Discussion + Poll: RENO

I have downloaded and installed the Reno expansion on Xbox but can’t see how to actually get into it!

I thought it might be under the Custom Content sub menu of the Activities menu but when I go into that it tells me I have no custom content.

Am I getting right that full pack is just 40 extra liveries?

Full pack has different variants not just reskins. I don’t know exactly how different the variants are but by looking at the screenshots for individual P-51s in the store the cockpit layouts do vary quite a bit, also there’s two different marks of P-51 in the full pack. Apparently there are some performance differences between the different variants in each category as well but I’m not certain. I’m guessing at least the early and later Mustangs will have different engines.

I like the racing and have been a sim racer for many years. The Reno races have a potential to be grand and all of that, But not without some serious tweaking. in my opinion

-Qualification cutscenes and racing scenes need to be shorter or cut out (qualification).
-The penalty system for getting rammed needs some serious looking into. Have lost all races from 2nd place to P-nowhere by getting rammed near pylons. Right now rammers are the only one having a good time in those situations. Having collision on in open lobbies without communication, while the entire sim itself is collision free. Will cause a lot of problems.
-When getting respawned back into the field. pls not in the middle of the track. it causes direct crashes with pilots flying there, thus creating a new penalty, and now also that pilot is getting set back into the field, that alone is a salt mine in the making
Maybe no collision when getting set back on track for 4 or 5 seconds?

-Private hosted lobbies pls, yes

Still testing time trails. Right now, it seems the starter pack pilots have not much to bring to those. as some planes in the same class that are from the full pack are way, way faster. will get back on that.

Have a great day, cheers

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The premise is good, but I think the implementation could use some work. There’s too much focus on the race itself. This is a sim, not an arcade title. Would have been nice to include the following:

  1. Optional startup and taxi from ramp with the other aircraft and take off. Line up assisted by AI once everyone is in the air and flying in a group. Fail to line up and act like an adult results in disqualification.

  2. The ability to land the aircraft after a race and taxi back to the ramp, not receiving points until you shut the aircraft down on the ramp.

  3. Collisions caused by others penalizes the victim. This will destroy the game right here. I was in first place two times last night and was rammed three times by the same player. Who wants to invest time getting good at something only to be penalized for others bad behavior? I left i-Racing because of this.

I think there is too much emphasis on the race itself, the cut scenes, the lack of control of the aircraft prior to start of the race etc. does not give you time to set your trim or other necessary things prior to the flag dropping. Would be nice to get the entire experience of “being there” instead of cut scenes that lead up to a race where you are put on a sometimes awkward trajectory and too high with AI yelling at you to get low but you can’t until you are given control of the plane.


This will be fun. Just started the download last night and have yet to try it. There was a game 20 years or so ago that was Reno Air Races. It was the first game you could feel the prop wash when you passed in behind another aircraft. Has anyone noticed this effect in MFS Reno Races?

What is the interest to release a package so far from reality, FS2020 is a simulator or an arcade game?

Yes, but from what I can tell, it is not implemented properly. I was getting propwash from an aircraft below and above me several times resulting in nearly causing a collision with said aircraft.


What do you mean? The Reno Air Races are very much a real thing.


Overall I’d have to say I’m incredibly underwhelmed with the Reno DLC.

I got myself hyped for it after watching a ridiculous amount of videos about the racing itself and seeing how the main focus of the pilots is “pushing their planes to the limits”.

Seeing this I couldn’t wait for this DLC to have to constantly monitor rpm, temps, oil pressure and other vital stats to keep the plane from exploding.

Upon my first race I realized none of what I was expecting was in this DLC. What we were given is a shell of what this DLC should be.

Every plane being at 100% throttle all the time with absolutely no risk of engine failure and not having to monitor any stats whatsoever is INCREDIBLY BORING… what a snooze fest.

I can’t believe I paid $20 for this.

I really hope these features get added in in a future update. If not I don’t see this being any more than a flash in the pan…

The fastest motorsport in the world is NOT done at zero risk! This has to be fixed.


I don’t know how Reno works in real life but I had it in my mind that people start racing from take off? So everyone races down the runway and then onto the race track area itself.

I think my issue with it is it just doesn’t really end up pleasing anyone. As an arcade style racing game its possibly just a bit boring yet there’s not nearly enough systems depth for those that might be vaguely interested in it if it were going some way to simulating the flying side of aviation racing. I kind of question who’s it for?

Its a bit of a shame because I feel like I want to like it more than I do. Clearly a lot of work went into it.

Best way to look at it is that you got 4 planes out of it which are quite good fun to fly on their own.

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So what are the planes themselves like outside of the racing?

I hope i could start cold and dark for the race and then land the plane myself after the race, that will make it more realistic. I am glad i bought the base pack as the price of the expansion for 4 planes are very worth it. I don’t have xbox gold live membership and hope to be able to race with AI planes instead of flying myself for time trial. :+1:

They seem fun enough to fly, they certainly look good. Its a shame nothing about them can ever be modded though since they’re locked behind DRM.

Hopefully one day Asobo will at least unlock the config files for the DLC marketplace planes. :crossed_fingers:

Please do a post on the Wishlist so we can upvote it.

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The $20 is ok for the planes, but I was more excited for the mode itself unfortunately.

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Personally I am not into Reno racing, not interested personally. In fact I deleted most of the freeware with this update.

However I like the idea, it should bring a lot of fun to a lot of people, which is good for everyone who uses MSFS. However from little knowledge I have of Reno, dont the pilots and team adapt their planes to their flying style…I appreciate how difficult this would be in the sim.

So the same class of plane you get in Reno are they the same with just different liveries, or do some go Faster on the straight but banking is very wide? And visa versa

When used in free flight mode (from the World Map), individual planes within the same class perform differently based on the real-world specs and modifications made by the owners of that specific plane. For example, “Voodoo” and “Bunny” have very different performance despite both being P-51 Mustangs from the Unlimited class.

However, in multiplayer race mode only, performance is normalized. This is so the Reno Air Racing mode isn’t Pay2Win where players who purchase the $59.99 Full Collection have a competitive advantage over players who choose to buy the $19.99 base package.