Dreadful performance

as say’d… lot of users reported, that the settings of low,medium,high makes no difference.

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i trid reinstall the whole sim, a clean install, and leave every thing to default, even just install without any extra package, the problem remains.

If it’s an consolation it took me:

  1. System Restore to before the problem happened = no difference
  2. Reinstall MSFS = no difference
  3. Windows 10 then MSFS reinstall = no difference
  4. Windows 10 again and then MSFS again = back to normal.
    Go figure that out if you can. Worrying thing is that even though I’m back to normal, not knowing what went wrong means the issue may still be lurking and that kind of spoils the whole feel of playing MSFS.
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thanks for that, i’m gonna keep the current until they have a patch for it. it takes me the whole night to download the game because of my bandwidth. i don’t know if it’s the issue of the ryzen 5000 series or just me, could it be better on intel?

I flew over the same area as you in Tokyo, I do not experience the fps drop and im on a ryzen 3600 so I doubt it will be better on Intel. There’s just a lot of problems in the engine code in my opinion.

Absolutely agree. You are completely right. The problem IS NOT our hard or software, it lies
solely and exclusively in the precariously programmed graphics engine of MSFS.

See also, if interested:

thanks for your testing, maybe it’s an zen3 issue, i’m not sure. as my test so far, not all airports have fps drop, i hope they can fix soon. this is an amazing game anyway.

=> exactly what I already mentioned…

that’s something matters in urban airports, i even tried extremely, that’s is to set the resolution to minimum which is 640*480, the whole image is blurry enough, guess what, the fps is not even changed. i really want to know what holds the whole sim behind, what does the “manipulators” do in background.

this can possible only the developers check / answer… Therefore allways create a ZenDesk ticket in case of issues ( also performance issues ).

Hi. I had the i7-9700K and 32GB and MSi MB. NVidia MSI GTX 1660 TI.

Same Stuttering, etc.

Upgraded to the i9-9900K. Great improvement in graphics.

Check for my lenthly discussion on this upgrade in CPU. And resulting
graphics improvement. Many did not see it but I did.

Not surprised 8c/8t is bound to run into a cpu bottleneck.Similar situation with my current cpu 6c/6t is not even enough for this sim to run at its full potential.Unless you’re coming from a really old CPU I found the biggest boost to performance for me in this sim was a GPU upgrade.

interesting! Maby devs can share some light over this :slight_smile: 9900k is a hot cpu right? I am considering upgrade to 10700k or beyond

I was thinking that maybe I would go for the new i11-10900K or whatever the new Intel CPU is ( I’m Intel only) but the main thought was:

If the new Intel Xe GPU that is in the Intel CPU chip and if is would run 4K at 60 FPS:

Then, I would buy the new CPU and required new Motherboard (Z590) and not have to buy a new Nvidia 3000 GPU card.

But, it looks like the Intel Xe GPU is only good for 1080P and maybe only Mobile CPUs.

I think I’ll maybe stay with the i9-9900K CPU and lowly GTX 1660TI and be very content.

Happy flying FS2020 to you…

Edit: i7-9700K = 8CT 8T No Multitasking.

i9-9900k 8C 16T With Multistasking.

There are people ( in these topics) that argue that FS2020 only uses one Core (1C 1T).

I didn’t see it in Afterburner.

Research well, my friend.

I’m surprised I don’t get the same with my 9700K. You might want to try this:

  1. Launch FS2020, jump to the cockpit
  2. Enable developer mode and open the fps window
  3. Note the fps and the general histogram trends.
  4. Open Task manager
  5. Set Affinity to Flight Simulator.exe to only 3 or 4 cores out of 6
  6. Return to FS2020 window and note if there is any difference in the fps window.

I don’t see any from 8C/8T to 4C/4T on my 9700K…

The main bottleneck is a singular big thread doing the bulk of the job per frame and the faster single core speed, the better fps in flight simulator. All other thread/core activity is most likely small tasks spawning in the task scheduler (not the Win10 one, the internal app own scheduler) and overall represented as “some” activity on all remaining cores.

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I am replying this because I still can’t understand the main single CPU processing capability of FS2020.

Although I did see something in the FS2020 Development FPS screen showing 4 blocks and indicating that all the real processing power was done in the 1st block. Is this where the argument comes from?

Just can’t make myself realize and accept that a 8C 16T
Multitasking CPU would be limited to 1C 1T processing.

The argument is that 4C 4/8T CPU is fine for FS2020. Does as much processing as an 8C 16 T does. Only benefit as to get more processing comes from only a CPU speed increase.

i9-9900K running 4.8GHz
Citation CJ4 rolling down the runway on takeoff

MSI Afterburner
CPU Average Usage 16%

CPU 1 14%
CPU 2 14%
CPU 3 22%
CPU 4 13%
CPU 5 17%
CPU 6 11%
CPU 7 48%
CPU 8 09%

Then, I was told how to do a screen shot:

CPU 7 usage at 48% ?

I don’t consider this as mainly 1C 1T main thread performance.

But maybe it is. The screenshot is just one moment in time. The percentages change in real time and are very dynamic if you look at them in real time with MSI Afterburner.

We had a long and detailed discussion in this thread over the 9700K vs 9900K and subsequent 9900K vey improved graphic performance.

Community - General Discussion
Topic = Flyers with CPUs i9-9900 and under and GPUs 1080TI and under (can’t afford newer and better)

Please accept my apology for this post but I can’t understand how FS2020 does all it does on: “one main processing singular big thread doing the bulk of the job per frame”. Why buy a Core 10, 12, 16 CPU hoping FS2020 will improve in performance and FPS ?

But I did see from 9700K 4.7Ghz to 9900K 4.8GHZ

  1. An increase in performance (FS2020 DEV showed the CPU stopped displaying throttling)
  2. The NVidia GTX 1660TI displayed new improved colors and graphic details that no one will accept I really see on a TCL 4K HDR 65 inch QLED TV.

This shall give you some info about all this:

:warning: if you’re not a developer, it will be quite hard explaining all this even in layman terms. But you can try already in your example above compare F2020 running like you did, then in changing its affinity mask to using only 3 or 4 cores instead of 8 and see whether this changes anything (fps/stutter wise)

Flight simulator runs on 5 cores but at 90% on one core it is necessary to have as many Mghz as possible. for info I just went from an i78700k @ 5ghz (580 points on CPU-Z) to a Ryzen 5800x (665 points on CPU-Z) and I had a gain of 25% on Roissy CDG Piste r26 in A320, I go from 38fps @ 50FPS. Despite that you have to wait for the directx 12 optimization to gain a little more performance, there will be better multicore management but do not expect a breathtaking gain, I think we will only gain 20% more.

The processors to be preferred today, the high frequency intel processors, the ryzen 5000, not the 3000 because in single-core they are bad and especially the future intel 11900k which will be the top this year for FS2020.

To know if you are limited by your processor and not your graphics card, you just need to lower the resolution of your screen, if you still have the same number of FPS whether in high resolution and in lower resolution it is because you are CPU limited.
In my case I am GPU limited in 4k at high altitude with a rtx3080 and CPU limited at low altitude. In 2k and FULL HD I am still CPU limited.

I invite you to do a CPU-Z test to see the performance of your processor in single core

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Some charts: CPU-Z Benchmark - CPU-Z VALIDATOR

This is exactly the opposite of what it should be. You lower res to GET CPU limited. Literally every other game.