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It’s hardly criminal. There are likely a multitude of reasons why some of us are getting issues and Asobo cannot possibly test every hardware configuration with every add on purchase prior to launch. Just report the bugs and they will fix.

It’s easy to see that the update is going to be immense once its working properly. This is probably the most complex and ambitious software title ever created, bugs are to be expected when making updates and revisions.

Maybe its a plot, what they really figured out is only x amount of people can run at one time. For some of us its been going on 7 months not having a sim to run, so now the lottery just hit and they’ve set it up for so that the people that couldnt run can, and the ones that could cant…See its fair, now we the 7monthers can say ‘Its on your end’ LOL!!!

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Litigation LOL. I swear some people are nuts, throwing temper tantrums like children. (not you the guy you were replying to)

It’s a hugely complicated project, arguably the most complex consumer simulation ever devised. Asobo are doing a great job, and Sebastian, Jorg and Martial will be doing another live Q & A soon where we can directly answer questions, just like they do every month. I know of no other software company that does this, Asobo/Microsoft have more transparency than any other major software developer. You can tell its as much a passion project for them as it is for us.


I fully agree with you.
All this is pure passion.

The only issue I had with the flight hanging as you describe is an attempt to fly in London and I suspect that the Orbx London product might be to blame and requires an update because my son got in easily and doesn’t have it installed. It is not in the Community folder since it’s a sponsored product.

Did anyone else got an issue with the Autopilot refusing to climb? I even set the throttle to TOGA with 2k+ climing speed but it still could not climb. :frowning:

The files could be downloaded to your pc ready to install on launch day. That way you can keep flying.

Did you fly with live-weather?
Had a similar issue yesterday… A320 could not reach altitude with live-weather.
Fuel flow was 4000kg each

Just wondering if anyone that had major issues with the update tried a complete uninstall and reinstall. I know that is not suppose to be how it works but just thinking the update install did something odd. I did not do the update, uninstalled first but that is how I do things and should not be required for updates. Does sound like a hot fix with be needed. There was another sim update that broke everything and a HF was released. Forgot which one that was.

Yes, the live weather is on

Yes, I saw that too and was initially interested. Unfortunately, as you say, you have to install Geforce Experience and there is no way I want to install that bloatware.

Anyway, maybe you could post your experience with the tool and Geforce experience. Always happy to learn and be proved wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

Until today, I can only remember one CTD since I downloaded FS2020 on release day.

Despite successfully completing several flights previously in SU5 over the past few days, this morning I’ve suddenly had three CTDs.

There is obviously something very wrong now in the basic sim. Even those not having problems at the moment may suddenly find life isn’t so rosy.

There needs to be a hotfix ASAP.


Hope to see that very soon

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HEY ASOBO! Are you even listening ? ? ?


Live weather has been broken since before SU5… :confused:

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Something weird keeps happening with the trees. It’s hard to describe it, it’s like they keep shifting around as you fly and this causes the scenery to look like you’re using FXAA (Vasaline in your eyes). I never saw this before.


Before the release there was a test group of users.
What have they done and what have they found?

Do they have special configurations and had no problems or has Asobo release this version on time with all the known bugs and release a bug fix later on.

I mean, can’t they simply flip the + to a - :smiley: It would work better than it is

try without…there are many people having problems with live weather

People that are not happy or want more vote here
Separate versions for PC and XBOX

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