Discussion: World Update III: United Kingdom

Simple fix. enable vsync through the in-sim Graphics option menu

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Is anyone else experiencing very broken flight dynamics after this update, specifically the TBM and C208? No mods, community empty. Full details here, watch the video and you’ll see exactly what I mean…

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So the same bug from US update is still there I see…

How can asobo miss this…? This is just beyond comprehension.

Yup. Landing speed below 40 kts in the TBM.
Looks like they overdid the ground effect “a little”.

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If you do that with a G-sync enabled monitor you just killed your Frame Rate and your locked at 60MHZ. Trust me I’ve tried.

Oh no! That’s terrible to hear! The TBM was SO on point…

Yeah, it’s pretty awful… really pulls you out of immersion. Last 2 legs of that Bush Trip I was landing at like… 45 knots. Gonna go do another Bush Trip now and see how some of the other birds fare, but this is NOT good.

I feel like everyone is just talking about the scenery, and I get it… That’s the focus of the update, but for me… the scenery is great and all, but this just kills any kind of realism of flying. I feel like I need to cleanse my palate and go fly some A2A aircraft in P3D in a bit.

Just so unfortunate. I hope they will fix this next time around. Sim Update should be later this month, I believe.


Yeah, this one is a tough pill to swallow.

me! I had to turn on Vsync to get rid of it.

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What was this update supposed to do, scenery wise? I just flew over Herne Bay in Kent and it looks neater, but still looks nothing like the real thing. Also I noticed vehicles randomly drive forward and backwards about 10 yards at warp speed.

You guys have out done yourselves! England is spectacular! Really enjoyed flying from London to Liverpool, scenery was awesome! I can abandon VR for a while to take advantage of low and slow scenery.


King Air and VR need work :slight_smile:

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After updating today, Portsmouth has gone from being easily recognisable to a landscape of generic buildings! Only the Spinnaker Tower has seen any improvement.
To rectify this I’ve had to uninstall two parts of the update -

UK - 3D Photogrammetry Cities
UK - Procedural Buildings

This has returned the city to how it was.

I’ve no idea what’s going on. I’ve tried various connotations of the updates, rebooting the PC between each change but the only thing that got rid of the generic building was to uninstall those two updates.

Example here - https://youtu.be/y7hpTSUxtXA

It looks like the update has broken taxi light placement at any airport which uses standard light row features. As a result many of our payware airports now have taxi lights incorrectly strewn about (where prior to the update, they were properly placed). The speculation–which seems like a good place to start the investigation–is that the new “snap to” feature for light rows is probably the culprit. This is a pretty severe regression and it makes the partner scenery developers look bad. I would hope that this is addressed by issuing a hotfix that pulls the offending code.

See Key West Airport issue since world update 3 - Third Party Addon Discussion / Scenery Packs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


King Air is similar, took off the first time after the update and it just lifted itself off the runway. Then landing it, it just floats like crazy. Very different than before the update. I’m not a real world pilot but I can’t imagine these aircraft behaviors are realistic :roll_eyes:

I haven’t even dared to touch other aircraft… but I tested the TBM a little more, stall speed is 40 kts or a little less, and stall itself has only a slightly increased sink rate… until you apply full power, then it resembles a helicopter.

Oh dear. Welcome to the Arcades.

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Just experienced exactly the same. I’m removing ORBX and will try again.

i think the French are about to invade :joy:

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The flight models are bad, as some of you have mentioned, for take off and landing. I fly the A320NX by FBW and seems like they are fixing this quickly if they haven’t already! They are usually quick.

The other fixes that I am happy to see are the clouds that are not longer pixelated and also the terrain bug issue is resolved.

However, I am noticing that the jetways at least at OIII are not connected to the building anymore! Not sure if that’s the case in other airports! I am using the default airport, not an addon. That’s interesting! Hope they fix it.

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you have to go into marketplace and do another update its about 5 Gb…
i hope it fixed my hometown of Edinburgh, after the update it looks like something from lord of the rings with all the land spikes, huge pointy mountains everywhere and massive craters, Edinburgh castle has a tower block in its place and the forth bridge is just gone…
so hopefully once the 2nd update is done it will be better, im not holding mt breath tho …

Yes! Taxi lights are now all over the active runways in my payware airports.
And the Cessna is no longer stable. Had a soft left rudder I had to play around in the new sensitivity settings. Also getting unstable winds and turbulent rocking even with weather on clear sky’s. And now in the payware Aerolite, when flaps are set to full, the throttle will not give full power and if I don’t retract, it’ll stall and crash.
This is ALL NEW ISSUES (so far) immediately after today’s update!
But Spikes are gone lol!