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Nature of the game, have to update to get all the online functionality.

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O.K I understand, thanks for the help.

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I also noted the purple HUDs on B787 cockpit, looking cheesy !

O.K I understand, thanks for the Info.

I haven’t read all this, but any clue why I now only get 10fps in the menus after using the world map. It’s not clearing up, limited by main thread taking 130 ms per frame. Manipulators is not far behind at 120 ms.

In the resource monitor CPU 11 has high load, the rest is all very low, avg 9% cpu use. While flying it works better yet trying to plan a route is an exercise in frustration.

Just updated, everything same as before for me performance wise.

5800x CPU + H100x cooler
3070 GPU
32GB RAM 3200 MHZ
OS drive Samsung 970 evo plus M.2 NVME 500GB
FS2020 drive Sabrent Q M.2 NVME 1TB
Nothing overclocked.

Latest Windows update installed today
Latest NVIDIA Game Ready driver (461.72) installed a couple of days ago
Oculus Quest 2 (via link) latest updates installed in HMD & Desktop beta (v27) a couple of days ago

Empty community folder.
Settings EXACTLY as per @TonyTazer1504’s settup thread here

I’m SO happy I can now actually use the mouse to adjust the throttle position and side movement to cuttoff in VR without it snapping to full!

Just downloaded the latest versions of the mods I use (Namely TBM and Latitude performance, WT G3000, UK2000 Bristol) and about to test these.


@CptLucky8, 99% of the time I am such a fan of your brain and knowledge that I’d just blindly follow you off a cliff if you said doing this or that will get me better performance. But I hope this is one of those (very few) cases where you are wrong. And as I’ve pointed out, I think the mere fact that the Community folder exists on the PC version, and allows for addons that the XBox version can’t get is evidence of the fact that they are going to be two distinct versions, with the handcuffs taken off of the PC version.

I do think we’re suffering now as they’re using us as a test bed for tweaking the settings (especially things like LOD) needed for the XBox version, but I have faith that once they’re done tweaking they’ll put us back to where we used to be before they started fiddle farting around with it. And I’m actually okay with that, under the assumption that we will be put back, and that our status as involuntary XBox beta testers will payoff in the long run.

But like so many other things, only time will tell.

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No, it’s a very good update. Thanks Asobo, no fps drop, no weirdness at all for me.


The exact same curiosity I had when I first loaded the sim upon update… The release notes mention BTW that they tinkered with the world map with this update. It’s then normal that the sim became almost un-flyable with stutters and fps drops during flight as we cannot even move a mouse on the main menu with a shameful 5 - 10 fps.

True. I discovered this morning that the MSFS Microsoft Store update installed itself yesterday on its own while my computer was idle.

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Wow. Where did you get that level of ‘voluntary’ faith. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m quite willing to pray with you to get that long-term payoff - even right now because I have time because I am having to download the entire sim again after successfully downgrading this Xbox app last night.
I am not complaining because this forum provides enough amusement to compensate for all shortcomings of this sim. :rofl:

Will be back to report on new bugs and any feature improvements after hours of downloading and a few nice flights with x-plane.


But this is where I believe you’re drawing wrong conclusions: they didn’t add the community folder to the PC version, they will remove it in the Xbox version instead because there is no user accessible file system. The game logic, features, even the UI, are all the same and working the same based on the same code. There is no provision in the application right now for any specific PC only technology, not even Force Feedback which requires using an API (DirectInput) which is only available on PC and not on Xbox.

Please understand I’m not saying so lightly. I’ve been dealing with the SDK and the entrails of all simulators from FS9 to P3D5, and XP9 to XP11, with a deep understanding of how they are working, what they are coding, and how to correct the bugs and deficiencies in some of their code, in order to make our products running. Reality XP was first creating an entire new Gauge Add-on market which didn’t exist 20 years ago with the first standalone professional grade simulation of the Apollo GPS. Sam Seery, Director of Sales and Marketing was saying: “UPS Aviation Technologies is pleased to support the Reality XP product. The product’s ability to simulate the real-world workings of avionics systems is so good that we suspect many pilots who operate our equipment will acquire the Reality XP product for training purposes.”.

Building the Reality XP products reveals many challenges the SDK is not capable of resolving and they can exist only because we can augment the re-code the core simulation entrails to make them working. Building these products is revealing shortcomings in the SDK vision and capabilities no other 3rd party vendor is confronted with when building an aircraft either, although should the SDK was addressing the very specific needs of RXP products, it would benefit tremendously any other 3rd party vendor because these are orthogonal and transversal needs, many can’t see nor apprehend because they are not confronted with the necessity.

Maybe the SimConnect API will find its way in the XBox and allow remote connections from a PC app, but even if this is the case, this won’t address the narrowed vision of the SDK and the fact SimConnect is a modern and open communication system impaired by having to deal with antiquated structures and SDK concepts exposed to the 3rd party devs (it is much more powerful internally but they only provide a limited and redacted view of it).

I must say though the same RXP products are offering more functionalities and require no hack whatsoever on X-Plane, and this shows there is a fundamental flaw in the FS SDK from the get go I’ve clearly explained here:


delete co-pilot mod from the community

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each update the draw distance gets shorter, i bet its 5 miles out now and objects like building disappear, when this game first came out wow the draw distance was amazing…



This update is a performance killer! I have massive stuttering and FPS drop.

NVIDIA RTX3080, 32GB Ram, i7 that was super smooth before this update.

GPU is seems capped at 50%, won’t go higher that 50%

Updates should be optional! or at least the option to defer it for a few days…


The distance for max terrain LOD is only 1nm last time I checked

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I would like to see if anyone else is experiencing what I am. Before update I had my FPS locked at 40. I could fly anything from a C172 to A320FBW and maintain that 40 FPS inside or outside view. The frametimes were 99% smooth. CPU usage between 14 and 22%. GPU usage inside around 77%, outside around 93%.

After update, no change in settings, FPS between 8 and 32, bad stuttering, frametimes are spiking and CPU usage between 44 & 53% until about 1000 ft altitude then the CPU goes back to 14% - 22%. As the CPU increases, the GPU decreases proportionally.

It is like the game is using the CPU to render stuff that the GPU was rendering before the update, until you reach some altitude. The LOD seems much smaller now too.

This is all tested at a small AP in a place without PG, it is KOCW to be exact.

If some of you could report if this is the type of performance you are seeing, I would appreciate it.



Id just like an update where it didnt break the actual reason for the whole Sim… the planes.

it cant be that low

I don’t know how many NM, but it sure is pretty low, even with LOD 200

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