Discussion: World Update I: Japan

Yes stop using a mod that is not supported by the current sim release version

Not exactly true been playing for 2 hours and VFR is not crashing so you just can’t say that about all.


Update is forcing me to download the whole 63GB of fs-base-cgi again. Big disappointment :frowning:

I have the same issue as you. Shortly after takeoff the AP just sends me into a circle and a dive. Sometimes it recovers, sometimes it hits the ground. I guess I’ll wait for a fix from FlybyWire as the default plane isn’t working for me.

(I have removed all community addons)

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And to confirm (to help the devs), this isn’t the case for me. Doesn’t crash if I don’t open the map and doesn crash if I spam v and 5 mins or (as now) after a couple of hours of the sim running in flight.

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I have created a thread in the bugs forum. Please up-vote.


Good thing you can mute members here. Try it, you’ll like it! :grin:

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Your patch is no different to anyone else’s it will be packaged to the download size and unpack as a larger file size nothing new

This won’t be a popular opinion around here, but I think 3rd parties should have been locked out completely for 3 months; probably 6 while the base product was fully stabilised.

We’re getting all these disparate reports - some everything is working; some fails everywhere; and no-one has any clue what everyone is actually running. In the PC world it’s difficult enough having to cope with the huge variety of hardware set-ups without user mods hacking the system from day one.


why would I do that? is there some sort of known bug regarding the community folder? sounds like a gimmick.

Lol, tbh didn’t know that. But I think his own response might of taken care of it.

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Look I am trying to help you not humiliate you. I know it’s frustrating but it ain’t fair for you or anyone else coming in here and blasting Asobo because the patch is ■■■■. Not everyone is experiencing these problems. Maybe I am finally lucky I have had my share of hair pulling in the past with this. I think this patch is tremendous. What kind of system do you have? And what is your Internet speed?

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And this is flight simming in a nutshell. Like it or not, flight sims have always been pay to play. Pay dearly at times with cutting edge hardware.

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Yes. The Japan update comes in form of a free and totally optional Market Place item. Download it whenever you like (or not).

I suppose it gets installed where all your other world data is stored. It‘s around 1.8 GB IIRC (download size; install size is likely larger due to decompressed data, I guess)

Reporting you for just constant inappropriate comments. Just FYI. Fly safe don’t press V

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Yea I got it to crash, first time I’ve had a CTD that wasn’t a result of something I did outside the game (overclocking, ect)

Funny that’s what you have been doing all along and admitted to attacking me because you don’t like my posts…

That one. I mean the guy was trying to help you

The known issue is a bit of a joke. The real list would be 100,000 items long. Why even bother to list a tiny fraction of the known problems?


Try reading his comment. He didn’t say he has been using it for hours. He said he recorded a video for over an hour.