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After downloading the latest patch , The MFS2020 doesnt load anymore and gives me a message that my game isnt registered in Microsoft store , my gane was registered since sept2020 but after the last update it does not load , anyone faced this issue .
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Do we know when SU4 will be released? I remember some chatter about WU4 combined with SU4, does this mean WU is pushed back or SU is pushed up?


The Roadmap has WU4 listed as “early April”, whatever that means. My guess is that they’ll be pushing it back after spending 2+ weeks working on the patch / hotfix for SU3. Hence why no fixed date on the roadmap.

I suspect we’ll get a tentative date in this week’s dev update.

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How did the patch work for you? Any improvements?

It didn’t restore all my performance lost by SU3, let alone the 15 fps WU3 stole, but I’m able to get 25-30 fps pretty regularly now, where I was getting 30-35 prior to SU3.

I still get some bad dips into the teens at times in busy areas, and I still can’t fly over London to check out the UK update. Tried taking off from London City on the weekend and I was sitting there at 2 fps.

But all in all, I can fly again with mostly acceptable levels of performance.

Oddly, I’m now able to run at all Ultra without any effect on my frame rate, whereas since the VR update in December, I had to run at a mix of med / high in order to maintain my 40+ fps (was all ultra prior to that). Whether I run at med/high or Ultra, I see neither an increase or decrease in my frames. The only thing that seems to have any effect on that is my terrain LOD.

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nice, at least you are flying!

interesting about the graphics settings, I haven’t touched mine in forever, basically running High End with a few things like clouds and stuff switched over to Ultra. maybe I can bump things up, I should give it a go.

You can try. The worst thing that can happen is you have to roll back to what you have now.

I should clarify that the Feedback Snapshot VR doesn’t follow the same route as the rest of the Feedback Snapshot. Instead of listing items in order of votes, they wanted to create a list of developer priorities to share out to the community. This is why you see some missing, as it is instead coming from them and not from a list of top votes.

However if this changes, will let you know. This would change if we move forward with something like a VR-specific wishlist.

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10700K at 4.9 and bottom of the line EVGA 2070 Super 461.92 , 32 GB 3200 RAM, and 1 TB NVME. here 2K monitor, WU 3 killed performance all around for me. GA flights in 152/172 from ATL to Middle Ga Regional dropped about 20 FPS all around. Maybe 20 on take off and 40 in flight with lots of stutters. Now getting 38 to 40 on takeoff and 60 inflight! For fun just loaded Stock Airbus 320 and took off from JFK, got 30 fps on take off dropped to 18 one time while approaching the heart of NYC at 2000 Ft. now on auto pilot headed to ATL at 31000FT with 55FPs while typing this on second screen. FPS numbers are with full cockpit in view. This has restored my experience to close to when FS was released back in august and I optimized my system per a @CptLucky8 thread. Pleasantly surprised with the huge increase in performance I have gotten. BTW have all data services turned on using Photogrammetry etc. Thanks MS/Asobo, Hoping that you will have a fix for the 10 degree bug next.

Too much in one paragraph to try to decode.

After discussions with the team we are moving ahead with a VR Wishlist category!


I do find it surprising the effort being diverted to VR, with it’s own wishlist and bugs category, while many bugs/wishes in the main category (which would help everyone, including those on VR) are pushed out on the timescale even into 2022.

I thought VR was very much a minority of the customer base, or do your figures show otherwise?


There will be strong opinions on this one. X-Plane keeps that data, but the link just happen to be broken today. It was up around 20% of all hours are VR last time I looked literally a year ago. That’s probably going up as stronger graphics cards and headset options (for the money) are hitting the market.

The important part is (IMHO) those that use VR typically fly exclusively in VR. Life happens in VR. Once you go VR in flight sims, you can’t see it any other way. As a 30+ year IRL pilot and I’ve flown sims since the Sub-Logic days on Apple II’s, I now -ONLY- fly VR.

So if my 3 favorite flight sims (intentionally listed in no particular order) are FS2020, DCS and X-Plane, two of those have spent a LOT of time getting VR nearly as good as it can get (subject to video hardware and “hand” controller evolution). FS2020 will have a massive strategic advantage over the others with its cloud based photo-orthograpy, navi-data, real-time flight info and weather, and frankly decades of community development base… once it gets it gets VR baseline up to snuff. That leaves XP with just its way superior flight model physics engine (and FAA certified business), and DCS its multi-user combat role (game) as their primary advantages.

That’s why VR is important… Cheers!

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Unlike FS2020, it is public: http://dashboard.x-plane.com/

It is about 6% right now

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I am not really highly opinionated on this one, and I certainly could never argue the pros and cons of VR vs. non-VR as I have never tried VR. I fully accept your point though, basically once you’ve had it, there’s no going back. This seems to be a natural result of progress in general.

The issues that I see though are really 2-fold.

  1. Economics - VR and everything that it requires is still very expensive!

  2. The latest Steam survey seems to indicate that there is no where near parity regarding who owns the low to average capacity systems and those who have the high-end PCs. The high-enders, although possibly more vocal, :wink: are most certainly NOT in the majority.

So… that’s all I have to say about that.

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I think you’re right there… there are going to be so many people who are happy to spend £60 or join Xbox game pass and have a “base level” fs2020 experience on their home/work/school/uni laptop/desktop. Plus the many many PC gamers who also love FS2020. And we’ll soon be welcoming Xbox into the fold too.

I’m in the “I only fly VR” club, my quest 2 has changed everything for me, I can’t go back. But as you say that’s probably to be expected.

Interesting times aren’t they!

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Thanks for that link @CptLucky8 . I’ll split hairs just a little on the data. With 40% Mac users and just getting the fix out to get G2’s working, I’ll round the 6% up in my head significantly - say 10%. Still definitely lower than I thought and the economics points cited by @TallestParsley2 seem definitely to be the reason. Some day I hope to be a vocal high ender! But for now, I’m lucky to have the Rift and a 1080 and still be 100% VR.

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