Disappointed with this sim

The twitchy bouncy physics and controls make it unplayable for me. Ill try the sim again when things are improved

My disappointment is that I purchased a new PC for this simulator and at that time was a good specification, I7 10700K, RTX 2080 Super. By the time I can use this sim for what I really want from it PMDG aircraft good quality addon airports my PC will be more a mid range spec and may have trouble running the newer generation of software. Wish I had waited a year before purchasing the sim and new PC and having a much higher spec PC for the price I have paid for my current one.

My 1080ti/8700k runs the sim fine even before the first major patch on ultra settings.
The sim seems very sensitive to different pc hardware combos.
I agree I should have given it a year before I made the purchase. I went all out and bought the $120 package and most of those extra aircraft aren’t even optimized well.
Now as it sits uninstalled and I’m back to the old sims as a go to for now.

I have a self-assembled PC of 2017 with i7-6700K 32 GB of RAM and an RTX2070 mini and I must say that it runs well even if obviously I can’t use the ultra settings but I don’t feel the need.

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You are not alone! It’s a joke of a simulator. They made nice marketing videos on how great the aerodynamics would be simulated, yet nothing is visible.

I have the same issue, discussed in another thread. It can be solved by the actions suggested by @Ephedrin87.

Hate to say it but I agree. I loved the sim when it first came out, but it has gradually got worse and worse with each patch. I’ve finally had to stop playing as I realised I was spending more time adjusting the graphics settings than flying, just to get it to look half decent… I can’t even achieve that now.

Here are some of the issues:

  • shimmering buildings and water. Ailaising getting worse
  • broken live weather (thunder and lightning everywhere, wind, cloud inaccuracies)
  • poor draw distances (trees)
  • poor aircraft flight dynamics. Constant pitching, twitchy , plane on rails feel to dynamics
  • great swaths of missing ground textures or generic textures where satellite data not available
  • grainy textures on clouds, trees and other surfaces
  • co pilot stopped working doesn’t follow flight plan
  • zoom function not working in cockpit. Intermittent problem
  • AI traffic causing FPS slow down and strange behaviour eg disappearing aircraft. Had to turn it off
  • UI issues such as FPS counter switching back on when I uncheck developer mode
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Yeah… at this point it’s stable and immersive enough that I’m enjoying it as a virtual tourism kind of thing, a continuous series of hops from one destination to the next and just see what I come across, tracking everywhere I’ve been as I go… all on my own as even the log book is a joke and could do so, so much more. For example, why can’t I click a destination in the log book and say “Depart from here”. Why can’t i visualize and filter all my log book entries on a map? Why can’t I attach screenshots to my interesting flights? Why do I need to use the Nvidia overlay just to take screenshots even though we have an awesome camera system right inside the game?

Why did I beeline at 200kt in the TBM for 5 min only to realize my gear and flaps were still down, with no effect other than making me fly slower? Why could I run the ITT at like 105% for the whole short flight without destroying the engine? And why was I able to pull off the most BS Chuck Yeager landing of all time at the end that would have stalled me sideways into the runway?

You know what I can’t even think too much about this. Just gotta enjoy it for what it is. Nice, simple often gorgeous GA sightseeing flights, to explore all sorts of places from the air that I’ll probably never see otherwise, and vastly improve my geography skills.

On a 1070ti -two gens old now and only mid range when it came out, because the world of Pc components is a complete joke right now.

That will have to do for the next long while I suspect.

Add: I must also say, something essential which it has that I very much enjoy, when you leave the ground you get that satisfying sensation of going aloft, it really nails key moments like that and you can feel the passion of the overall product already in these things. So at least the minimums I’m looking for and a lot more like amazing Looking (only, most of the time) weather that’s almost real, is there for now. Even the opening menus and interface seems to encourage you to get out there and take a flight - It’s not just a bland window “Here’s a plane, please type in your airport of choice”.

You make a lot of fair points I think and I agree that this is probably where we are at the moment.

To me the scenery is, by and large, pretty fantastic. Let’s hope they start switching resources soon to aircraft systems and the like so that it is a bit more realistic and challenging to harder core simmers.

This is how I was enjoying it, simple GA flights enjoying the amazing scenery. Problem is, I can’t even do that anymore now because the sim simply isn’t that beautiful anymore. I’m getting shimmering textures etc. It’s just not got that wow factor


Just quoting this because it’s so true. :slight_smile:

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Scenery is great on my PC (i5 7600k, 2070S, 48gb RAM).

Some people have reported some issues due to AA settings. Are you using TAA? If not, maybe try it and see if any improvements?

I’ve tried everything. Do you use a 4K monitor?

Dunno what you’re talking about, it’s working perfect for me

SMH what’s wrong this time. Every day is a crapshoot

Logout from the sim and log back in

IMO, MSFS has been ‘dumbed down’ to appeal to gamers. It would be great if flight and ground dynamics, and aircraft systems were made more realistic, while still allowing a ‘gamer’ setting for non-simmers. Perhaps third-party aircraft will address this shortcoming.

Nevertheless, I’m having a whale of a time with it! And to think it will only get better…

No, 1440p, one 35 inch Ultra Wide in Windows Mode plus two 27 inch monitors with LittleNavMap on one and Air Manager on the other.

I honestly think it is just the opposite. I believe that Asobo is overwhelmed, bending over backwards trying to please everyone in the community.

We the community simply want the simulator that was advertised to us. Some of you who fly GA and VFR exclusively may say we already have that. While others who want to fly that Dreamliner, Microsoft dangled in front of us like a carrot on a stick in the Premium Deluxe package, may disagree and say the sim is ‘un-flyable’ or ‘broken’.

And therein lies the problem, the community. If anyone is old enough to remember Star Wars Galaxies, this is the perfect example of the developer listening to the community, granting nearly every wish, and then running the game right into the ground.

I honestly believe Asobo needs to avoid looking at the forums (according to them) every day and hire a few real world pilots as beta testers until we have a sim that functions on all basic levels. This includes, all aircraft, weather, avionics, etc. After we have the basics in place, then they should look to the community for creature comfort feature requests. This whole 2.27 million people (or whatever the number of units sold is) paying to be beta testers method isn’t working.

This is just my .02 cents. This is my opinion and that’s all it is. Feel free to disagree with me.


Here’s something I’m not sure about maybe someone here knows.

If the existing dynamics of the air, the fluid simulation etc, is dumbed down will it really be possible for the 3rd party Aircraft to dramatically change that?

I think one of their biggest mistakes was having a closed doors, NDA restricted community engagement model throughout the whole process.