Discussion + Poll: RENO

Agree to a certain point, would be great to see separate mode with maybe more complexity involved. But if you look at time trials the top time usually goes to a single, maybe two airplanes. Same would happen in races if performance would be different.

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I agree whole-heartedly. Why not introduce pilot skill into the equation? Perhaps an expert mode that allows for use of the aircraft and their respective performance differences as modeled? Sure you can fly the fastest plane on the line-up, but are you good enough at managing the systems and the aircraft itself to win a race with it? That’s where the gold would be with this addon IMO.


I’m done with Reno because of this. Some players are now using this tactic on purpose to gain position.

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typical of console player types, because no true simmer would limit flight performance to fly from the couch with a hand held controller.

However, I still find entertainment value in it for now, and I have had some real fun head-to-head races that make it enough to stick around.

Maybe, Asobo can reintroduce MS Combat Flight Simulator …


More sweeping generalisations. I think you’ll find that some of your beloved PC types do actually use a controller, I’ve seen plenty of evidence of that on this forum.

I’m curious as to what meets your definition of a ‘true simmer’. Is it as simplistic as coming down to using what you’d regard as the correct peripherals? Or do you also believe that you’re just somehow of higher character and moral fibre than the ‘console types’?

It’s pathetically flippant.


yeah, I may have overstepped boundries … and I would not say I am a 100%er … however, if money was not the major limitation, I might rather be… But, I can still find “Fun” in any game … I’m still a kid at 66.

I apologise for my tone, I just don’t think it’s fair to stereotype. And I see far too much of it on here.

True, and too easy to get caught up in … and never solves anything

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I saw that in Gripper Sim’s stream yesterday… It hasn’t happened to me though. Does it happen when you aren’t recording via OBS as well?

Hi everyone. Is there a performance difference between the planes available in the basic dlc of Reno and the rest of planes that have to be bought separately ? i was wondering when trying to compete in time trials and getting slighlty slower times than the people on top of the leaderboard… many thanks for your suggestions !

The awarding of points when you get into the top ten on the leaderboard doesn’t seem to be working. I just had a race with seven players and did not get any points.

Red down arrows on a red background !! (sigh)
A Dark Blue background might have been a lot better …


Be sure to adjust your prop… your manifold pressure can’t go past redline in the races, but prop adjustment is fully functional. I can only speak for the Gunslinger, which seems to like 2090 RPM. I’m not sure about the mixture, but I created a keyboard shortcut for best performance mixture (in the key bindings) just in case.

You can test other planes over the open desert in free flight, just be sure to keep the manifold pressure at redline if you have damage enabled or you’ll get structural damage. It’s unfortunate this isn’t enabled during the races, but maybe we can get some kind of “pro” update or mod in the future.


I’d like the setup, but I would like to see more actual tracks with turns and height elements. So next to ‘Nascar’ just going left, i’d really appreciate some more interesting tracks as well! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your consideration!

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OnAir manager has a “low level fighter tour” mission type. (basically role play paying customer sightseeing/fun ride in a fighter)

Flying these missions in mountainous terrain for example around Mt Kenya definitely provides the elevation element that you describe. I have had some of my most challenging FS2020 flights doing these missions.

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I have a problem of slowing down images with Reno.
if i race with a biplane or a t6 class, the fps is very good.
as soon as I race with a jet or unlimited class, I can’t play, my fps are slowed down.
any idea?

The Reno Air Racing expansion is fun. But my top question is, "Would it be possible to simply keep the race course pylons in place in the normal MSFS2020 flying mode so that anyone can practice on the racing course using any aircraft. This could open up the ability to race with friends. Of course there wouldn’t be any of the official race options such as scoring or height penalties or even instant crash resets. These would have to be officiated by an assigned spotter using drone view or stationed at a specific location to spot the racers progress during the race. This would be a blast and immensly more realistic. Again all that would be required are the pylons in place. Than again, until that happens, I guess several people could position their planes on the ground in place of pylons.

There is a Reno Airport addon, that has a far more realistic representation of the Pylons, compared with the artificially Gamey (easy to see) Pylons, of the Reno Expansion.

Unfortunately I’m playing on xBox, so no 3rd party addons allowed.

That SUCKS !! – but as you suggest, allowing the Extension scenery to run as a normal scenery update, would add greatly to the value of the extension.