Discussion: October 8th, 2020 Development Update

I am the Glass half full person. Unless I’m proven wrong on Tuesday. Until then… flew some great short hops today in the TBM and Icon. Also tried the Citation but ran out of fuel enroute to Bucharest and my emergency landing unfortunately did not have a happy end. Nonetheless MSFS made my day


Yikes bro…

we all complain about it and then we all love it at the end of the day

Vai nel profilo, content manager (gestione contenuto forse?) e scarica tutto.
Vedi le istruzioni qui : - Known Issues - (Last modified: 10/07/2020)

Sorry for the language, I pointed the guy to the right solution.

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Totally agree. I’m starting to think they only care about the stunning visuals, please casual players, and wait partners start selling add ons even for basic aircraft and IFR simulation.

That’s what this development update tells me. I’m glad I purchased the xbox subscription for this game.


2 week cycles doesn’t mean they start and finish that work within those two weeks. The real problem is not the cadence but the amount of automation they’ve invested in or a big enough supply of manual testers.

This leads to divorce. Probably a messy one. Lol

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Agree but id be ok with larger gaps if that led to better quality when it comes

Their cheapest route in terms of labor and investment seems like it’s to get that test server up and running and a way for the client to talk with multiple versions (challenging) or just have people install multiple versions. The VR closed beta seems to be hinting they will be running a separate server

That’s probably updating the AI scenery. In the Q&A video, they explained how they try to obtain the latest satellite imagery (often from government sources, apparently), and then generate the scenery from that. That’s why the scenery can change after an update.

It should be a lesson to the community to learn HOW TO VOTE.

Asobo isn’t wrong imo. They’re addressing the top voted issues. People cared more about “ATC Incorrect Phraseology” than “A320 left engine starts, then it dies”. They gave us the tool to communicate with them, isn’t their fault people use it incorrectly


It’s a shame, once again the paying customer is allowed to act as a beta tester. Nothing new actually.

Enough people have already written something on the subject. What is really a shame that Asobo gives a **** about the Premium Deluxe buyers. The most important problems that need to be fixed are not even in the pipeline. It shows me and of course all other Premium Deluxe buyers that the problems eg. even with the Citation Longitude either are so serious that it means an immense effort to fix them. Or it just isn’t a priority. No matter what it is now, both are catastrophic. Here is a message to Asobo: I don’t care if there are new planes. I don’t care if we get new airports or scenery or fancy new ■■■■ to buy. FIX the Deluxe Premium Content and hopefully the other Bugs so we can all play! Before that, you won’t get any more money from me.


I like the press any key. it at least confirms that it isn’t stuck while loading and also it gives you something to do. Are people afraid of exercising their fingers. The worst part for me is the long wait before anything appears to happen at the beginning. I still occasionally get the message that it is already running. Indicating that I have tried to start it twice because I didn’t think that I had clicked on the icon properly.


Hello everyone, I just updated the simulator and when I restart it again, notice that it has erased all my scenaries and airplanes. How can I recover all the airplanes that come with the Premiun version?

Welcome @GoofyCoast33995! One place to check would be the Known Issues link at the top of the site. According to that link:

“Only 2 aircraft”
Installing the base sim using a different installation folder than the default folder will only download the mandatory content. To install the non-mandatory content, please do the following:

Step 1: Go to Profile > Content Manager
Step 2: Select the content you want to see in the sim
Step 3: Download and install the content you selected
Step 3: Reboot your computer
Step 4: Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator

Hopefully this fixes your problem…

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thanks so much

Ck3 is a lot of parameter/value tweaking, and that patch also did introduce its own set of regression (ie around the AI).

It’s not comparable to building a realistic aerodynamic system that interacts with a realistic weather system, which also interacts multiple different aircraft in multiple different ways. They’re also simulating an entire product line that sells for TENS OF thousands of dollars by itself (Garmin devices) in game (imagine if ‘The Sims’ had to simulate a working/realistic iPhone in game).

Also I imagine they want to slow down a bit and get things right (ie, less dev more test) since they did introduce some regressions last patch.

This is a ten year project. Relax a bit, play something else for a while, come back and check it out later.


Please Asobo, bring to us some realism in the weather with a better deal with the turbulence!
For instance:
PABR METAR 100154Z 08028G33KT 4SM -SN OVC015 M01/M04 A2974 RMK AO2 PK WND 08033/0154 P0000 T10111039** the sim provided accuracy temp/winds/pressure, good point BUT:
In those severe weather conditions that are very unsafe for aviation, flying a C172 as I just did feels like flying on the rails which is not even close to the minimum of realism required! … It’s way toooooo gentle that it kills the immersion at the end even if there is some pleasure to fly around…

Please give us what you did promise in advertising videos as “meteorological phenomena as never seen so far in any sim” quote of Asobo video. (not my words) I did the test with Xplane/Active sky, I wasn’t able to take the B737 off! Of course! Just because it’s impossible to T/O and land in this kind of weather, but the C172 MFS2020 can!
Could someone explain that to me?

That will be very immersive if we can get an update that compensate this lack of realism in order to have better physic/dynamic/turbulence and direct effects on the envelope of the bird etc… My wish!
See how it goes in my short video to illustrate my point. It sounds unrealistic at 100%, hopefully it will be considered for future patches and updates even if i understand that there’s not a lot of users who care about realism/weather based on the wish-list but I’m sure that I’m not the only one who care very much about it! :wink:

Ok so did you notice I said the substance and not a direct comparison? I don’t need to be lectured on things nor told to go play something else.

If you read the whole post I did it was about substance and the idea of slowing down new features.

I have been very supportive of Asobo and even defended them on numerous occasions.

And just for reference a game like CK3 with how the AI interacts with a human player is every bit as complex as coding a simulator, harder in some respects.

Simulating characters that actually act like a human is just as complex as a 10k Garmin. Quit acting like simulators are the hardest thing known to man to copy in a game.

I am a supporter and I am having loads of fun. I am not a fan fanboy but nor am I one who will complain about every little error.

Take posts in context before you respond next time. Thanks.

Thanks. That works. Unfortunately because of drone horizon tilting effect, when aircraft in focus passes by, that is unusable. Thanks anyway.