Discussion: October 8th, 2020 Development Update

This week’s development update has been released:

Use this thread to discuss the development update.


The Patch is set to release October 13th. Here is a brief overview of what’s coming. Full patch notes will be posted when the patch is live.

  • Bug fixes (VFR Map, Avionics black screen, etc.)
  • Navigation data updates
  • UI updates
  • Aerodynamics updates
  • Activity updates
  • Marketplace updates
  • World updates

From the feedback snapshot, these are confirmed to be addressed on the next update: Tall buildings, Camera CDT, Press Any Key RIP.

Sweet, especially the last one. I also appreciate that updates are now being numbered, makes it easier to manage expectations.


Nice update! I like the trains priority :slight_smile: And it’s really cool to see that the issues are picked up from the forums


Looks great! Thanks for the transparency. What’s going on between Patch #5 and Patch #9? Which one of these is the big Sim update? I thought that was on plan for November?


Once again, Asobo chooses to leave out any and all detail regarding what they are doing in favor of simply saying the word “updates.” This continues to be just as unhelpful as it was a month ago.

The feedback snapshot follows this trend since essentially everything is either fixed or in the backlog. It becomes utterly meaningless without additional context and information. Simply acknowledging something isn’t transparency, or helpful to your users who are trying to troubleshoot for you (see zillions of threads trying to make comparisons on specific features that may or may not have been changed). I have this issue with the Q&A sessions as well.

One area the feedback snapshot could be improved is that there are multiple duplicates in both the wishlist and the buglist. Perhaps the forum moderators can address this issue by merging them together? For example, there are multiple listings for taxiway signage, multiple listings for Garmin issues, etc. EDIT: I acknowledge that there may be technical hurdles that may prevent this.

I continue to believe that Asobo needs desperately to provide detail about what they are doing, along with a proper development roadmap, if the community is ever going to be able to form reasonable expectations about the title.


Agree on the duplicate posts. Going to get that cleaned up as it takes up a valuable space that could have a different bug/feature on it.


Dam, Asobo partnering with all the mainstream addon producers. Great stuff.


Shame that’s all you saw out of this…


I haven’t read the update yet lol. Just saw the video

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Ooh, wonderful to see they started on the Scenery Gateway System. Hopefully good scenery mods can make it to the base game now.

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Well for me they give more than enough info and feedback.

What exactly do you want?

The other day they done a twitch q&a and they got people complaining “maybe should spend more time fixing things than talking about it.”


And Nav data updates too! Latest AIRAC cycle I hope.


Haha. Even I am not that unreasonable.

What I have called for from the beginning is a detailed development roadmap that goes out 12-24 months with specific, achievable goals. Dates don’t have to be exact. For example, DX12 could be targeted for 3Q 2021. Refresh of night lighting could be 2Q 2022. Etc. Right now, the development roadmap says almost nothing about what they are doing with the software. Instead, it says on a very short time horizon, when they are going to do or say something about it. The what is missing.

Additionally, the patch notes, and any commentary they leave on the feedback snapshots needs to be detailed enough for the users to fully understand what was changed. You need to be able to fire up the game after a patch, and look at specific changes. If what is said can be boiled down to “we improved it” it becomes impossible to know what to look for. Again, there are lots of threads where people compared screenshots ad nauseam looking for tiny changes that they thought were made. This is a result of the communications failure from the dev.

Lastly, they need to explain certain, high-visibility features in depth. Where they come from, how they are implemented, etc. Things like weather. We have no idea how it is supposed to even work, which means we have no idea if it is working. The Q&A sessions are fine, but I would recommend that they start a development blog, or they could just make locked posts in this forum if they didn’t want to do that.


Well I’d like a Ferrari, but guess what… At least they are being more transparent and sharing timelines and setting expectations. Some people are never happy.


Hi Asobo and Microsoft - I think the community is going to really love the new “status” and “expected delivery update #” columns on the development roadmap. In my opinion this gives us a really clean look at what bugs you know about, how far along you are in working on the bug, and your best guess as to a delivery point. I think this is really well done - good job.

One item - I would still happily volunteer to help you beta test patches. I feel like if you enlist a couple of hundred people to help, each with one small area to test, we could do the item testing while you guys focus on integrations and full testing. For instance, I’d happily test flight model changes on the C172 (only plane I’ve flown enough IRL to have actual opinions on), scenery around central Ohio and the Outer Banks NC. I feel if you could break testing up into small groups that focus on one and only one thing - it would prevent us paying customers from getting burnt out testing - and help you (quickly) triage that things haven’t gotten worse with a proposed patch.



Lol just giving you a hard time bud. But the action items on their plate will greatly benefit FSLTL’s mission.

AND AGAIN NO LIVE WEATHER BUGS ON THE LIST… live weather with hundreds votes - this is ridiculus… ah yes… they fix press the button to start!!! my god… this team is so slow on making progress…


Such a big list of Not started. And the Fixed list, tiny and meaningless. They fixed the “Press Any Key” button, ok, 1 month to fix that, they fixed tall buildings, ok 1 month for that too.

Another thing is wrong here, the Voting system cannot reflect what the community really wants, simply because the unvoted request goes down the list and nobody sees it, or simply because the guy making the request is terrible at requesting or communicating something. I don’t know what to think really. You have to read hundreds of posts and actively dedicate time to voting stuff you want, that doesn’t work. So lets say we are 1 million users owning the game, how many votes are we getting per requests? 2K at most? that simply does not reflect what the community wants. Again, something is terribly wrong with the voting system.

I know many will think differently, its ok. Just express your feelings and be friendly. Sincerely all I want right now is a working game, I don’t care about UI, activities, world update, and all that stuff. All I know is that I can’t play the game because everything is broken