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Same here - All I had to do was update to the latest version/hotfix, and now the game will not get past the loading progress bar, it just returns to the desktop.

I never once had the game crash before the most recent update.

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ntdll.dll, version 10.0.19041.546

Thats the file the event viewer says crashes the sim…

I saw in another post (cannot find it right now) that the solution for one with same problem was to disconnect all controllers, start the sim and then reconnect the controllers and it would work again without having to do same again.

Hope this helps someone

Fly safe.

i found the issue:

last night a XBOX gaming service update was released and automatically installed to those having automatic updates active.

I rolled back my windows and prevented the update of Gaming Services.

Sim is starting again.

I updated my Zendesk report accordingly and hope they fix this issue ASAP

That did not work for me, but thanks for the tip.

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Unfortunetaly, I am not able to roll back for some reason…this ecosystem, if it is indeed that, is atrocious. We have a game that is impacted by millions of configurations and we need to have xbox app and windows store issues on top of that…

and when you think of XBOX Gaming Serivces and Flightsimulator are both from same publisher, Microsoft requiring you to update the game services on launch of Flightsaimulator and then the 2 are not compatible, it really makes you think…

Yep same here! The game instantly crashes now after the first black screen.

Downloaded latest windows version 20H2 (optional as of yet)

Started windows, searched for update, found one, restared computer.

Now it seems to work.

Literally this is happening to me now until now I haven’t had an issue like this or any CTD’s
Can’t start the game now.

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Will give this a go, but this really shouldn’t be a fix. It seems to me that between them, Asobo and Microsoft are doing more damage than good with all thier latest patches.

I’ve already done it but… still automatically ending after first black screen appears… even with Win20H2.

Should add my windows and gpu driver was updated days ago and the latest patch was working fine literally nothing has changed since I was using the sim Yesterday.

Nope didn’t work. Game is still instantly crashing! It’s probably a windows store issue…again!

Try resetting game services, do you know how to do that in event viewer?

I’m just gonna try uninstall the small windows store file and re-install worked for similar issue during alpha.

Not today…

Weird going into the library in the store it had install next to the digital ownership see if that fixes it.

Fixed I had to install the digital ownership thing in store it was previously installed has started up straight away now.

Not for me… the only two options available for Digital Ownerhip content are “start” or “share”… nothing else…