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Best response ever. Says it all.:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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During the Q&A yesterday, Jorg mentioned they’re considering opening a beta for updates. I think this is the best way forward tbh.

Many people here have rightly said it’s almost impossible for them to test a release on enough system configurations to properly identify issues. Well, what better way is there to tackle that problem other than getting more people involved.

I’m absolutely certain many users I’ve seen on these forums would gladly volunteer their expertise in a beta program.


I agree 100%.

The ‘funny’ thing is that it keeps checking your data install folder if you have whatever add-on is on the Marketplace in the menu screen.

Edit: And for the Xbox release they really should delay that for a year or two. Fix this first before putting lots of resources in another platform.

I just rename it to community1.

Later, rename it back to community.

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For those who think MS/Asobo should implement a beta program for updates, there’s currently a topic in Wishlist category for this with 270 votes. Just about 100 more votes and it could be on the weekly snapshot fwiw.

Add a beta version players can enable before releasing a patch


All the better, but I certainly hope that this “optimisation” does not take a habit of being enforced reduction of LODs and textures def (trees rendering distance anyone?), especially when they never finds their way into patch notes oddly enough… downgrading behind the back when it was perfectly viable for a lot of users prior to update is certainly not the way to go to “free up resources”. Where will it go next? Ultra clouds retaining the label Ultra but magically switching to High without, of course, the user knowing?

They said that none of these optimisations have made their way into the sim yet, they are fundamental code rewrites.

Great post, well summarised.

Yes everyone should be aware SU4 and WU4 are now being combined to allow them more time.

You gotta love grammer. That sentence can be read either way.

option 1: let’s say it was [software for a jetliner], or [health care]

option2: let’s says it was software for a [jetliner, or health care]

I put the square brackets in to show how you can read it two ways. Wars have been started for less (probably).

This makes a lot of sense and I totally agree.

@sarpouli, I don’t think it is going down for most of the users, as most users are happily just flying away, rather than spending their time here looking for solutions to problems they don’t have. I do think that, for unknown reasons, a small minority of users has seen their framerates decrease, but I have no explanation for that. For some reason, they’re “special” (but not in a good way) and are seeing problems other people (like myself) are not.


@SamplingSeven10, please do. If you can’t understand something so simple like that many/most addons will need updates to work properly after a base sim update, and you feel somehow slighted by that fact, we really don’t need your negativity around here.

Not everyone is as Johnny-On-The-Spot as say, FBW, and has fixes out within literally a few hours of the sim update hitting, but I would venture that all payware makers, and even most freeware makers (even though they’re not getting paid!) typically have their updates done within a couple of days. And I’m OK with that. ESPECIALLY the freeware guys, who are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts.

OK… Bye!! (Done in my best pothole impersonation for those who remember the commercial…)


Sorry I was being harsh with you. I was just angry in the moment. I completely understand whats going on and yes, the updates will come in time. You’re right. I was wrong. Hope you accept my apology . thanks


This sim is a work in progress… I guess we just have to be patient. All sims thriving now started like this. Things will get better.

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@PaulFalke, don’t fear it, that’s how it’s going to be. First off, there will not be a Playstation version of this sim. I am tempted to say ever, but I’ll just leave it at just for the currently foreseeable future. And the XBox version will not have a Community folder, as I understand it, because the platform not only doesn’t support it, but I suspect MS doesn’t want to open the XBox version of the game to potentially dud addons.

Us PC users know it’s a possibility, and we’re used to it and know how to deal with it. XBox users, maybe not so much.

But that is how it is, and you just have to accept it, because fear is pointless in this situation.

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Just to add my two cents. Yesterday a friend and I were flying in Utah. I had really bad frame drops from 30+ to 8. Then today I decided to test a flight on the west coast of Angola with another simmer and it worked great. No frame drops at all.

when the WU3 came out, during the download I was stuck in a loop downloading one of the packages. I was experiencing the exact same issues that are posted here now. I tried everything to fix the problem. I ended up do a wiping my system clean, fresh install of windows(which was over due), and started from scratch. this update went smooth. no problems. so that why I believe it must be something on the update servers end. I more of a hardware guy the software. when is comes to software, google is my best friend. so who knows :thinking:

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Yes very disappointing.
I also reported this issue to the zendesk. And yeah, same as you they gave me the advise to turn down the render scale, however, did didn’t make any difference for me unfortunately.

they also stated that they acknowledged the problem and that they are currently working on a fix.

Fingers crossed and hopefully we get a fix soon.

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@TemperedPaper48, not only do I do that, but I also do a reboot if I’m planning a serious flight. A little bit of testing (did that new livery load properly, or can I see such and such an approach, or even learning how to use the MCDU on the A32NX, sure I’ll skip the reboot, but anything even resembling a real point-A to point-B flight where I want the best performance, I give it a fresh OS to work with. Especially in this day and age, having an NVMe boot drive, it takes me about 9-13 seconds to boot, plus the time to POST. No hassle at all.