known… :blue_heart:

So the answer is no, the PC version of MSFS will still be on DirectX 11 after the July 27th update.

Looks like PC users of MSFS will have to wait later for DirectX 12. Not a big deal, because it seems we are getting FPS improvements on July 27th anyways.

Looks like they clarified in the Q&A today that the PC version of MSFS will remain on DirectX 11 after the July 27th update. Oh well, it is what it is. PC will get DirectX 12 later this year probably.

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