Display gauges on LAN PC

Hi everyone,
Best utilities to display gauges on a LAN PC?

I plan to fly all kind of planes and want to put gauges, garming panels, etc on a second PC.

Thanks and greetings.

Consider Air Manager at Sim Innovations - Flight simulation solutions

There are some Android and iPad apps that will allow you to show gauges and such on another screen. But for the most part, they’re all rather “meh” at best and I haven’t seen one that’s 100% compatible with MSFS yet. There are always little things here and there that don’t work quite right.

I’ll have to second @DeadCertainty here with the best option being Air Manager. It will do what you want and display on a remote system. However, it’s true potential isn’t really realized unless you’re using it with a touch screen.

Keep in mind that if you want it to run on more than 1 system (1 as host and 1 as client), you require 2 licences. And it’s not freeware, nor is it cheap (65.00€ per license).

Personally, Air Manager is the core of my home cockpit. I run a pair of 15.6" 1080p touch monitors mounted on top of my yoke and throttle. It’s how I control my planes.

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@Crunchmeister71 I totally agree about touch screens, and I’d also suggest a Knobster for far better reality & immersion. This all assumes one is not a VR pilot, of course!

Indeed. I have my dual touch screen / dual Knobster (yes, overkill. 1 Knobster is all that’s needed) and it’s awesome. I’ve been busy building new instruments for various planes and it’s pretty awesome, really. It’s just so much flexibility to be able to switch up from a steam gauge plane 1 flight, business jet the next, G1000 the next, etc and have realistic layouts for all of them.

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And just in case anyone using Air Manager is interested, I’ve got an instrument sharing thread below where I’ve already shared several instruments I’ve built.

Thanks guys for your advice. I’ll buy a license of Air Manager and install it on a remote PC with 2 tablet screens.


Personally, I would recommend getting a licence and putting it on your main sim PC.

Then you can use your other PC or 2 tablets along with SpaceDesk to make them wireless monitors for your main PC. This will allow you to not only have instruments like gauges and switches, but also allow you to pop out windows like Garmin displays. You won’t be able to do that if your licence is on an external PC. You’ll be able to do gauges, switches, levers, etc, but not drag displays over.

You’d never be able to do something like this, for example.