Discussion + Poll: RENO

I have had some bugs when racing the air races. Once I qualified first and it spawned me 25 seconds behind everyone at turn 7. Also I hate that if you collide with a plane it respawns both players again in the same spot so if you crash once you’re probably gonna crash right back into them in the next turn. I have had 2 races where griefers cut a pilon just to come crash me outa first. Its insane that the update has only been out a couple days and there are people ruining it for everyone. Idk i just needed to rant.

I can’t join a group race, always I am losing the race server

No engine failures or simulation of tempretures or pressures makes it a more boring version of Need For Speed only no eye candy of the tracks, cars, variety, nothing. It’s really dull gosh it’s insane but that’s my opinion only.


Good. What about all these people for whom TrackIR is not working…

Indeed there is. Whipping out their 20 years of credentials to belittle and browbeat any that disagree.

On topic.
I might have been able to get onboard this if there had been mechanisms like engine management to add some sort of skill/improvement curve and a small degree of realism to it.
As it stands, (single gear racing in circles) its an easy pass for me.


I think it’s pretty good, personally. There’s been a fair amount of effort put into the planes, the cockpits are different, some have glass instruments etc, they look good, the racing itself is decent, so I’m enjoying it.


So basically this is just an arcade game embedded in MSFS? What a shame.

Give me full control of the aircraft and especially the powerplant, include failures caused by ignoring temperature and manifold limits, and get rid of the incredibly stupid 250’ altitude limit.

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The thing that is KILLING this portion of the Reno air racing experience … as with almost every RACING game ever played online …

Getting taken out when you are in the lead, hugging the pylon and you have the racing line … and get taken out … then, taken out again after respawn …

Even worse, the person that wiped you out intentional or, unintentional … goes on to not only wipe you out, but you lose points, position and wasted 10 minutes to some noob.

~IF you crash into another Plane~ … and your plane initiated the MIDAIR~ YOU and Your PLANE are DQ’ed for that Race, and you lose DOUBLE POINTS in the Standings.

A MIDAIR at no-mistake altitude, at minimum, resulting from a any plane, ground, or pylon, result with you and your plane out of the race.

In addition, the plane that was collided into, doesn’t lose time or position.

THERE SHOULD BE ZERO ADVANTAGE … For any pilot that initiates a MIDAIR. And should be discouraged and delt with harshly.

If this isn’t addressed, this racing will fade quickly.


Anyone else seeing the Count Dow timer, not erasing previous text as it counts down ?

PC - Windows 10 20H2 32G ram
Video :Video GeForce GTX 1650
CPU: Intel i5 -9300H 2.40G
Video Driver 11/09/2021
(same issue with earlier drivers)


Overall I really like the Reno expansion. I haven’t won a race yet as I’m terrible at it but it’s good fun and something different!

I’m playing on Series S, does anyone else notice a fair amount of stutter/lag after about 3 laps of a race? It seems to be fine on a single player time trial, but starts to chug a bit when there’s a few players in a race and it’s been going a while.

I am not even able to load the Reno Air Race in the activities section. When I select Race it crashes every time during the loading process. Any suggestions? I am using a PC with a 2070S.

The 250 feet AGL limit comes right out of the National Championship Air Races rulebook:

As you can see, in the real Reno Air Races planes are permitted to exceed 250 feet AGL without penalty only for the purposes of flight safety and even then they must return below 250 feet as soon as the dangerous situation is over.


Which really promotes the idea of

No pilot left behind:+1:t2: :+1:t3: :+1: :+1:t4: :+1:t5: :+1:t6:

Well shut my mouth!

I’ve enjoyed the races since the '60s when they started back up, have been to Reno a half dozen times, and didn’t know they changed the rule!

Thanks for the point out!

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Yes, usually after 5 laps it begins lagging a lot on Series S.

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I agree. This has more of an arcade feel. And I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that the Xbox players have a slight speed advantage over PC users (I can never get those low lap times in the 1:15s with the AT-6, and following up user names show them on consoles). So if you’re good with a controller you can easily outrun a $4k gaming PC with professional controls.

Since I’m also an enthusiast DCS player, maybe my hopes were too high. But so far, a disappointment.

They probably should have made the base racing free and given everyone one free plane. Then made their money on selling planes to those that liked it and/or just wanted the planes.

Also it was a big mistake making it 8 laps. Maybe the real thing is 8 laps but this is where the sim experience and the real thing deviate. 8 laps is just too much. The whole thing is a shore beyond about 5. Shorter and sharper would have been more fun. I would have liked to have tried it in VR but SU7 nerfed VR for a lot us, me included. So that was the end of that. I’m sure by the time VR is stable again no one will be racing.

Reno seems like an attempt to appeal beyond the core fanbase. To be honest though I’m not sure who is still paying much attention beyond the core fanbase. Everyone I know who got the sim to try it out kind of liked it but have long since moved on to the myriad of other gaming distractions out there jostling for everyone’s attention. None of them would be tempted back by a bit of paid for DLC.

I’m not sure Asobo are out of touch with what we all broadly want to see in the sim but there will be pressure to try and pull in other players but making paid for DLC which is more broad in its appeal than say a DLC based around flying passengers or cargo or adding gameplay to the sim that would be more attractive to the more hard core flight sim enthusiast.


I’ve used it in VR with quest 2. It’s cool but glitchy as it was never tested or something. Like race interface with laps count and your position appears right in front of your eyes. Simple things that should be working if they advertise it’s VR compatible DLC.
Overall I’ll agree, base access to races should be free as it’s already hard to find a lobby with more than 2 players sometimes. Though I’m sure some people who bought it will be upset if they do that.

Otherwise it’s a nice addition for the game, but need more tuning, maybe some hardcore mode where you crash you out and engine can overheat. As well as VR tuning required.

I’ve found Reno to be a lot of fun, very challenging and captures the spirit of the event. I get that it is important to strike a balance between authenticity and ease-of-play so anyone can get up to speed, so to speak, quite quickly. In saying that, as always, there will be many simmers who want a bit more from the DLC. I understand why performance has been normalised, but that should be an option for a true open class. Engine handling and random failures are core aspects of the real races so should be modelled for advanced level users.

The cut scenes are fun the first few times but add many unneeded seconds between races which is a real time waster. Again, it would be good to have an option to skip these or just cut them down by a few seconds each time.

I do hope there is further development on the DLC but with the pace of developments I’m not sure we’ll see any more resources devoted to Reno for a long time.


Indeed. No one wants a pay to win controversy, but let players who bought the whole pack compete against each other using the full variety of the planes in each class. Right now it’s not really worth your time to dive into all the details and performance variances between the planes when you only can use it in SP. In MP it’s mostly a skin pack.