Discussion: February 25th, 2021 Development Update

Or it could be to give them time to investigate what when wrong in their build process that allowed in-progress code changes to be included. If I were them I would want to be confident this wasn’t going to happen again before releasing another major update.

And it could be a bit of both.

+1 I agree, not only this might reduce signal/noise ratio and genuinely surprise us once in a while, but also opens the simulator SDK to let 3rd party devs access the simulator deepest core so that we can finally bring more GTN and GNS to simmers… :innocent:

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Or it could be that they’ve learnt from this and want to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

I miss my GTN Complete on MSFS… It’s such a wonderful system. Get me some A2A aircraft in MSFS (I know they are coming) with GTN750 and I am happy.

Except you’d get the most complete GTN from me instead :wink:

(see the URL when you click my avatar)

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AH! So you are with Reality… I see. I was contemplating your product as well as the GNS… Went with Flight 1 instead. I am a little bit disappointed in what happened with the latest version of the Garmin trainer. You can’t upgrade to 3.0 or Flight 1 will stop working. And they publicly stated they don’t plan to support 3.0… This is a bit of an issue. What if Garmin pulls the old version? I may get stuck with a non-functional product. I have been a bit less than impressed with their Support. That’s all I got.

I was sitting here recently wondering when someone is gonna come and bring GTN into MSFS… What’s stopping you right now? I don’t know technical details of SDK or software development, but it’s not possible for us to get a GTN or GNS product from third parties?


Question what was going to be included in the next sim update one thing i hope is addressed is the AI Flight Controls feature

i need help with installation MSF2020. please help :slight_smile:

If you need help you will need to provide more information. If you need general advice create a topic in General Discussion. If your request for help stems from a bug or issues during installation then create a topic in Bugs and Issues - Performance.

Make sure you include the following information in your topic:

  • A description of your issue - what you are stuck on
  • What have you tried
  • Is your sim licenced through Game Pass, or is it purchased through Steam or the Windows Store
  • Is your OS up to date

This will give others enough information to be able to help.


Sim update III was not going to be ready anyway. So in an attempt to broker some good favor we decided to do what we should have done all along and release a hotfix for the flaps issue weeks later than it needed to be.

I installed the MSF2020 and activated it but then had to reinstall the program. When I try to activate the MSF2020 again it says the code has been already redeemed. I dont know what to do next. help please

Try this: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017701559

Crash to Desktop without error message is labelled as “ongoing improvements”??? I thought they’d found the simconnect issue and it was going to be fixed in Sim Update 3? Anyone have more on this?

excellent thank you so much. that helps. when i purchases the flight sim it includes 10 dvds which i did include for installation. the question for that is " is there more installation needed from the msfs2020?". when i activated the windows msfs2020 I then received info saying download needed. when i accepted that download it showed 88 gigs to download which for me was way too much. it took for ever so i stopped it and since there was still 80 gigs required i thought that was serisouly odd. i am thinking that much is not needed for download. is that correct?

i installed the game and all i want to do is start flight. where do i now start playing the game?



He is Reality XP :grinning:

@CptLucky8 Jean-Luc I do hope Asobo reaches out to you to establish some sort of cooperation.
You have provided so much excellent feedback in these past few months.


I’d love to see his products in MSFS!

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Your DVDs come with an old version. Such is the nature of hard media. If the sim needs to download additional files to update itself, you must download those before you start using the sim. So let it do its thing. Set it to download overnight if need be.

I am surprised anyone is buying anything on physical media anymore. Especially for a product that is going to be constantly updated such as MSFS.

Let me give you a perspective. The latest update for the sim was 30 Gigs… There were a TON of updates before the latest one, so I am honestly not surprised it wants to download 80 Gigs. You gotta let it do its thing. It’s NOT a small product.

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i installed the 10 disks for msfs2020. after activating the game it said i need to download about a gig which i did. when it seemed to be it, i then see Welcome, Set your experience, and it then shows that 88 gigs to be installed. when this happened the first time it took a few hours just to get to 3 gig and so much more required. i then stopped the download and deleted the msfs2020. i installed it again hoping it would be different but again i am back at the message where 88 gigs is at the Welcome, Set your experience again. maybe i dont want all that gigs. for the previoius games a person can decide if he or she wants north american area installed or asia or europe or all of it. i just want the north american area for flight. why do i need to install so much gigs? is it me or is it something i am missing and can change for installation?

please help
thank you

You basically can’t choose to download less of the sim. So just let it download.
The main sim update from the windows store is just a base, and then once you start it it downloads all the packages and updates making the biggest part of the sim.
On top of that you then can decide to download the Japan, US and UK packages from the Marketplace, these are free and indeed optional. They improve the look of autogen buildings as well as contain additional handcrafted airports.

Installing from the DVDs therefore doesn’t make much sense anymore, if you once entered the activation key to your xbox account, you can install the sim via the store which will download the sim ending up with a similar amount of data since the DVD contents are outdated almost completely.

You’ll need to have DVD1 inserted to start it though. Here’s a hint how to avoid having the dvd in the drive:

If you still have issues, please open a dedicated thread as mentioned above since it is getting off topic in this one.
If you need help in German, feel free to write me a direct message.

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That sounds about right. The DVD contains the packages as they were at launch. They have had several updates since then which are required to play.