Discussion: November 19th, 2020 Development Update

Agree weather is more than good enough for me. Some amazing clouds in my last flight


And I understand that, It will be really awesome after the update, The grand canyon with a DTM precise around 4x4m, corrected building and vegetation :grinning:

But much needed, not really, try to fly around the Maldives, missing airport, old texture.

It’s not my place, because I am not living there, I just would like the entire world to get the same default love “standard DEM accuracy and texture resolution” before improving specific regions.


Agree this is a little confusing. I’m thinking that we’ve had Sim Update 1 already (as this isn’t listed) and was probably the big patch a little while ago. They previously talked about a major sim update before the year end (December?) as well as World Update 2. The Garmin fixes were previously shown as Feb 21, so assuming the date hasn’t changed, that would then be roughly when Sim Update 3 would come, which would make sense if they are every 2/3 months

I don’t really mind what order they do it all in, but I can totally see why they would target North America/USA given the market there for them. There is already a lot of PG there (much more than anywhere else), but if they give it a make over, that can only be a good thing. If they do chunks of the world of that size every 2-3 months though, it won’t take that long to update a lot of places. Of course, the raw data needs to be there, and that is presumably the problem with some remote areas like the Maldives or Falkland Islands or whatever. So maybe that data will come in a few months so it makes more sense to use what data they’ve got more easily available right now.


what about LOD guys ?

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That was my best guess as well.

Especially given the constraints of covid, it would be wise for them to get in a (virtual) room and bang out a plan for what these terms all mean across the whole customer facing end (including the ever-terrible zendesk) and decide what the criteria are for each label, tag, and categorization are.

Maybe they’ve done that already - but its clearly not working as well as it could. Lots of people are confused or left scratching their heads trying to understand where specific issues, already promised features, and wishlish items are at because they jump around, or get jumbled into one massive item called “Fix all lighting issues, forever”, etc.

It likely leads to a lot of “cruft” getting dumped into zendesk, and a LOT of duplicate threads on the forums which people then have to sift through…NOT an efficient way to get to the cream imho.

EDIT: One positive is that it does seem to be changing in good ways too, e.g. level of details provided, so hopefully we are headed in the right direction.


I’ve been flying a bit a night as well. Flew over l.a., nice city lights. I noticed all ground traffic was pointed my way, headlights, but no tailights. Not a big issue, easy to live with.

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I like that poor performance is addressed. This Tuesday will be a good one.

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No helicopters until 2022!?

Man, the way they spoke about helicopters since the first preview event 15ish months ago made it sound like they’d come to the sim fairly shortly after launch. At least within a year.

Really disappointing. Especially since I thought/hoped we’d have fsx style missions for both planes & helicopters before the end of next year.

Pretty clear they’re now working with a ghost crew & whatever staff they have are mostly focussed on Xbox. I imagine they’re getting pushed hard on that considering the lack of console exclusives.


I don’t think it’ll be a study level aircraft

And then they need to go south then north i love mexico and all down south. they can keep anything over seas

JUST got the game yesterday. I spent $935 for pc, game, and joystick. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.

Last night I briefly had an immediate issue at the start which was the joystick was veering the plane, it was unflyable(before/after crash). I tried to go to controls and reset it to default as well as unplugged it, and one of those did the trick. I pulled an all nighter playing the game, game is FANTASTIC, but…

Today it’s the same issue but unplugging and going back to default aren’t fixing the problem. Any solutions?

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I’m expecting to see Mexico City rendered with photogrammetry. Can you imagine the whole gigantic area in PG !

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What? Your kidding right? 21 - 22? I purchased based on the devs stating multi monitor support for cockpit builders when this was first released. I’m patient, I appreciate the sim for what it is, but this is TOO LONG to wait!

1/ fix bugs
2/ add MM support

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The more open the better, no?

I hope that perf optimization that missed update 6 is coming next week, i’m more excited about that than USA update.

Doesn’t say much

Pretty clear that’s not true


It’s listed as “partially fixed” in Update 7 (Tuesday)

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Check your joystick calibration in Windows. If your joystick has caiibration problems in Windows, your joystick is defective.

You shouldn’t have to unplug and replug your joystick. Needing to do this is a sign of a defective joystick.

I had an old Logitech 3D that had similar problems to you. It was defective. But in my case, I didn’t care because my Logitech 3D was old so it’s expected to break down over time. I got a new Thurstmaster joystick and the problem went away.

The quick fix for you is that you need to calibrate your Logitech 3D in Windows before you boot up MSFS. You can search the Internet on how to calibrate your joystick in Windows.

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