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never mind found out.

nvm, found out. Facepalm lol

Seeing a lot of strange pyramid shapes in the ground.

see here

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I think wind or live weather in general is broken…i have zero wind at FL250



The latest FBW Development version now works for anyone having difficulties.

Oh man so happy to hear this… hopefully no CTD during a long flight.

Downloading now very fast speeds have to go to work :frowning_face: but will look forward to trying tonight.

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Very happy to see the winter ground textures. Gorgeous!


Can we please have an option to turn off icing effects completely? It was possible in the 320 to keep moving the slider to 0 in developer mode until it stuck, but not anymore. It keeps moving back. All AC seem to have the problem too.

Icing is too-unrealistic in the sim. I really just want to shut it off. But, nobody seems to be listening to my months-long rant about it.

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Can’t hide the King Air 350i yoke. Do you have this issue too?

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Currently flying the King Air, no issues here.

That’s a weird one… Should be some conflict with the mod i’m running.

I have been flying over the mountains of Madrid, and there is no snow, although now in reality from my window, it is night, there is a closed fog and I cannot verify it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but in autum/winter there’s always something on the peaks, although in central winter it’swhen everything it 's painted white, and you can even ski.

I understand that Asobo is based on ‘real time’ models like this:

It’s realistic, because it’s still data from satellite.sensors. In this case (Pyrinees), MSFS2020 represent no the snow cover surface. Well done!


Maybe try logging out of the game… Then logging back in… I think i had this problem once

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FBW mod will not work with the update until it is updated

I was just going to report the same, all looks really good, then the dreaded SEVERE ICING warning. Totally unrealistic, at least give us a hack to disable this.


The dev version now works tonight.


Endless Loading Screen, not even getting to the main menue. Deleted everything inside the Community folder. So there seems to be one last solution: Reinstall the sim? Nice move to brake the game right befor the christmas holidays :slight_smile:


Download latest dev mod. That fixed all issues for me. Stabl version doesn’t work.


I just made a fresh install of this new version but when I try to launch it, after seeing the screen go black with a white/grey frame and a spinning white/grey circle in the lower right hand corner, I’m then back at my desktop.

I’ve made sure I have all the latest MS updates, the latest versions of all hardware drivers including the latest Nvidia drivers, I’ve checked for updates in MS Store and I’ve tried both repair and reset MSFS. All to no avail.

I made a separate post about this issue as well but so far not a single reply.

I just don’t get it what’s wrong. I’ve had issues with installation and applying updates since MSFS was released. As mentioned in the other, separate thread, I’ll try to get in touch with a real person at MS tomorrow and ask for a refund to allow me to buy the title via Steam instead. This since I think this is more of a MS Store issue than it’s a MSFS issue. Or who knows…maybe a combination of both.

Really sad since I was very much looking forward to try out the newly implemented VR support. Feels quite ■■■■■■ to say the least having spent this kind of money on something you can’t use. I got the Premium Deluxe version back in August when I bought it.

If anyone has any ideas how to fix this kind of issue, it would be highly appreciated!