Discussion: Sim Update 2 (

Did you try to restart the PC?

Do you have any mods in community folder? If so delete

Turn on anti ice engines and wings

Make sure to restart your PC after any downloads and updates

Try to restart PC first

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Turn on Anti ice wings and engine

I’ve restarted my PC multiple times

Where were you flying here? I want to try it!

Latest FBW developer build has fixed the few issues that the update introduced. I’m flying now with no issues.

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Just finished downloading the update. I went to start a flight in Kahalui Airport, however the engines shut down right after I select I’m ready to fly. That’s fine, but when I hit CTRL + E to autostart the engines, Microsoft flight simulator crashes to the desktop. Is this only happening in the A320NX version, or will this happen to the default A321 as well?

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The good news about the VR is that my expectations were extremely low, and those expectations have been met spectacularly. :roll_eyes:

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Yep, here to. Flying around in norway.

Do you have mods in community folder?

No problems installing the updates. I had some issue with that wierd black border on the right side in VR mode, but updating Oculus software fixed that issue. I felt like I was really flying.

Update itself took about 10 minutes (this is on a Shadow PC, it’s in France I think). I did clear the community folder first.

Flew for two hours in the Savage Carbon, over iceland. Was both beautiful and scary.

Only noticed two awkward things:

  • Flew fine until I was 100 ft before touch-down, then fully iced up in about 10 seconds, no visible moisture in the air …
  • When I shut-down, the logbook showed a previous flight in another aircraft and another part of the world

I’m also having this problem. While I had the salty 747 mod, it was crashing. But after, the liveries from megapack got f***** up and FMC is not working (black screen). Replying to get any news on the issue.

What Jummivana said. Check content manager again. Look for “Test Pilot”.

Is anyone having a problem downloading the update? specifically my update got about half way, and now its frozen on “[1/98] - Decompression asobo-aircraft-cj4-0.1.21.fspackage”

Any ideas?

Fantastic update! Kudos to the dev team - keep up the great work!


I’ve been flying the A320 (non-mod version) for a couple hours with no issue. Started from gate.


I have the same resolution and the fps are running like before or even better

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