Discussion: World Update III: United Kingdom

my spikes are 10 times worse :roll_eyes:

What?? Oh no :man_facepalming:

yep, went to my hometown edinburgh… looks like Mordor


Seems we’re chasing our tails since this game was released last August. It’s like the developers are just putting their fingers in the holes of this dam as they keep getting worse.

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well, its a big new update, so i will wait and see if it settles down, but yeah, its all a bit Cyberpunkesque… bitten off more than they can chew perhaps … :thinking:

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Wow, negative Nancy, here, huh?

I don’t know about you, but my experience keeps improving, update after update. No, they’re not done fixing stuff, for me the biggest one left (assuming it IS left, I haven’t tried it since today’s update) is the u-turn on approach bug. But since I’ve pretty much stopped using the built-in ATC anyway, even that doesn’t really apply to me.

I’m a VR user, and after some fumbling around not knowing what I was doing at first, I got everything I needed, including some very specific setup recommendations made by our own @CptLucky8, and my VR experience is REALLY good, especially considering the relative weakness of my 2070 Super GPU. So good in fact, that I think even if I manage to find a 3080 at this point, I’m gonna take a pass in favor of a 3080 Super or 3080ti, both of which only exist in my imagination right now.

Since we have no idea what your beef is, I guess there’s nothing more to say. Except that maybe you and @rob12770 either lack the hardware to get the job done, or have unreasonable expectations. I bought CP2077 just to see what all the fuss was about, and it works perfectly fine for me.



I didn’t get the opportunity to fly today so I was wondering what issues have occurred that I should be aware of?

My ONLY issue with this update (and it’s a big issue) is the flight dynamics being broken on a lot of aircraft. They now rotate at unrealistic speeds, stalls have been pretty much destroyed, and landings are very floaty.

Either you’re flying lower than you’d be allowed to in London, your setup is a bit off or… something else, but London looks incredible.

Yes, if I go low enough I can see issues… but I’d still take them over autogen.

Go fly in Edinburgh… you will see.

Please. Just stop with the “unplayable” nonsense. You know what unplayable means? It means you have a problem like I did, where the sim won’t even start. THAT was unplayable. And the fix involved basically buying the sim from scratch, but I had already invested more time than it was worth, and was facing who knows how many more hours trying (maybe in vain) to find a solution, so I just punted and took the easy road.

As for your issues, I’ve only flown one flight post-patch, but didn’t see anything like what you described. If I can stay awake, I’m gonna go do another one here in a moment, and if it turns out you’re right, I’ll come back and eat my own words, but I’m not all that worried.

But the good news is that if you feel that slighted, you have options!


@rob12770, you’re the one who brought up CP2077, and I mentioned that I have reasonable hardware, and it works just fine for me.


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Edinburgh, London ? :wink:

I’ve not checked out Edinburgh yet. The approach into the airport from the east was pretty spectacular before. As long as that’s at least as good then I’d be happy.

Nancy here…
If you actually read what I posted above, you’d know “my beef”. I clearly explained the issues I am experiencing. Perhaps instead of calling me names or labels and boasting of your great rig, you could offer some help. Is that not what this forum is about?
Btw…my system i7 10700, rtx 3080, 32g VR Quest 2


its a total mess m8, pre “update” i fly Edinburgh almost every day, there was the odd ground spike., but manageable … now its a joke… truly awful

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Excuse me for missing one post out of almost 800. As for your “issues”, I can’t speak to them. I haven’t seen taxi lights all over the place, and I DID fly out of a payware airport, the Cessna CJ4 seems just fine, and I haven’t flown in clear weather yet. Sorry, but the patch has been out for what, 12 hours? I haven’t had a chance to test every possible scenario.

I’m also unfamiliar with a payware called “Aerolite”, so I can’t help you there, either. But I haven’t had any throttle issues. If you have, take it up with Aerolite.

EDIT: As for your rig, it’s stronger than mine, but I mostly brought that up to question Rob’s statement about CP2077.

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I have removed a handful of posts that were inappropriate, this topic is here for you to discuss the latest world update and not a place for you to trade insults.


You all see pixelated shadows now?! Is that new! I have shadows set on Ultra and texture is also set on Ultra, reflection is Ultra too. The performance has improved in my opinion!

I agree, specifically with regard to VR performance. I was in heavy IMC for my flight (and above the clouds for the rest of it), so I didn’t get a chance to observe any shadows, but I’ll be on the lookout for it to see if I notice anything the next time I actually see a shadow lol…

But the performance in my VR headset was really good, especially considering I was coming out of a scenery heavy payware airport, and into a “bespoke” airport (made by Asobo) in horrible visibility at the destination end.

REX Weather Force 2020 : Anyone finding that MSFS will now CTD when this is run ??
(Build number 6.0.2021/0116)

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