Discussion: World Update III: United Kingdom

Check it out if you can… Just do a circuit, that should be enough. Let me know what you.

Even for a manual cache that doesn’t cover the UK? Not looking forward to redoing manual caches, it’s a bit cumbersome to paint the hi-res squares.

It’s literally the first point from this post:

[RELEASE] Release Notes ( World Update III: United Kingdom Now Available! - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

No that doesn’t look lke the London Landmarks pack, that to me looks like you installed one of the photogrammetry Londons from googleearth (Flightsim.to?) what you are seeing is the land flattened in preperation to dump the pg which had deleted the Asobo pg but itself not rendered in.

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Had that aswell, though they loaded in and unloaded as fast when i flew away.

BEEE autiful.
though with all of the update loaded, rolling cache cleared and so on, i can’t get photogrammetry loading…


Yes, I’m asking if anyone has taken the risk. Like I said, painting the hi-res squares is cumbersome, as currently implemented. I hope this isn’t going to be a recurring thing.

they propably won’t because they don’t want you to actually and easily download all that data.

Seems like it was due to the overloaded server. Because I tried an IFR flight with the A320 almost an hour again and it was smooth in VR. My first attempt with the Cessna was after updating in the morning and it was choppy

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great update overall i noticed a great leap in performance even using the a32nx!

Have had the DD EGGP for quite a while, one of the best so far. I have all the UK airports on ORBX Central. Would recommend them all :+1:

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Doesn’t work for me, it’s my first un-downloadabe update, congratulations

I have the exact same problem Cessna 208 takes off around 25 knots…

The white cliffs of Dover are looking good. But you can’t land there…

I deleted it like advised and honestly I don’t think I’ll re install it. New scenery is just so good.

I second that.

High to ultra settings, LOD terrain 200, objects 150, hello 3-8fps at 1440p
(AMD 3900X, Strix 5700XT oc

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Yeah I’d been begging DD dev to put EGGP on the marketplace. Eventually they did, but few weeks before they did, Mr. Jorg announced on live stream that he will make EGGP and give it to us for free. Hence I didn’t buy DD’s version right away, and decided to wait for UK world update three.

Well today is world update three so at first I checked out Microsoft’s EGGP. Looks absolutely stunning from head to toe. You can’t really find flaws with it, yet you might find some if you are like really really hardcore-nit-picking, like if you used a magnifying glass or something. To give you an idea of how silly it could be, go near the flight school Merseyflight and you will see that the school’s name is printed but not the phone numbers and website. DD’s version has it all. So…is Microsoft EGGP a deal breaker? Absolutely not.

This default EGGP goes even outside the airport a bit and puts in some POIs, such as the Hotel and yellow submarine. However DD’s version goes even more and puts in way more POIs that go way beyond the airport. So basically, for someone who only cares about the airport itself and POIs outside the immediate vicinity, Microsoft EGGP is absolutely perfect. But for someone who’s looking for the ultimate deal and ultimate level of details, DD’s version is absolutely “study level”.

I’m glad that Microsoft didn’t decimate DD :smiley: and today I bought DD’s EGGP and uninstalled Microsoft’s. Both have a place and customer base in the MSFS sim universe.

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Great update, downloaded and installed, not even a CTD…You guys are doing an excellent job! Thanks from one who is insidethewalls .

Happy Flying!
First thing I visited was Blarney Castle :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m getting screen flicker that I never had before.