Discussion: October 8th, 2020 Development Update

And here’s an example of negative criticism. The priorities here are being set by the forum and by the zendesk tickets. It is your fellow forum voters who you should be directing your post to. Why is everyone criticising them for removing the press any key? It got more votes than everything else by miles.

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1703 people can’t be wrong, right?

And you can explicitly flag similar themed threads to the moderators and ask them to consider combining them. So you can actually help to do this yourself - probably a productive use of your time

And, if you thought about it for more than a nanosecond, you’d realise that not all bugs are the same in terms of time to investigate, understand root cause, identify fix, test fix, implement etc. Some take longer than others. You can take them in blind order of votes if you want - but unlikely to be optimal. You can also do what Asoboa said they would do - bundle bugs/enhancements that impact in a specific area of the code/sim and fix that way. As someone else says, it doesn’t matter what they say, people will throw rocks at them for it.

It’s posts like these that make me want the forum to have a downvote button

It’s what everyone asked for - so hard to criticise them for that. I suspect they are all laughing about how stupid everyone on the forums is, and the fact that people went on and on about it just further discredits the forums collective opinion.

I know. It’s is frustrating when people assume the worst and don’t bother to read the information they are presented with.

I’m gonna miss that little montage at the beginning :cry:

Yes, there may be mileage in creating closed threads with a stated bug(s) in a particulare area that allow voting only and no dialogue. It would need the mods to create these threads though - so taking the core issues out of 2 or 3 related threads, creating a “bug thread” that is precise about the issues being experienced and then enabling voting on that thread rather than the underlying 2 or 3 1000+ post threads. Also this might allow updates to be added - e.g. if a new issue/bug which is very similar or closely related to an existing bug. the bug-thread could be edited (by mods) to include that issue too. I’m sure we could do a “peer” review somehow, where the mods check in that they’ve captured the key points when they create the bug-thread. This would also avoid the split votes across multi-threads/bugs issue. The underlying threads can then be linked so that all the views and evidence gathered in there is still available to the devs.

I agree completely with you sir. Zendesk, another big topic there. How many people know how to file a bug report for it to be useful? it should be time-consuming having to filter hundreds of useless bug reports. There is no other way around it I guess.

But the voting system mate, that will never work if we start to subduing bugs to votes. (not sure if subdue is the correct word here lol). It will pass a year and we are still going to have game-breaking bugs but we are going to have Japan PG and 3 payware DLCs.


The Narrative matters just as much as the Content. Tell a story about how you are not only going to fix things, but why you’re prioritizing certain things over others.

A lot of people wanted to get rid of the Press Any Key.

Coincidentally, it seemed that removing this function was low-hanging fruit (i.e., low effort, big return), hence it gets fixed relatively quickly.

I consider myself fortunate. It was working the first time it installed. I took a break because of the overall state of affairs and uninstalled it. Reinstalled after Patch #2 deployed. Much better experience.

For me CTDs, Installs, Aircraft & Systems would be the critical items that move the simulator forward and address basic inability to use the program. Get people who bought the program the ability to install it cleanly and up and running. Once there, ensure aircraft specs are working, on-board avionics operating as expected. Yes, this would include GPS. And figure out once and for all why data streaming is an inconsistent experience.

Environmentals would be second tier. That would be weather, ATC, Navigation Aids, Airports.

Last but not least, Scenery. Of all the items, this is one of the most stable - setting aside the streaming issues, LOD, Obelisks out of nowhere etc. Bing Maps does stream a very believable version of the actual world, and Photogrammetry provides a high level representation of popular areas. It works. Is it optimized? No. Lots of things aren’t though.

This won’t satisfy everyone (or maybe even anyone), but really - you should wait to see the full Patch Notes. I was taken by surprise on the last patch that they had fixed Manual Map Caching, but it was true, it’s working better now than it did at launch, and to be fair, the lack of transparency that marked the first three weeks after Launch Day on manual cache and other issues was part of the reason for Uninstall No. 1 and me walking away for a week. They did fix it, and they did start to make their moves more transparent.

The nonsensical responses coming out of Zendesk also stopped (throw everything at the wall and see what sticks), replaced by today’s autoreply, which if you read carefully, does state what they intend to do with your report. It does not say they will fix it. Fine, understood.

Lots to do. You can’t satisfy everyone. Tough place to be.

Bottom-line: consider adding another slide that shows what Priorities move the product maturity needle. As transparent as the list of player concerns is, the line that says CTD and Install hangups / failures is not started / being investigated isn’t helping matters given current user feelings if this forum is any measure.

I would consider that to be a higher priority given people paid for the program but can’t use it. It’s good that MS-Asobo is being frank about it, but you might want to reiterate recognizing yes, this is a problem, we intend to fix this as one of the first things. I get that they can’t commit to when if they don’t have their arms around how big a problem it is or how widespread. But it being on a line of a sheet with many bugs/complaints is obscuring what might be a higher internal recognition that this is a problem to be fixed first.


I think it means they are going to go to monthly patches - better in this context possibly meanign greater quality and certainty. It feels like the 2 week cycle is too rushed and that is leading to mistakes.

Re 2, press C to control the aircraft

Not in the least concerned about the garmin 1000

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Goodbye to press any key YES!

Just wanted to insert a positive note in here :slight_smile:

Clearly, you have enough time replying to every single person so why don’t you do us a solid and start combining all the tickets. You clearly don’t have much to do.

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It’s frustrating when someone claims they’re an expert or an Asobo rep and clearly has no idea what’s going on.

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Tell the forum. The voice of the people has been heard


This is a friendly moderator warning

We are starting to see folks flagging each other on this topic which clearly generates a lot of conversation. However please keep it civil


Visions of them waist deep in it :smile: