Discussion: February 18th, 2021 Development Update

This week’s development update has been released:

Use this thread for discussion of the Feb 18th Dev Update.


Why is the bug snapshot a week old? Hmmm

It’s missing at least the >300 votes on the issue about bad physics introduced by the ground effects/flap behavior changes in WU3.

Would have loved to see a statement on this.

Thank you for the update nonetheless :slight_smile: I’m sure you are all aware of the new issues and I hope there will be a hotfix patch to fix the bigger issues (including the taxiway lights on handcrafted/3rd party airports).


No single word about the new bugs introduced.


Awesome update. So agree with LondonController aka Jamie. Flight Simming means so many things to so many people. For me it’s all about replicating real world aviation as accurately as possible (although a home desktop sim or even a multimillion dollar level D sim will never really be as realistic as real world flying for obvious reasons), while for others it’s the complete opposite. And then for others it’s somewhere between the two. All approaches are valid.


It’s a typo, this Feedback Snapshot has two items marked as “Fixed” compared to the old one.

The problem is that for the past few weeks the two snapshots have been extremely stagnant though, with nothing new answered.


That particular bug is getting lots of attention by the team, unfortunately we gather numbers closer to the beginning of the week for the Feedback Snapshot. Happy to report we will have some messaging around that bug soon though!


Thanks, and no worries :slight_smile: was just surprised to see the old date on the bug snapshot while the wishes have today’s date.

Thank you for the efforts on keeping us updated (and entertained)!

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Thank you!!! And please please please an update on this issue too???


No update on that particular bug today, looks like they are still investigating. I’ll be sure to post in that thread when I know more!


@Jummivana Jayne can you conform that there will be no dev q&a in the coming months?

Definitely have a Dev Q&A coming up soon! We are still deciding on the date but it is being pushed to early March as they have some fun news they want to share at that time. :slight_smile:


Great to hear that!

Suprised the Irish fella in that is so praising of the update considering how little was done for Ireland.
Hell, he even talked about the lack of good Irish Cliffs in his game launch stream.

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@Jummivana, thanks for your work. Loving the Sim. Would it be possible, for those who want it, to have access to a longer, or even complete, list of bugs and wishes. That way we can check if particular items are included or not, and we can vote on those we may have missed out on, etc. I think I may have asked/suggested this earlier, in a general post not direct to you, but never got a response. Cheers.


@Jummivana thanks for keeping us updated. One thing to note from the buglist is that in the last Dev Q&A Martial mentioned that the AI Live Traffic bug or lack of Live AI showing up in the SIM compared with the Flightaware data was being worked on and would arrive soon in an update, however on the buglist it says it’s not even started?!?!

Please could you confirm if this bug is being dealt with.

Thank you

Duncan Odgers

We would just appreciate the actual bugs to get updated. With all respect (Truly), Asobo hasn’t updated a single bug on that list with the exception of clouds for more than 2 months.


I am not seeing any update via the Marketplace for Denver, yet the dev update says there is one?

Hasn’t any UK flier noticed the road traffic pattern? It is opposite! Like USA. Is Microsoft trying to tell us something??

That the development of this update was not fun.