DLSS:DLAA Mode highly recommended! It’s WOW!

Did a quick comparison between DLSS:DLAA and TAA. In DLSS:DLAA mode the electrical tower do disappear in the background. However, in TAA there are blurry artifacts on runway and apron. Overall the picture is much clearer and crisp for me with DLSS:DLAA enabled. See below:





Not trying to convince anybody here but the screenshots speak for themselves. Happy to hear that a lot of fellow simmers have switched to DLSS:DLAA after my post.



DLSS:DLAA looks alot worse to me than TAA does honestly when it comes to cockpits at night times.
integral lights are a mess, TAA does this alot better.


What DLSS version are you using.? Im using nvngx dlss 3.1.1 and it works great by me. NVIDIA DLSS DLL 3.1.1 Feb 12th Download | TechPowerUp

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Agreed, same combo and running very well even with traffic running.

I did DL and install the latest .dlss version noted above (thanks MinimalTuna7767). Going to try it in a little while.

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Or you mixed up the two firsts pics?
TAA you can see powerlines - not in DLAA according to the pics…

yep… less details is in TAA… in DLAA I see lot more details and a much better image

Comparing these scene:


Best we see it at the tower:
ZOOM: 400%

Snap 2023-03-19 at 12.12.29

But also look at the banner:

whole banner
TAA ( blur ):

DLAA ( nice and sharp ):

And also look how much better the Trees are rendered:

Its just like near zero AA noticable with DLAA.

edit: I forgot to mention, but important :
I used FIDELITYFX Sharpening with 110


Thanks for sharing; I am in 4k (3840 x 2160) and even with a higher-end rig, whenever I changed it to DLAA in Sim Update beta 12… it CTD. :frowning:

Oh well - back to DLSS Quality for me.

I bet its because one of your add ons or mods you are using. I have Never experienced a CTD because of DLSS:DLAA Mode.


Did we get the older dlss file installed again after installing su 12? I have not checked yet, have you? IFf so, did you update again and how does it work in SU 12? Cheers!

If you have to zoom in that much, then it’s not worth it lol

trust me, you see that much better on the real screen :wink: … I zoomed so its better noticable, in special because the forum again compress the image qualitity. Also be aware, that we compare “screenshots”. These are already compressed jpg files and also in this already compressed images we see such huge differences.

I’ve got the answer to my own question (3 posts up). YES, its set back to an earlier version! Not sure if it is optimized for this release, or if you can use the newer dlls-file? Any daredavils around? :wink:


I just checked after installing SU12, rebooting and restarting MSFS. It is still on version in my Xbox Games/ Microsoft Flight Simulator/ Content Folder.

@BoxiestAbyss920 you compared nvngx_dlssg.dll and nvngx_dlss.dll in your screenshots. Or I missed your point.

EDIT: My fault, sorry. We were on 3.1.1. already.

Neither of them is 3.1.1 which I hade before SU12. The screen was actually for something else, but showed the file so… (was a bit lazy).

Have you tried to update to latest again ? =) =)

No, I did not update yet. Just installed SU12 and did not feel like trying out.

I understand. =)

Just installed latest Dlss 3.1.11 March 21 release and all is well and seems a bit clearer.

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Me too. Didn’t notice any huge difference here.

Highly recommend using the DLSS Swapper application mentioned above. Makes it so easy to change versions and restore Etc.

Did you just swap, or did you use the DLSS app? (cant remember its name)

Hi, the swapper app isn’t seeing my MSFS from the Xbox store? Any ideas?