Discussion + Poll: World Update V (

Glad you like it! :slight_smile: Are you perhaps thinking of flightloc? Unfortunately the person behind that site had to close it down recently, it was a great site. Running a site like this is truly a labor of love, it takes a lot of time and resources to maintain them, so as unfortunate as it is, I totally understand why we’re loosing some sites. :frowning:

I’ve added some of the extra functionality from flightloc to flightspots recently, like find nearest airport and live weather. If you sign up, you can also create collections and save spots, e.g. a water mask collection of places to visit :smiley:


Morphing ? distance things ? Put some coords please… Norway is a large country with many mountains :shushing_face:

Is approach flyback bug still there in the sim

No notable bugs were fixed in this update. It’s strictly a world update. That flyback bug will likely be addressed in the next sim update.

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Ok thanks for the update

That’s waypoint return is by design IMHO. To make sure you’re not watching Netflix when the landing takes place :yum:

Yay! 5 Bush Trips!!! Something new to do!

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Yes, near Leknes ENLK , all around those islands

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Terrain morphing is a global issue that started with the USA World Update. It is said that it becomes more prominent in areas with newer DEM (like Mont Blanc and others).


It’s turned everywhere into a stutterfest for me so far.

The morphing is rather gross too and hasn’t let up at all. It looks like they stream elevation data to you for the updated areas with all the joy that implies.

They really, really need to find another system.

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Check Market Place, select bundles

btw I can confirm the morphing… looks weird to see a mountain top changed, or a forest appear… something changed.

Hey @Jummivana - it looks like several of us, including me, do not have any new update when we launch the sim. Any thoughts?

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Remember this happens EVERY world update (with the stutters).

Where are you located… and have you checked reboot, box account log in and log out etc…

nothering has been done for Iceland except 3 poi, and one airpoirt. no tree fixes or DEM update, I have offered this data to Microsoft as I work in mapping for ICeland, and they were not willing to pay a dime from a much better iceland… what a shame on MS for not doing iceland justice. I have them 100 airstrips to add in, but they did not use 1 of them…


Same here CTD on ISAFJORDUR landing challenge

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Can’t even launch the game through steam. It just goes black screen for a while then shuts itself off. any clue?

I was expecting update through MS store as well as starting the sim but nothing then as suggested went into marketplace and saw the nordics world update, installed it, then went to content manager and downloaded the items

Do you think this would be a good opportunity for them to fix some quality of life annoyances like start page map preferences not saving? Or like drone camera zoom setting defaulting at the end of every session?

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Why does Iceland - a place famous for hardly having any trees have SO MANY trees?

Quick flight between BIKF to BIRK shows them all along the coastline, at every field, boundary which is definitely not the case in the real world.